Fairytales are exactly that … fairytales.

I got married super-young at 22. I didn’t think about our vows much before reciting the script at City Hall.

I said the words I was told to say — “in sickness and in health” — obediently on cue, but did I understand what they meant? To live with more sickness than health? More poor times than rich? More worse times than better?

At the time, I was making a choice. A choice to be a family, to stay a family, for our unborn son, and to make whatever sacrifices I needed to make for our unit to be strong and solid. (That, and I love this man tremendously.)

Even though our vows were mercilessly tested during the past six years, I never regretted my decision to get married.

Because maybe the only way to truly understand those vows is to live through them.

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I don’t know anyone who has a perfect marriage or relationship. We all have our stuff.

On the outside, everything can look shiny and smiley when opening up to a married friend. Peek behind her closed doors, past the strategically-disguised skeletons, and you’ll see some stuff. Different, but all challenging.

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