Moving a reluctant exhibitionist into the limelight.


The next day we hung around the hotel and relaxed.  Neither of us enjoys gambling that much, although when I do play, I like playing Blackjack because of the odds while still tilted in favor of the House, afforded the best opportunity to make some money.  Being a numbers kind of person and I will count cards but avoid getting caught.  Las Vegas casinos are not keen on card counters. They consider them cheats. 

Anyway, after last night we were both felt ‘used up’ and wanted to recharge the batteries, especially me. 

We got up late, ate lightly for breakfast.  Sort of wandered around the hotel to marvel at the shops and restaurants.  The Bellagio is enormous, and there’s a lot to see, although the shops are like meh and expensive.

Since we did rent a car, I asked if you wanted to drive around and see some of the sites.  You agreed, and off we went.   We cruised the Strip, and I had forgotten how bad traffic can be.  But we had no particular place in mind, and it’s been decades since I saw the Strip and downtown Vegas.  We stopped off an exit and just cruised some of the side surface streets.  We weren’t looking for anything in particular, but we did enjoy the lights even in the day time.

I turned off the Strip and head toward the freeway but got a little lost.  I punched up directions on my cell, and then we saw this club.  ‘Little Darlings’ lit up, flashing us, and what really caught my eye was a sign that simply said, ‘Amateur Night.’  I pointed it out to you. 

“Oh no, no way,” you said.  “You’re not getting me on stage in public.  It’s one thing in private even with the curtains drawn back but not in public like that.” 

“I dunno, you kind of enjoyed being on display like that.  Besides, I know at the end of the day, you’re not going home with anyone else but me.” 

“Having all those eyes on me, I’m going to have a panic attack, especially naked.” 

“You’ll probably get into show towards the end if not the middle. The lights are pretty bright, and from what I understand, it’s hard to see.  You’ll just need a couple of drinks to get you over the hump.” 

“I’m going to need a whole freaking bottle,” you laughed. 

“Let’s go check it out,” I said.


“Look, I promise I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.  You know that.” 

I saw that brain churning with you finally sighing and said, “OK, but no funny business and no promises.  I have to admit I’m a little curious to see what goes in these places.”

“I haven’t been at a strip club since my last time as a visitor in San Francisco.  That was several decades ago, and it was pretty tame.”

I parked close but not right in front of the entrance.  The bouncer/guard asked for IDs and let us in.  The cashier asked which package I wanted to get.  I said I was here more information and what was required to sign up for the amateur event.  The gal was sweet about the whole thing and patiently went through what was needed to perform as an amateur. 

After obtaining all the requisite forms and what the requirements were, we headed back to the hotel.  We lounged at the pool and basically just relaxed all day. 

Your question caught me off guard by its sudden directness. 

“Are you really OK with me stripping in front of strange guys?  Aren’t you going to be just a little jealous knowing what they want to do to me?”

“I’ll be jealous, especially if it’s a young stud with six-pack abs, but my concern would be if you would want to?  At the club, it’ll be out in the open, and I know what they’ll be thinking when they’re looking…correction, leering at you.”

“You know I wouldn’t, and it’s not even thinkable.”

We continued to have an in-depth discussion on this, and it helped you get your mind straight on how both of us felt about you stripping.  In the end, you decided at least to try knowing that at any time, you could back out.  You would have total control and even how much you wanted to reveal. 

Dinner was decided by you, and you wanted Italian with Lago as the choice.  It was a great dinner since it was small plates or almost Tapas. They even had Iberico ham, which I really love.  We turned in early that night, with you snuggled up next to me. 

The next morning, as we got up, I asked how you felt and did you have a change of heart.

“Nope, right now I’m feeling pretty good about it.  I want to continue this journey.”

I smiled at that and gave you a kiss. 

“Thanks, babe, but as I said, you can change your mind at any time.”

“I know, and that makes me feel good about it, or at least I know I have a modicum of charge over this event.”

The rest of the day was spent driving and walking around Vegas like regular tourists.  We even stopped off to shop at all the major outlets.  I swear every single one had the same kind of clothes, just different colors.  You did dispute that notion and insisted that it wasn’t valid. 

I shrugged it off, and laughing said, “What do I know?”

At the hotel, I asked if there was anything you really wanted for dinner, and you said, “How about some room service?”

We decided to have breakfast for dinner.  You opted for a spinach tortilla wrap with goat cheese and romesco sauce, and I went with Eggs Benedict.  Neither of us was too talkative, you because of nerves and me not wanting to add any pressure whatsoever onto you. 

