Science says these things are going to score you a date online.

Meeting a mate online is not easy. At all. And anyone who’s ever used a dating app can tell you a horror story… or three.

Your straightforward and basic account profile won’t catch potential partner’s eyes — instead, it’ll turn them off. So, what does matter? Well, according to statistics, it’s a mix of things we can’t control, how we talk about ourselves, and what we show off.

It can be everything from your race to your favorite sport. And while appearances matter more than ever to the online world, so does vocabulary… and where you take your profile picture.

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Here’s what science says is how to be attractive and will put you ahead of the game:

1. Being multiracial

Researchers from the American Sociological Association found in a 2014 study that three multiracial groups were on the receiving end of what they’re calling the “bonus effect.”

Researchers found that some white-minority multicultural daters (Asian-white women, white Asian-white, and Hispanic-white men) are preferred over white and non-white daters.

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