This is for my wife, Emma, and anybody else who has experienced the waterfront of Chania’s old harbour. It’s the first poem I’ve written since I was nine, so I would be very grateful for your feedback as I’m not really sure what I’m doing…

It was a waterfront for lovers,
an ancient harbour,
magical, and full of secrets.

On that balmy evening, couples ambled;
watching the sun, calm and golden,
descend over the tranquil sea.

Laughter echoed around the taverna;
fellow travellers relaxing,
replete with wine and good food.

She stood, suggesting a walk.
A subtle invitation, open to all;
but with eyes only for me.

Ah, those eyes!
Deep pools of liquid chocolate delight;
captivating, and full of cheek.

Eyes both alluring, and dangerous,
ready to ensnare the unwary;
eyes I could happily drown in.

Was I caught in her subtle net?
The sticky, irresistible web she had weaved?
Am I doomed?

I try to resist,
though it is pointless;
my heart, all aflutter, gives me away.

Unbidden, I rise and join her.
She smiles at me radiantly,
her silken mesh closing around me.

Shyly, we head towards the lighthouse;
walking apart, yet together.
An innocent saunter into the unknown.

It was a lover’s stroll; silent, full of uncertainty and timid glances.
Coy hands touch for the first time;
I feel the frisson, at our sudden, intimate contact.

I’m aware of her shoulder,
exquisite, tanned, temping;
Its allure enhanced by a single, thin strap.

My gaze drops to her bare legs;
toned, firm and strong.
Legs crying out for my caress, and the touch of my lips.

We reach the lighthouse;
an old, Venetian marvel,
rising erect from the sea.

I take her hand,
and feel her warmth,
filling me with wonder.

She stops,
her gaze drifting out to the horizon,
patiently waiting.

I trace my finger along her neck;
and tuck a strand of hair back into place.
She shivers, sending dormant goosebumps into a surprised frenzy.

I breathe in her natural scent;
graze my lips along her delicate skin,

The moment of no return approaches;
something new beckoning.
I yield, and tenderly kiss her…

I kiss her shoulder;
I kiss her neck,
and finally, I kiss her soft, exquisite lips.

Her eyes close, and a satisfied, confident smile emerges;
she has reeled me in,
my feeble resistance crumbling into dust.

Her gentle seduction is complete;
I am hers now.
There can be no escape.

Hand in hand,
we return to our lodging,
destinies entwined.

And with gentle moans and soft sighs,
we join,
discovering harmony, and bliss.

On the giant loom of life,
our threads run together now,
strong, vibrant and true.

Unknown adventures await,
as we begin our new journey.

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