As Susan takes Bonnie deeper into the world of submission, Bonnie is learning just how far she can go.

Friday evening, Susan called and told Bonnie she would be there at 8 am sharp to pick her up, and she should be ready and waiting. Bonnie picked out a pair of jeans, a warmer top and a jacket as well as shorts and a tee. She also packed a small ditty bag with her soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc., putting it and the extra clothing in a small backpack, she set her alarm before going to bed. In the morning, she took a shower, had a couple of eggs and toast for breakfast, then dressed, and went outside to wait for Susan.

A minute later, she heard a motorcycle turn into the parking lot and pull up next to her. Susan removed her helmet and got off the bike. 

“Lower your jeans.”

Bonnie lowered her jeans to her knees and stood there. Susan fitted a harness around her waist and put a butt plug and a dildo into the harness, then lubed both.

“Bend over, slut.”

Susan pushed the dildo into Bonnie’s cunt and inserted the butt plug in her ass, then attached and tightened the crotch strap to hold them in.

“Okay, you can pull your jeans back up. Here’s a jacket to wear, and that helmet is for you.”

Bonnie took a good look at the bike for the first time. A large set of hard-sided saddlebags slightly behind, and on either side of the passenger seat matched the metallic blue color of the bike. A backrest for the passenger had three nylon bags tied behind it. She put on the jacket and helmet and climbed on behind Susan. As soon as Bonnie settled in, Susan started the bike up and took off.  She immediately felt the dildos inside her cause some arousal, and if they rode any distance, she suspected she would not be able to prevent an orgasm.

Bonnie had no idea where they were going or what was going to happen. She only knew that she was beginning to crave what was happening. Her need for submission was growing, and Susan seemed to know just what she needed to satisfy those needs.  As they rode on the side streets, the bumping and bouncing were getting her hotter and wetter. When they finally hit the highway, and the going was smoother, she relaxed a bit, though the vibrations of the bike were also having an effect.

She hadn’t noticed when the harness was first put on, but there seemed to be something bumpy rubbing against her clit. It must also have had lube on it because it was riding against it very smoothly. Suddenly she was hit with a clitoral orgasm, followed by one in her pussy and one in her ass. Her arms were around Susan’s waist, and she gripped harder as she bounced up and down. The constant vibrations and movement kept the orgasm going until she was spent. She heard a voice in her ear and realized the helmets must have communication gear in them.

“That’s one!”

Over the next two and a half hours, she had another half dozen orgasms, and each time, Susan gave her a new count. Bonnie could barely hold on anymore and was grateful for the backrest, but wondered how much longer they would be riding. Finally, Susan pulled into a roadside diner and parked the bike. She climbed off and helped Bonnie dismount as well. Bonnie wobbled, and her legs nearly collapsed under her.

“Lean against the bike for a minute and get your legs back.”

Bonnie did as she was told as Susan removed their helmets and her jacket, then helped Bonnie off with hers. She laid them across the bike and took Bonnie’s arm as they walked inside. They took a table by the window where Susan could watch the bike.

“We have about another hour of riding, and the food here is pretty good. Order whatever you want as it will likely be late by the time we get to dinner.”

“Where are we going?”

“Well, if I told you that it would spoil the surprise. But I am pretty sure you are going to like it and what happens there. Have you been enjoying the ride and the dildos?”

“Gawd, Susan. I feel like a rag doll. I have never had that many orgasms in such a short time. And the different sensations have been amazing.”

They ordered lunch and took their time eating. Susan paid the bill, and they got back on the road. After a short time, they got off the highway and proceeded onto country roads. Bonnie had gotten aroused soon after they had started riding again. By the time Susan turned into a private road leading through a farm field, she had had a couple more orgasms. Susan finally stopped the bike at the end of a field and pushed it up under some trees. Just beyond the trees was a large river, and Bonnie could see a small sandy beach area about twenty feet from where the bike was.

She could also see a picnic table, fire pit, and several large boulders. The area was well shaded but wide open to the river. A barge was passing by, and there was a large sand beach area across and several hundred feet downriver.  Susan untied the nylon bags from the backrest after removing her jacket and helmet. Bonnie also removed her coat and helmet.

“Keep going. “

Bonnie removed her jeans and tee as well. Susan handed her the nylon bags and told her to put them on the picnic table. She opened the saddlebags and removed several more items and a couple of plastic bags. She walked over to a large metal box Bonnie had not noticed till then. There was a padlock on the chest, and Susan unlocked it. Inside was a cooler filled with ice. Susan put two of the plastic bags inside after pulling out two bottles of water. She gave one bottle to Bonnie and told her to stay hydrated.

