Dating has changed massively in the last few months due to coronavirus.

Luckily apps like Tinder has made things a little bit easier – with a single swipe helping you find that potential partner.

But a radio presenter seems to think there’s one question women ask while using these platforms – and it’s an “instant turn-off”.

While using Tinder, singleton Danny Lakey says he’s often asked “what are you looking for?” and admits he “never understands why”.

Now speaking to, the Australian detailed five reasons why women should never ask this question to men.

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He says women should refrain from asking that question
He says women should refrain from asking that question

1. Guys want different things

Danny says most guys are “single until otherwise smitten”, so they don’t necessarily look for a relationship until they’ve found one.

And while these blokes are often open to finding “the one”, they’re still happy to have a few flings along the way.

Also Danny says usually he would have matched with this woman because she’s “hot and he’d like to have sex”.

2. An opportunity to lie

Danny reckons the question makes women look “vulnerable”.

And a lot of guys see it as a way to “get into her pants”.

Also the Australian says blokes could easily lie and tell women exactly what they want to hear.

Danny is a radio presenter from Australia
Danny is a radio presenter from Australia

3. It looks a bit needy

Danny believes the question women ask will only make them look needy.

He added: “Who is a guy more likely to text back? Someone who is having a bit of banter and a laugh?

“Or somebody who has already laid on the big question within the first five minutes before even meeting them?”

4. Trust your instincts

He explained: “Approach guys with a healthy amount of suspicion.

“You should be able to trust your guy and if you’re getting wrong ‘playa vibes” then you’re probably right.

“Save the discussion for a few weeks in and do it face-to-face when you can read their reaction.”

5. Look out for the clingers

And finally, Danny says the only guys willing to have a relationship without evening knowing are the “same weirdos with red flags”.

He says if guys weren’t keen on a casual fling before jumping into a serious relationship, then he’s a “stage-five clinger”.

Danny added: “Ever met someone who won’t stop texting you after a 45-minute coffee date and already assumes you’re dating?

“Yeah, these are the guys who are down for a relationship straight away.”

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