Eye-opening statistics show a whopping 40% of Brits haven’t had sex since lockdown.

A study by Anglia Ruskin University found stress and tiredness were often cited as the factors.

The lack of sex due to negative emotions could cause some men and women to feel nervous about jumping back between the sheets.

It can be easy to slip out of the habit of regular sex, especially if you don’t live together or have been in a relationship for a long time.

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If you’re feeling insecure after the stress of lockdown you’re not alone

If you’ve lost your confidence in the boudoir and are looking for some ways to feel sexy again, then these tips could help you.

Daily Star Online spoke to dating expert Chris Pleines, from DatingScout.co.uk, and top UK life and relationship coach Carole Ann Rice to get their advice.

Carole’s Advice

Love yourself first

Being confident in the bedroom comes down to loving yourself and having your own self-confidence.

If you show yourself a lot of love and you begin to accept your body for what it is, then you can get over the self-consciousness.

This is when the frigidity comes from, so it is all about self-acceptance.

Feeling sexy doesn’t have to mean wearing lingerie – but, it can help for some

Pamper yourself

If you are feeling self-conscious, then learn a few tricks with lighting, underwear, beautiful lingerie, gown, perfume, body lotion – you can look and smell nice.

Start by thinking of yourself as body confident and doing what it takes to feel like that.

Do what your partner loves

If you really dig the person you are with, put their needs slightly before your own if you are getting into love making, for example, finding out what they really love.

If you do things your partner really enjoys, then they will love you.

This is not about performance – if you make the other person happy by finding out what they like and their kinks, then that is it.

Try out some of yours or your partners fantasies

That is the key – being a generous lover who shows kindness and love, as well as getting to know the person is what it is all about.

It’s fine to have the lights off, it’s okay to be under the covers, it doesn’t have to be formatted and it is most certainly not like what you see in the movies.

Also, you should have fun with it.

Chris’ Advice

Lengthy foreplay breaks the ice

Doing foreplay will help you both get in the mood before it’s time to get frisky.

Start with sweet kisses, then lightly touch your partner in places where they like the most.

Don’t jump right into it as you may need to adjust after not seeing each other for months.

Talk sexy through phone before you actually meet up

Set the mood by having sexy conversations through text messages before you see each other.

Make your partner even more excited to see you by sending naughty messages to build up tension.

Building anticipation can help you both to feel more excited

Workout and burn the lockdown pounds

Since most people were stuck at home for weeks due to the lockdown, it’s normal to have gained some weight.

This can bring your confidence about yourself down, not only in front of other people, but to yourself and around your partner as well.

Being intimate can make you feel intimidated especially if your partner has maintained his/her sexy body.

As typical as it may sound, the best way to gain back the confidence is to lose what made you insecure; health and beauty-wise.

Exercise, eat healthy and feel sexy again.

You can do it with your partner so you’ll be more inspired.

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