We got dressed, and I noticed you carrying a small package.

“What’s that?”

“My outfit, silly boy.”

I chuckled and said, “Of course, what was I thinking.”

We left the room and stopped off at the hotel bar.  I let you have a drink of some frou-frou whipped cream vodka at the hotel bar, and then we headed out in our rental car. 

“God, I’m so nervous about this, but the drink did calm me down.”

“Relax, you’ll be great up there, just remember to look at me and perform to me.”

We got the club, got out, and walked up.  I explained why we were here, and the guy let us and pointed us in the right direction.  “Hey Julie, this gal is signing up for tonight,” the guy yelled. 

“OK, got it.  C’mon and sit down folks, and I’ll be back in a minute. 

We sat, and within about five minutes, Julie appeared with the paperwork and went over the rules.  “This is a full nude place, which is why we don’t serve alcohol.  You can do one or the other, but not both.”  After signing off and showing IDs, we headed to the booth near the stage you would “working on” and ordered two sodas. I snuck a small airline bottle of tequila and poured it into your drink.  “It’ll help you relax a bit more,” I said. “You’ll be relaxed but not falling down drunk.” 

Gratefully you sipped the now “adult” drink and let the alcohol worked the magic in you.  We watched the girls dance, and you really could feel the energy in this place.  Julie came by after about 30 minutes later, which allowed you to finish your drink, and took you backstage, into the dressing room. 

[cut to strip scene]

Even without alcohol, the place was noisy and loud.  There were a few other girls first, and then finally, it was your turn. 

You and I agreed on the button-down dress since it gave you a lot of options, and it was simple yet sexy.  There are the waist tie and buttons to remove, but that was all.  It didn’t require any unusual movement on your part, including pulling down an outfit or, worse, overhead.  It allowed you to control as much or as little that you wanted to expose to the audience.  For the music, I suggested Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard.  I figured the bass section would help you focus on the rhythm with the pounding bass.  It might have been a non-original selection, but you were familiar with it and knew how it ended. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm round of applause to a first-time contestant here at Little Darlings or, for that matter, anywhere else, T A Y L O R.  There was loud applause from the gallery knowing they would have a “virgin” performer.  I could see your silhouette on the side of the stage, and then they hit you with the lights.  The hoop and hollers were loud and appreciative.  You flashed a nervous smile when the lights came on you.  I could tell you applied heavy makeup, but it was hard to see since you also had a Lone Ranger type mask on you.  Still, you looked fabulous and sexy.  As for the dress, it was the pink one that framed nicely with your blonde hair. 

You strained to find me under the bright lights but only knew about where I was sitting and strutted over to the pole in the middle of the stage.  It appeared your John Robert Powers training did come in handy after all.  Even though you were nervous, you exuded some confidence, which was really a testament to you.  You grabbed the pole with two hands and lean back, shaking your hair and then flashing a big smile in my direction.

You stopped, facing my seat position, slowly pulled on the belt around your waist.  When you completed, you held it up like a trophy, and the crowd whistle and hollered appreciatively.  A few dollar bills were being tossed on stage.  Standing with your back towards me, you moved your hands to the top and then bottom to unbutton the dress.  Slowly doing a turn, you showed the audience what you did, and then you raised the hem of your garb to display a lot of bare hips.  I’m thinking, is she naked under her outfit?  No, she had to at least have her microkini on.  As you continue to lift your skirt portion of your dress, just as it got near your pussy line, you let go of the material, dropping the hemline down.  Exaggerated but loud sighs of disappointment rippled through the crowd.  My cock was hard thinking of you naked underneath your clothing. 

You began to unbutton the on the top but stopped and undid the one in the middle.  There was a collective groan from the audience, and then someone shouted, “Do the top, do the top.”  The rest of the audience picked up the chant, and then you did something that told me you were really getting into it.  You leaned on one side on the pole, brought up your other hand, and began wagging it in no-no direction as if to scold the audience.  You pouted a bit to ‘show’ displeasure, then reached below to undo another button.  Leaning back on the pole, you parted the dress a bit to give exposure to your inner thigh, bringing another big roar.  More dollars were now being tossed onto the stage.  A sure sign that guys were enjoying it.  I was really leaking precum now. 

