This naughty sex position puts women in control.

The Take A Seat move allows ladies to enjoy the view of their partners going down on them.

They also have the option of instructing their lovers while holding their heads’ in the perfect position.

Not only can power play be incredibly sexy, putting women in control ups their chances of reaching orgasm.

Lovehoney sexpert Annabelle Knight spoke to Daily Star Online about the kinky technique.

She revealed: “Foreplay is too often seen as an hors d’oeuvre before the main course of intercourse. Foreplay is great fun in its own right which is why it is a great idea to introduce new oral sex postions into your bedroom routine.”

The Take a Seat sex position is great for ladies who like to call the shots in the bedroom

So how do you pull off the Take A Seat position?

It works by the receiver sitting on a chair with their thighs spread.

The giver sits on their knees between the legs and treats the receiving partner with the oral and hand-pleasuring skills.

Take A Seat is a great way to explore dominant and submissive roles during love-making.

The receiving partner is in the driving seat – directing the action with nothing getting in the way of giver’s mission to please.

Using handcuffs is a great way to spice things up

You can spice it up further by adding an element of soft bondage.

As long as you have your partner’s consent, try experimenting with ties.

The sexperts at Lovehoney recommend handcuffing the giver’s wrist to the legs of the chair.

This means they have to rely on their oral skills because they cannot use their fingers for added pleasure.

So will you be giving the move a go? It could help to inject some excitement into basic bedroom routines.

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