A woman has questioned why her husband keeps “freaking out” about having sex on other days of the week.

The anonymous woman told how she works full-time and gets two days off a week which are always different.

In a bid to keep the romance alive in her 17-year marriage, the woman attempts to initiate sex with her husband.

But every time she asks him to “step it up” or even when she “comes on to him”, the woman fails to get what she wants.

Despite having problems getting her husband in bed, the couple have a “fantastic” relationship.

Speaking to news.com.au’s Relationship Rehab, the female detailed her sex problem.

The couple were having sex twice a week
The couple were having sex twice a week

She said: “Before I started working full-time I had sex with my partner twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

“But now I need him to be available other days. I’ve told him he needs to step up but he can’t seem to do it.

“I try to ‘come on to him’ and he freaks out, he needs to be in charge of what suits him.

“Otherwise our relationship is fantastic, but sex just isn’t happening.”

She's questioning why her husband freaks out at the idea of spontaneous sex
She’s questioning why her husband freaks out at the idea of spontaneous sex

The woman revealed how she’s tried telling her husband but everything she’s said has “failed”.

Sexologist Isiah McKimmie replied to the wife’s sex problem, claiming she needs to find a way to match their desires.

She explained: “I’m wondering what it is about the scheduling/preparation that’s important to your partner.

“There’s also a communication challenge I hear between you.”

Isiah continued: “Many times, couples try to talk about something together and it seems to ‘fail’ or even make things worse.

“Usually this happens because they’re lacking tools or effective communication together. It’s something most of us weren’t taught.”

But the sexpert claims it’s “good” that it’s not all about sex for the woman’s husband.

She detailed: “Most long-term relationships aren’t about sex. It’s a good thing that it isn’t all about sex for your partner.”

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