I saw someone from the backstage yell something to you, and then you undid the rest of the buttons.  More dollars were being flung to the stage.  You shrugged one side of the dress and then the other to bare your shoulders.  Turning around so that your back was facing me, and you held up the dress covering your tits until you slowly brought your hands downward, and the top portion of your dress fell below your waist.  The folks on that side were tossing bills on the stage, which meant you were naked on top.  I was floored that you were exposed on top with nothing beneath, and my cock was straining in my pants just thinking about it.  The audience was in ecstasy, and as you turned your head, your smile was all I needed to know that you were enjoying it. 

Your eyes acknowledged the power you had over the viewers with a smile that elicited groans of excitement from the audience.  At the final beat of the song, you dropped the dress away, and the crowd erupted with catcalls, whistles, cheering like the first couple of gals didn’t get. 

Completely naked and exposing your entire body, you then did something I didn’t expect; facing my seat, you squatted down, reached for your pussy, and spread your labia apart.  The spectators could see your pussy was shimmering from your juices.  Folks were rushing around the stage with everyone trying to get a better look.  You then sat down on stage, spreading your legs, you slipped a finger deep inside your pussy.  That elicited a groan from you that was genuine and real.  The crowd was in a frenzy, and you were making it rain with bills.  You worked that finger deep, massaging the walls of your pussy.  Pulling your finger out and then showing the audience how your finger glistened from your juices.  The spotlight was left on for a bit, and then it went dark.

I could make out your shadow as you scampered quickly off stage, collecting the bills left on stage.  A couple of the stagehands helped you pick up the bills and your dress.  The next act was announced, but I kept looking for you.  Finally, I saw you and you were dressed in the clothes you came and removed all of ‘Taylor’s’ make up.  Your eyes were bright and shiny with this over the top smile on your gorgeous face. 

“Aren’t you going back up there to see if you won?”

“Nope, don’t care, I made a $200 bucks, and I want to fuck your brains out.”

With that, I paid the bill, and we head back to the hotel with memories that would not be forgotten.


LAS VEGAS The Road Back

Driving back to the hotel was quiet for both us, although as I kept glancing at you, I could see your chest rising and falling at a pretty rapid pace. 

I wasn’t concerned that you might have a heart attack but did ask, “Are you OK?”

“Yes,” came back the reply.  “I’m shaking a bit, but I think it’s from the adrenaline rush.  I was scared, excited, and turned on, all at the same time.” 

“I think you were probably scared, at least initially,” I paused, and let thought that sink in.  “It’s not exactly your everyday event in your life, hell it’s never been in my life.  Seeing you step out on stage, and then the kicker was grasping that you were completely naked underneath that dress. 

“Yeah, I know.  I decided since it was a short dance, I was just going to give it everything I had and not hold back.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about it; hope you’re not mad or upset with me that I didn’t discuss or even tell you.”

“No princess, I was simply overwhelmed with, and well for lack of a better word, horniness.”  I mean, everyone, at least the guys, loved it, and you brought so much energy and sex to the number.  If a guy’s dick wasn’t hard, he had to be a eunuch.”

That brought laughter much to our relief as I think it bothered you to some degree that you hadn’t said anything beforehand. 

“Did you like that last part?  I didn’t plan that one, it just seemed like I should really do a show that you or any would forget.”

“Well, you succeeded, and then some.  I mean, the place went bananas, and guys were coming from the other rooms to find out why so much noise and cheering was going on.  The manager came over and asked if you would dance another number or be willing to perform tomorrow night for another show.  I told him I don’t think so.  It was a one-time special occasion for us. 

“Really?  The manager asked if I would do another?  Wow, wasn’t expecting that.  How do you feel about it if I did another one?”

We arrived at the hotel entrance and pulled the car up and said, “let’s talk about this in the room.”


The valet’s rushed to open up your door and to help you out.  I suspect they all knew her as the leggy hot blonde.  I got the ticket and handed off the key to the valet. 

You placed your arm into my arm, and we walked over to the elevators.  Pushing the call button, we waited in silence for the elevator doors to open.  Hearing the ding and looking at the lights, when the doors opened, we stepped in, and I selected our floor.  Your breathing had returned to a more normal pace, although you still had this giant smile on your face. 

Opening the door to our room, the maid had completed the turndown service for us.  We turned off the lights and simply took off our clothes.  We were in sync and we climbed into bed naked and started kissing each other. 

“So, you finally whispered, would you want me to go back and perform?”

