A single mum ditched her £18,000 a year bank job for a much more lucrative career.

Alicia Sweets quit the 9-5 job turned to adult modelling, which has seen her annual income shoot up to £80,000.

By working on an adult TV station, she earns an impressive £450 a night.

This has allowed the 33-year-old to rent her own place and save up for a mortgage.

She also channels some of her income into maintaining her looks, splurging £1,000 on Ann Summers lingerie and paying £160 for manicures and pedicures every month.

On her days off, Alicia enjoys snapping up designer clothes from Bicester Village.

Alicia Sweets escaped the boredom of 9-5 work and now earns £80,000 a year

Sadly, even though Alicia’s career is a big success, some members of her strict Muslim family aren’t happy with the move.

A few of her loved ones have even branded her a “prostitute”, which has been difficult for the star to cope with.

She told Fabulous : “I wasn’t prepared for the huge drama it would cause in my family. The fallout has been horrendous.

“I’ve been called everything from a slut to a prostitute – no one says it to my face though, it’s all on social media and behind my back.

“People even sent screenshots of me in my underwear to my brother – why would anyone do that? It’s up to me what I do with myself and my body.”

Alicia says she’s ‘not afraid of what people might say’

Thankfully, Alicia has had the support of her mum and one of her sisters.

While they were initially surprised by the career move, they respect her decision.

The glamour model wants to inspire other Asian woman to pursue their goals – even if they’re not traditional routes to take.

She’s glad she shrugged off “shackles” of her strict upbringing in Leicester and is “proud” of the career she has today.

Alicia added: “I’m not embarrassed of what I do, nor am I afraid of what people might say. And I certainly have no reason to be ashamed.”

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