As the last customer headed out the door of Paradise, a small neighborhood bar, Ann was right on their heels so she could lock the door. It was 2 am and she was exhausted. This Friday night was unusually busy and she wanted nothing more than to sit down and put her feet up. As she turned the lock, the familiar sounds of Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi, filled the room. Turning around, Ann saw Will standing in the middle of the postage stamp size dance floor, holding his arms wide, his shirt unbuttoned halfway down showing off his six-pack.

At the sight of Will standing there, all of her tiredness seemed to melt away. She knew that look and what was going to happen but she was not sure where. It could be the bar, the pool table, or bent over the bar stool. She just knew that she was going to get a hard fuck…the perfect ending to a long night. Ann could feel her pussy starting to tingle and the heat rising in her body.

Putting a little extra sway into her walk, she headed over toward him. When she got close enough, Will reached out, grabbed her by the ass, and pulled her tight against him. Ann put her arms around his neck tilting her head back in anticipation of his kiss. As they swayed to the song, his lips claimed hers, his teeth gently sucking on her bottom lip before he slipped his tongue inside. His hands massaged and squeezed her ass as she ground her pussy against his hardening erection. Pulling back a little, Will began to trace light kisses down her throat, pausing once to give her a love bite causing her to give a low growl.

Ann worked her hand under his shirt, her nails lightly raking his back. Will slowly started to dance his way slowly toward the back where the pool tables were, anxious to get Ann on her back and his face buried deep in her pussy. He had watched her all night, moving seductively between the tables, flirting with the customers, watch her leather mini skirt ride up the back of her thighs stopping just short of showing her ass each time she bent over to put drinks on the table. He was so glad he worked behind the bar as it was easier there to hide what she did to him.

Although she was fifteen years older than he was, the sex never got boring. She had the body and sex drive of a thirty-year-old and she was all-natural, right down to her firm 38 C’s, to her tight firm ass, to her shaven pussy. No way would anyone believe she was forty-five years old. She was one hot woman. Will forced his mind back on present-day and the fucking he was about to give her.

Moving one hand down, Ann grabbed his ass and gave it a hard squeeze. He had the sexiest, most squeezable ass she had ever seen on a man. When he walked into Paradise five years ago looking for a job, she had hired him because of that asset. His hard, thick seven-inch cock that was like an energizer bunny was an added bonus. It had taken her three days before he fucked her over a bar stool and the rest was history, as the old saying goes.

Ann felt her ass hit something solid and by the feel, she knew it was the pool table. Will grabbed her around the waist and lifted her up on it. Ann lay back, propping herself up on her elbows, her legs hanging off the edge. They stared at each other for a few seconds, the desire burning in their eyes. Ann raised one, then the other leg until her heels were on the edge of the pool table. She scooted back and slowly let her legs fall open, giving Will a good look at her wet thong. Will licked his lips as he stepped forward, dropping to his knees in front of her.

Leaning forward, he blew several hot breaths over her dampened thong, sending shivers up her spine. Turning his head, he started to lick his way down her inner thigh, down her leg, to her foot. Will removed her sandal and massaged her insole as he started to suck on each toe. Will then proceeded to do the same to the other foot until he was back up to her pussy. By this time, Ann was leaking bad and knew that tonight there would be a new stain on the old pool table. Chuckling lightly, she thought of how the customers would feel if they knew just what some of the stains were on the green felt.

She felt his fingertip nonchalantly move up the front of her thong, soon replaced by his tongue, barely touching the material with no pressure on her pussy. She groaned and raised her hips, trying to push herself against his mouth but his hands on her thighs held her in place as he sensuously tortured her. When Will’s tongue grazed over the side of her mound Ann almost came off the pool table, her pussy feeling like it was on fire. Will continued to alternate sides, causing her juices to flow freely.

Finally, he moved back, hooked his fingers in the side of her thong and ripped them off, tossing them to the side. He looked down at her swollen, glistening lips, her clit barely peeking out. Will touched it with the tip of his tongue, earning a loud moan from Ann. He continued to tease it with the tip of his tongue as his fingers moved up and down her slit. Taking her clit between his teeth he tugged gently as he pushed three fingers as deep inside of her as he could.

