Growing up, most teenagers will have once dreamt about dating a professional sports player.

A hunky man with a ripped body and social status, what’s not to love?

But according to a radio host, who’s been there and done that, it’s actually not how it seems.

Jana Hocking, 36, lifted the lid on experiences she had with footballers and rugby stars that showed athletes aren’t for her.

She told “Growing up in a sporty family, I was carted off on weekends to watch brothers run up and down a field.

“Then one day it all changed. I started looking at my brothers’ teammates in a different light.

“It was around the age where boys voices go funny. Deeper. Where did those muscles come from? Why am I feeling all tingly inside?”

The 36-year-old spoke about the times she tried dating professional athletes
The 36-year-old spoke about the times she tried dating professional athletes

She joked: “Sigh. How cliche. Yep puberty turned me shallow.”

It wasn’t until Jana grew older and began a career in media where she would come into contact with a lot of professional athletes.

Jana added: “They would grunt, I would giggle, and before you knew it, we would end up on a date.”

The host recalled a time where she dated a man in the industry which taught her that professional athletes weren’t her cup of tea.

The singleton praises WAGs for being in the spotlight but 'can't' be them
The singleton praises WAGs for being in the spotlight but ‘can’t’ be them

She said: “As with any moderately famous person, footballers are the source of much gossip.

“I’m not saying it’s them, because generally, it’s not. This really is a case of ‘it’s not you, it’s me’.

“In fact, I’d go as far as to say they are targeted.

“The not very fun part as their partner is not knowing who, or what, to believe.”

Now Jana has five reasons why she’d never date an athlete ever again…

1. She’s not the only person attracted to him

Of course dating someone with such a status means there’s a lot of other women wanting their attention.

She shared five reasons why she'll never date a sports player again
She shared five reasons why she’ll never date a sports player again

2. You’ll probably have to go to their games

Being a WAG will mean that you have to go and support them while at work.

If you’re not massively into sports this could be a problem.

3. You’re not the only person dating them

As they’re athletes, they’re probably going to make headlines most weeks.

They also may not hold back when talking about you in interviews.

4. Be prepared for other women sliding into your DMs

Speaking about a rugby player she once dated, the host explained: “It turns out, he was quite a ladies man.

“He was in Canberra for a game and a girl sent me a Facebook message to say she had hooked up with him during that weekend.

“Cue the tears, texts and tantrums.”

5. Your self-esteem might take a hit

Prepare for people to say how lucky you are to date a professional athlete.

Some may never think you’re good enough, which can dent your self confidence.

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