“I still can’t believe we are going on the holiday of a lifetime,” Jade said, looking at me with pure love in her eyes.

“I know, I have wanted to go to Bora Bora for years since I saw it on a TV holiday programme.”

I fell silent what I did not add was that the ‘for years’ was just as my late wife was starting to fall ill and together we had made plans that when she recovered and was well again we would go. Sadly, those plans were never realised and I had completely forgotten about going there until now.

Everything had happened so quickly Jade was just coming to the end of her second year at University and my work was pressuring me to take my holidays as they had built up and the end of the holiday year was getting near. Suddenly, out of nowhere, my screen saver had shown a picture of a lagoon and flash I started dreaming of Bora Bora again.

The logistics had been a nightmare to work out. First, we had to catch a short hop flight from Newcastle over to Paris, where we had checked into a hotel. Just short of 24 hours later we were back at Charles de Gaulle for a long-haul flight to Vancouver.

Jade had wanted to try and join the Mile-high club during the flight, but we quickly realised that there would be little chance of that as the toilets were being closely monitored and there were people spaced out around us even in Premium Economy meaning we were always overlooked.

I would have liked to have flown business class or even First Class for such a long flight, but I could not justify the expense. I decided rather than spend the extra money on the flight we would use it on our final accommodation and things in the resort. Even so, I took a chance to negotiate an upgrade from basic cattle class to slightly better cattle class.

We only had a two-hour stopover in Vancouver, just enough time to disembark the plane get through all the usual security checks and grab a coffee in departures before we were back onboard another Air France flight for the ten-hour flight to Tahiti landing around 6 am tired, dirty and dishevelled.

Our journey was not over yet as we had now a four-hour wait until the first flight went to our final destination of Bora Bora, thankfully this flight would be only one hour followed by a short boat ride to the island and our eventual destination.

We both used this time to go and get cleaned up. I changed into a pair of dress shorts and T-shirt whilst Jade fixed her makeup and hair, then changed into some high waisted daisy dukes and a bikini top. She accompanied that with a sports hoody for whilst on the flight in case she felt a bit cold.

So here we were, Jade gazing out of the small aircraft window at the brilliant blue waters and green island of Bora Bora with its soaring mountain peak in the middle. I squeezed her hand and then raised it to my mouth and kissed it. Jade pulled her gaze from the spectacle below us and looked at me, “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me, I can think of nobody else I would rather visit Bora Bora with and besides, you are worth it.”

“WE, are worth it,” Jade corrected me, “I love you.”

We kissed and turned our attention back to staring at the beautiful scene below us.


Once we landed the hotel picked us up as arranged by boat and took us to the resort. Arriving at the resort, we transferred to a golf buggy which took us around showing us various facilities.

The island is small and it did not take long before we were being shown along a wooden planked walkway to reception and then on to what the brochure described as an over the water lagoon view bungalow suite with plunge pool. I looked down at the clear light blue water with white sand underneath and tropical fish darting around.

We were in for a surprise when we got to the reception as they had upgraded us to one of the Honeymoon bungalows. I couldn’t understand why we had been upgraded but Jade had a little smirk on her face as I thanked the receptionist profusely and then follow the porter out.

The realisation of what the upgrade actually meant fully hit home when we entered through the large door and saw the huge living area with sofas and stunning views across the bay to the mountain. The bedroom had a fantastic four-poster bed with voile drapes hanging down. Outside we had a large frontage with two seating terraces, a plunge pool and steps down to a jetty where we can enter the warm clear blue water and swim and snorkel. Jade was in total awe and clung to me speechless as we were shown around the vast property which was far too big for just the two of us. Later I would do a bit of research and discover that a stay in the bungalow normally cost $5000 per night far in excess of what we could have afforded or wanted to pay but I was not going to complain.

“Ok, what is going?” I asked, turning to look at Jade once the porter had left. He had wished us well, hoped we enjoyed our stay and once again congratulated us.

“Well,” Jade did a slight dance of embarrassment, “I might have accidentally, on purpose, given the impression that we have just got married. You’re not mad, are you?”

“Of course not look at this place,” I picked her up and swung her around before placing her back on the floor and kissed her, “I just wished you had told me I must have looked a right idiot especially when the porter said congratulations.”

Jade laughed, “no more of an idiot than you usually do.” She screamed and set off at a run as I chased after her.

“Oh, you are going to pay for that remark you little minx.”

Catching her I picked her up and headed outside to the end of the terracing threatening to throw her over into the water below.

“No, no, I am sorry,” she was half laughing, half screaming.

I cradled her in my arms and looked into her eyes, “insult me again and I will drop you straight in the water, you’re lucky I am taking pity on you this time.”

“Really? I thought it was because you loved me.”

“Well, there is that of course,” I responded as we kissed passionately our tongues weaving an intricate dance around each other’s mouths.

Whilst most of our waterfront property could not be seen by the other bungalows either side of us, we had moved over to the far left-hand side of the top terrace and breaking the kiss I could see a male and female stood looking at us from the neighbouring bungalow. He was wearing some light blue swimming trunks whilst the female had on a red bikini. Both were well-tanned suggesting they had been here at least a week already. I smiled and waved at them and they returned the wave.

“Come on, let’s get changed and take our complimentary bottle of champagne to the plunge pool.”

Jade checked the area quickly, “great idea, however, let’s not bother with the swimwear, let’s do a bit of skinny dipping it is in our private pool after all.”

I didn’t need a second invitation and was quickly stripped and heading back onto the terrace with the champagne and two glasses.

I slipped into the water amazed at how warm and refreshing it felt as I slowly lowered myself into it.

I popped the champagne cork and poured two glasses, placing them both next to the bottle on the side as I waited for Jade to appear.

When she appeared she stood in the door, arm above her head leaning on the doorframe, her lithe body made my cock immediately start to grow. She slowly and very seductively walked towards the pool kicked off her shoes and walked down the steps. She came over to me and kissed me.

“Beautiful, I think I have died and gone to heaven. A beautiful woman in a beautiful island paradise.”

“That is so corny but I will take that.”

“It’s true have you ever known me to lie?”

“Well, you lied to Amy when we first started dating.”

“That was not lying that was just withholding the truth. I never outwardly lied.”

Jade sat across my lap, I could feel her pinning my cock between our bodies. I handed her a glass of champagne and she took a sip before slowly rising, dropping a hand below the water and slipping my cock into her pussy. Ever so slowly she started to rise up and down on my cock, taking the occasional sip from her drink as she did so.

“Mmm, this is so decadent,” I murmured as I felt the slow tingle along the length of my cock as she tightened and relaxed her pussy around it.

We stayed locked like that for the next 20 minutes, Jade gently rocking on my cock, taking me to the brink a couple of times before easing off. Eventually, I could hold back no longer and as I got close I grabbed hold of her waist and started to bounce her up and down. At the same time, I thrust my hip upwards on the downstroke and quickly I felt myself explode inside of her.

“Here’s to many more sessions like that in the next two weeks.

Jade put her arms around me and kissed my neck, “I will second that, I think we might have had an audience at the end there.”

“What, where?”

“Don’t look round, but the couple from the next bungalow are paddle boarding and are looking this way.”

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