“OH FUCK!!!” Ann screamed as her orgasm bubbled to the top.

Will knew she was on the precipice and on the verge of falling but he was not ready for her to fall just yet. She had been tormenting him all night so now it was his turn. Flicking his tongue back and forth over her clit, he slowly moved his fingers in and out. Moving back, Will stood up, much to the chagrin of Ann. Stepping between her legs, Will pushed her tank top up and pinched her nipples hard between his fingers while rubbing against her pussy. Bending down, he captured a nipple with his mouth, sucking and licking while he pinched and pulled the other, then switching while dry humping her.

Ann felt like she was about to explode into a million pieces and wanting nothing more than to cum but Will would not take her over the edge. He just did enough to keep her there but not enough to push her over. Leaving her nipples swollen and over-sensitive, Will kissed his way down to her pussy, which was now a virtual faucet. Fuck, this green felt is definitely going to need to be replaced or cleaned, Ann thought as Will’s tongue darted in and out of her pussy as his thumb rubbed her clit.

“Will, I need to cum,” she begged him as her ass bounced around on the pool table. “Please…please…”

Rubbing two fingers in her juices, Will pulled her closer to the edge, her ass barely on the table. He worked the two pussy coated fingers into her ass while three fingers went deep in her pussy, his mouth and tongue working her clit. Ann started to breathe harder, her entire body starting to flush as her orgasm worked to claim her body. When her orgasm ripped through her body, Ann let out a scream as her ass banged and bounced on the pool table, the wet spot under her growing wider as juices poured from her, squirting in his face as he sucked hard on her clits, his fingers pounding her pussy and ass as hard and deep as he could.

Ann pulled and pinched her nipples as she gulped in air, her orgasm seeming to never end. When it finally subsided, felt like every ounce of her was nothing but liquid. Will slowly pulled his fingers out and backed up, unzipping his pants to free his erection. He took ’s hand and pulled her to her feet, turning her around until he had her bent back over the pool table.

Will pushed her skirt up until it was around her waist and then stepped back to admire the view. Suddenly Ann felt his hand come down hard on her ass four times in quick succession.

“You were a bad bitch for tormenting me all evening with that swaying sexy ass, bending over and giving the customers an eyeful,” he told her in a deep stern voice. “Now you pay,”

Will delivered two more smacks, turning her ass a light shade of red. Spreading her cheeks, he took his cock in hand and rubbed it up and down her slit, teasing her by putting just the head against her little pucker. Reaching under her, Will ran his fingers up and down her slit. Ann reached out to grab both sides of the pool table, bracing herself for his cock.

Positioning himself at her entrance, he guided the head inside of her still swollen pussy. Grabbing her by the hips, Will drove himself home hard. Ann gripped him tight with her muscles as he started to pound her hard. His movements had her slightly moving on the table, the felt making her already sensitive nipples harden and sending waves of pleasure straight to her pussy.

She worked her muscles against his cock as he took her hard and rough, the way they both liked it. Wetting his thumb, he started to fuck her ass as his free hand slapped her ass. Soon both were moaning and breathing hard.

“Harder,” Ann moaned. “Make my pussy and ass hurt,”

Will amped up his thrusts until he was balls deep inside of her, his thumb and forefinger fucking her ass, their skin making slapping sounds as they both raced to the edge. As her body started to tremble and twitch beneath him, he gave her a couple of hard smacks on her ass as she let out a scream. Her pussy clamped down on his cock, making it hard for him to move as she held his cock in almost a vise-like grip. When her pussy started to relax, Will resumed his thrusts until he exploded deep inside of her.

Collapsing against her back, Will kissed her neck, as he gently pulled out. Pulling Ann off the table and into his arms, he kissed her softly.

“Think we are going to have to replace the green felt,” Ann whispered as she hugged him

Will laughed and said, “Small price to pay for a good fuck,”




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