“I don’t have issues, but you have to want to go back.  It’s not a matter of me wanting you to perform again.  You already gave that fantasy and turned it into reality.  This time it has to be because you want to.  Of course, I’d want to be there, and I’ll admit there would be jealousy just like tonight because I know the guys were looking at you and they were fantasizing what you were like in bed.  Hell, they all wanted to fuck you, I know that, and I can’t blame them for it.  But I also know that you wouldn’t.  Now, you have to tell me how you felt and what you’re thinking about.”

I saw your mind furiously going into overtime mode… typical for you and start over processing things.  I said, “let’s start at the very beginning when you went backstage to prepare for the show.  What made you decide to go full commando under the outfit? 

“It was for you.  I knew you were there, and I wanted to really give you a show that you wouldn’t forget.  Plus, when I asked about the song, they said fine, but it is just under 5 minutes, there wouldn’t be a whole lot of time for dancing or anything else.  Are you mad?”

“Again, nope, not in the least.  I was just surprised, but it was a fantastic surprise, and as I said before, not a limp dick in the audience.”

You laughed at that thought and asked, “You really think so?”

“I guarantee it.  That does bring me back to the question of would you want to do it again?”

“Right now, I just need to be fucked into oblivion.” 

I rolled on top of your body, kissing and nibbling your neck.  I always love hearing you moan with delight and being already turned on from earlier this evening, I reached to feel how wet you were.  I was not disappointed and felt your slick and wet pussy. 

“Yessss, baby, right there.  God, I was thinking about you all night long.  I know you were looking at me.  Did you like how your slut performed?”

“Oh yeah, baby, you were so fucking hot on stage, and watching the guys throwing those dollar bills meant that you were performing a great show.  There were guys from other rooms stopping by to find out what was going on. 

“I have to admit, I loved the attention that showing off like that did, and what about that last part when I squatted down and spread my slutty cunt?”

“That’s what sent the guys in the room into a frenzy.  If their dicks were out, every one of them probably would’ve cummed.  In fact, I bet some did.”

I began to enter your hot, juicy pussy and heard you groaning with delight.

“Right there, babe, oh god, I was thinking about your hard cock in me when I squatted.  Fuck me, you bastard, I’m your slut, your pleasure slave.”

I plunged deeply into you feeling your sugar walls close tightly around my cock.  I continued to fuck you like a man obsessed with owning every intimate inch of you.  Again and again, I was compelled and driven to fuck you, to possess you, mind, body, and soul.  Our naked bodies were locked together, with our foreheads touching… breathing into each other. 

“Oh god, Ryker, don’t stop, keep fucking me,” you implored.  “Take me, take me, take me now.”

“Baby, I’m coming, god, I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum in me…fill me with your jizz.”

Our pelvis’ slammed into each other desperate to share all of life’s essence.  You felt my hard cock expand and contract in you, filling you up and marking you as mine.  Your orgasm was like an earthquake from the deepest parts of the earth.  Both of us caught in a vise of sexual ecstasy that couldn’t be explained. It had to be felt. 

Your quiet sobs of pleasures were noted by me, and I kissed you tenderly, whispering, “Thank you, love.”  You were still heaving a bit, trying to catch your breath.  We paused in repose, each of us in silent awe of our lovemaking to each other—both of us paying homage to the unseen forces that guided us. 

I used my forearms for leverage and took my weight off of you, but you had arms around me and pressed me forward, so our naked bodies touched again.  We kissed as ardent lovers do, both of us enjoying the moment. 

“Shower?”  I asked.

“No, I want to keep your scent and mine together for as long as possible. 

With that, we kissed and fell asleep.


LAS VEGAS  Morning After

My body clock woke me up even though the blackout curtain was closed and did an excellent job of keeping the sunlight out.  I rolled out of bed after moving my arm that was under you.  It tingled as the blood came back into my arteries.  I looked down at your naked body and felt how lucky I was to have you in my life.  I got, walked over to the bathroom, closing the door behind.  I flipped the light on and was momentarily dazzled by the brightness of it.  God, my body was a little stiff, and it was letting me know.  I took a pee sitting since I didn’t have to aim it and decided a shower was in order. 

I opened the shower door and flipped the water to let it heat up a bit before engaging the shower mode.  I stepped and closed the door to let water pour over me.  Jeez, that felt good, and my limbs started coming back to life.  I did the Hollywood shower routine and simply let the water cascade over me for a while.  It relaxed and untighten my muscles.  I must have zoned out because I was startled for a moment when I felt a naked body press up against my back.  I tensed and then calm down because I knew it was you that had entered my space. 

