When it comes to penis size, bigger isn’t always better.

Nadia Bokody says large todgers actually cause discomfort in the bedroom.

The Australian recalled one of her previous sexual experiences to prove her point.

In her news.com.au column, she remembers looking at the chap’s manhood and thinking she’d been a bit too ambitious.

She wrote: “This is why mum warned me not to order the large sundae at McDonald’s. My appetite always did supersede my body’s capacity for indulgence.”

Nadia took a deep breath as she looked at the XXL condoms – and realised that ‘bigger’ guys “rarely live up to the hype”.

Nadia said larger penises can be more uncomfortable during sex

Nadia added: “No amount of careful geometric equations are going to make a Coke can fit into a coin slot. Just saying.

“Just as nine-inch heels are sexy until you own a pair and discover every step is a minefield of pain, the prospect of a torn Achilles, and buyer’s remorse, guys with big you-know-whats rarely live up to the hype.”

The relationship expert added that no matter what a man’s penis size is, it can be difficult to pleasure women.

As researchers believe 75% of women can’t orgasm from penetration alone, todger length is a lot less important than people think.

Being skilled in other areas, such a oral, could actually be much more useful.

Nadia doesn’t plan on pursuing men with massive todgers in the future

After her unfortunate experience, Nadia joked she’s “trying to get by without ever having to see a monster penis again”.

Her words are likely to be reassuring to those who worry they don’t measure up in the sack.

Last year, the NHS released data about todger length.

Researchers at University College London measured the penises of 104 men to figure out just what we have down there.

The average penis length in this group was 5.1in (13cm) when “soft and gently stretched”.

According to the NHS, the average schlong size can vary from 5in to 7in.

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