One letter to a better relationship.

There are four things that need to be on track in order to have a happy marriage.

Okay, there are more than four, but there are four big things that, when in order, can change the entire mood of your relationship. (Luckily, I was able to think of synonyms that all started with C’s!)

To improve your marriage, make sure you and your spouse have these 4 things.

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1. Communication

“Oh yes, we talk to each other all the time!” Great, but that’s not really what communication is.

“Never go to bed mad” fits into this category. If something is wrong, let your spouse know. Does being called a baby set your teeth on edge? Is it frustrating that they wait till the last minute to get caught up on their part of the chores? Do you hate being late but it doesn’t bother them? Let them know.

When I was in pre-marriage counseling, my hubby and I had to take a compatibility test. We each answered the questions and then we got to see how the other answered. It told us if we thought alike on marital roles, if we communicated the same way, how we preferred to be shown we are loved. It’s a great tool for any relationship at any stage, honestly.

Well, we scored seriously high in the communication department. My husband and I talk to each other about everything from body functions to frame of mind. Not only do we talk, but we also discuss. 

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