One YourTango writer tests Eau Flirt, a pumpkin pie-scented perfume designed to attract men.

In 2010, I remember reading that pumpkin pie is one of the most arousing scents for men. The research isn’t just anecdotal, either — scientists have ascertained this fact by measuring penile blood flow after men in a control group were exposed to various scents.

Months later, I heard that perfume-maker Harvey Prince put this research into practice with Eau Flirt, a perfume with pumpkin and lavender notes (both proven olfactory aphrodisiacs) that “men subconsciously associate with happy, positive, and stimulating memories.” The name of this fragrance was eventually changed to Harvey Prince Temptress.

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Since 2007, the company has created fragrances that tap into the psychology of scent.

One perfume called Ageless Fantasy is supposed to make women who wear it smell younger via a combination of fruity scents people associate with childhood memories. Another called Chutzpah promises to imbue women with confidence — and presumably, keep them from being a putz — via whiffs of citrus and precious woods.

Well, bottle me up and call it Skeptic. I wasn’t convinced, but I couldn’t resist the chance to let my perfume do the flirting for me.

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