Radio host Jana Hocking used to enjoy getting boozy on dates.

Alcohol can help to banish jitters and get the conversation flowing.

But according to the singleton, it’s important not to get reliant on wine when you’re looking for love.

She recalled an awkward date where a chap ordered too many bottles of plonk.

In her column, the writer recalled: “By the time I had finished one glass, he had finished the bottle and was already ordering a second one.

“By the time I had finished my second glass he had finished the second bottle and was about to order a third. Oh lord.”

Jana Hocking used to partial to sharing a bottle of wine on a date

Jana added: “It was around this time he started getting a little obnoxious and ranting. So I made my excuse and high tailed it out of there.”

After cutting the date short, the radio presenter decided to give the chap another chance.

He made a grovelling apology so they agreed to go on another night out – sober, this time.

Jana worried about how awkward the meet-up would be without alcohol to take the edge off.

But to her surprise, it actually ended up being a great way to date.

The awkward first date was enough to put Jana off getting drunk when she’s looking for love

Jana prefers to go into dates with a clear head nowadays

Jana explained: “The date was fine, but without a gin-infused giddiness that brings with it a sense of fake intimacy, I could say with a very clear head that he wasn’t for me.

“So we went our merry ways.

“What stayed with me, however, was that alcohol doesn’t have to play such a key part in a date. Since then I’ve changed the way I date.”

The singleton pointed out that you can’t know if you really like someone unless you’ve got a clear head, which makes a lot of sense.

She added: “It sounds ridiculous, but honestly without those beer goggles, you sure do tend to make better decisions.

“No regrets the next morning, and you tend to figure out much faster whether you have real feelings for someone or it’s just the vodka making you go all gaga.”

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