Most of us know that half of all marriages will end up in divorce. That’s the age-old statistic, and that’s what we’ve always heard.

However, staying together for the long haul doesn’t mean that you’re happy.

There are many marriages that last but end up being totally miserable for both partners. It only takes one good look at “that couple” to realize that not all couples who are together should stay together.

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The truth is that a lot of people end up marrying people they shouldn’t have a relationship with.

When choosing a husband, women often end up marrying the first one who comes along — or worse, making one of these mistakes when they choose their spouse-to-be. 

Choosing the wrong man can ruin your life, or even end it. 

13 Mistakes Women Make When Choosing a Husband

Before you walk down the aisle, ask yourself if you’re making any of these life-ruining mistakes and are ending up with someone who isn’t husband material.

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