I turned to face you and pull you under the indoor rain.  You looked up, closed your eyes, and allowed the water to pour down your body.  We kissed and holding on to each other.  We stayed under the “rain” and enjoyed the sensation.  I pushed you back to get you out of the water, reached for the shampoo, and began to wash your hair.

“Mmmm, that feels good, babe.”

“My pleasure,” as I kissed you again. 

I gently massaged your scalp, scooping up your long hair to wash as well.  Your eyes were closed, but you had this big grin on your face while I was scrubbing your hair and scalp. 

“Enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Yep, this way better than the hairstylist.”

I pulled you under the running water and rinsed off the shampoo.  I put a dollop of body wash on my hand began to wash your form.  I took a swipe across to leave soap trails on your back and breasts, then turn you around to let you lean your frame against me. I rubbed my hands all over your globes and watched your nipples harden.  I let my hands roam down to your tummy and then lifted your arms up, parallel to the ground so I could soap those down.  You giggled as I rubbed the underarm portion.  Moving your arms down, I slowly spun you around to face you and began washing your back.  We kissed, and then I lean down to start kissing your tits.

“Ooo, that feels so good.”  Then you gasped as you felt me sucking on your nipple.  First one side then the other.  Your nipples got even more erect.  I turned you around and told you to lean on your arms.  You looked puzzled until I told you to spread your legs.  Complying, I got more soap and began washing your legs.  You lifted your foot up so I could bathe them, and again you giggled at the sensation.  Getting more soap, I started to lightly scrub your intimate areas with my hands.

“Yeesss baby, that feels so good,” you cooed.  I washed the twin globes of your ass and spread them apart.  I cleaned your anus and heard you suck in your breath at the first touch.  “Oh god, that feels so naughty when you touch me there.  I’m so bad, but I can’t help loving that.” 

“That’s because only bad girls like that,” I intoned.

“And I am such a bad girl, such a dirty slut.”

“Yes, my dirty slut.”

“Ohhhh, god, yes…” you whimpered as you felt my finger penetrate your anus.  “Finger fuck my slutty ass, oh jeez, what you do to me.”

I reached around to finger your clit, and your cries of passion told me to continue.  I kept up the pace for a few minutes, letting your climax get close, and then I pulled out my finger from your anus. 

“No, no, god damn it, don’t stop, please, I want it.  Use my ass, make me yours,” you entreated. 

Then you felt your anus being stretched again.  “Oh god, babe, that’s it,” as you felt my hard cock trying to fuck you.  You gasped when my cock head popped through your anus ring. 

“Oh god, oh god, I’m yours, I’m your dirty fucking slutty whore.”

“Yes,” I panted as I slowly began to plunge my cock deeper into your ass.  You moaned with delight and pain. 

Finally, I was all the way in.  Pausing for a moment to let you get used to my cock, I slowly withdrew and went back in again.  I began a slow pace to allow you to get used to and reached in front to rub your clit.  Your cries of ecstasy let me know that you were spellbound and loving it.

“God, Ryker, that feels so good, fuck my ass, you bastard.  Fuck this dirty whore’s ass and use me for your pleasure.  You own me.”

Faster and faster, I fucked you.  I kept rubbing your clit and felt the walls of your anus start to contract around my cock.

“I’m cumming, oh god, don’t stop, don’t stop, fucking my ass,” you shouted.

That did it; I felt that urgent need to spill my seed into you.  “Take it, take it, you bitch, take my cum up your ass.”

My cock pushed forward to get as deep into you as possible while you obliged and tried to slam your ass back toward my cock.  I could feel your anus walls contracting as you were orgasming.  For just a few moments, nothing in the world existed but us.

Finally, we both were spent and exhausted.  I pulled out with a plop and helped you stagger up to stand.  “How do you feel?”

“Used and abused, but I loved it, every moment.  I loved having you cum in my ass like that.” 

C’mon, I’ll wash you up again.”

I began cleaning you again the same way I started but without washing your hair. 

“Good thing we ain’t paying the water bill.”

We both laughed at that, knowing we’re in here for quite a while. 

“I’d say let’s use the hot tub, but my hands are already getting pruney.”

“Well, it’s my turn to wash you up.”

You had me bend my head a little more to let you shampoo my hair and then proceed to soap up the rest of my body.  You took extra care of washing and being tender with my cock.  We stood under the shower for a while as we let the water rinse off all of the soap residues. 

We stepped outside, and I handed the towel to you.  Drying off, we both looked forward to the day’s next adventure. 




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