Next, she pulled out a nylon bag with a tent and set it up in a shaded area. Susan threw the other bags inside the tent, then they both walked along the shore and tree line gathering wood, which they stacked near the fire pit. Bonnie had also noticed a stack of split firewood behind the metal box where the cooler was. After they had what they needed from the bike, Susan pulled out a cover and secured it to the bike. She put the jackets inside the tent.

“How did you get the cooler and other stuff here? And have ice in the cooler as well?”

“The owner of the farm is a friend, and I often come here with other friends. Unless we come in vehicles, I call ahead, and he comes down with supplies before we arrive, Even though this is private property, a lot of boaters use it and often leave a mess, so he cleans it up for us and also brings down the picnic table. When we leave, we will stop at the house and let him know we are gone and pay him for the supplies.”

“That’s a sweet deal.”

“It is. And sometimes, he comes down and joins in the festivities as well. Some of the ‘enhancements’ you will see are his handiwork.”

Bonnie suddenly noticed that there was some pleasure boat activity on the river. They seemed to be passing by slowly, and it appeared at least one or two seemed to be using binoculars to watch them. Susan opened one of the bags from the bike and pulled out several items. She called Bonnie over and buckled cuffs on her wrists and ankles, locking them each with a small padlock. She then attached a collar around her neck, locking that as well.

“This weekend, we will find out just how far you can go. I don’t know exactly what will happen because some of it will be spontaneous. Just be assured that I will protect you from harm and that you will always have the option to use the safe word, and whatever is happening will cease immediately. If you just wish to discuss the situation, you may use the caution word. Is all this understood?”


“And you are ready for what might happen?”


Susan led her over to a tree right on the edge of the water. Bonnie noticed a chain hanging down from a branch. Susan lowered it, and after clipping the wrist cuffs together, attached the chain and pulled her arms up over her head, securing it to a hook in the tree. Next, she took a long bar with rings on either end and attached a ring to each ankle cuff, spreading her legs wide open, then readjusted the chain, so her feet were just touching the ground.  Then she pushed her knee up into the dildos, eliciting a moan from Bonnie.

“Does the whore like that?'”


Susan repeated the action, bringing more moans, then pinched both nipples, hard.


She did it again, then leaned in and sucked each tit softly, which brought on the moans again, after which she shoved her knee hard up between Bonnie’s legs one more time. Next, she pulled over a log that had one end chopped to an inverted V and slid it between her legs, standing it on the flat end. It was just a bit too low, so Susan used some flat rocks to raise the height, so Bonnie was riding the edge and pushing against the dildos. Another slight adjustment raising her to her toes, and Susan was satisfied with the position., she walked back over to the metal box and pulled out some fishing gear.

“Let’s see if we can catch some dinner.”

Bonnie baited the lines and cast them into the river, bracing them on some branches stuck in the sand. Bonnie grabbed a beer from the cooler, twisted the cap off, and walked over to Bonnie, holding it to her mouth and tipping it up. Bonnie gulped at the liquid pouring down her throat as Susan continued tipping the bottle. Bonnie pushed her tongue into the end and took a breath, then drank more of the beer. When Susan continued holding the bottle up, she did it again and finished the bottle. Susan grabbed another bottle and sat down on the picnic table to watch the fishing lines.

Bonnie found herself leaning from side to side on the log trying to find a comfortable position, but was only succeeding in essentially causing the dildos to stimulate her. When a barge went by, several people lined the railing watching them through binoculars, When Susan waved at them and pointed to Bonnie, they cheered, and the captain blew the barge’s horn. Bonnie squirmed a bit and tried to turn away, but it was impossible.

When Susan saw one of the lines bobbing, she jumped off the table and reeled it in, landing a nice sized small-mouthed bass. She took it off the hook and over to a rock a bit downstream, filleting it, put it in a plastic bag and placed it in the cooler. Susan washed the entrails into the water, then put fresh bait on the line and cast it out. She had barely finished when the second line bobbed, indicating a nibble. Grabbing the pole and teasing it a bit, Susan jerked back on the pole setting the hook. This fish gave her a bit more of a fight, and when she finally landed it, found a large catfish.

With the catfish, she just cut it open, gutted it, removing the head and tail before placing it in a large Ziploc bag and then in the cooler with the other fish. She re-baited the line and went back to the table and finished her beer. She got up and grabbed two more beers, feeding one to Bonnie the same way she had the first one.  Over the next hour or so, Susan caught a perch, another smaller catfish she released, one she kept and several crappies. She cleaned or filleted them and put them in the cooler, which was now pretty full. She pulled in the lines and put the gear back in the metal box.

Susan looked over to Bonnie to see how she was doing.

to be continued…



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