Frisky Brits are having more outdoor sex in a bid to avoid lockdown restrictions.

According to research, dogging is on the rise at the moment.

Over the last two months, around 30,000 Brits have been searching for the best public locations to romp in.

There has been an 85% increase in people searching for outdoor hookup spots over the last year.

And with restrictions tightening in recent weeks, interest in outdoor sex has only risen further.

Last week showed the highest number of dogging searches since summer and ‘Dogging’ was even trending on Twitter on Friday in the UK.

Couples have been researching places to have sex outdoors

The trend sprang up on social media after Boris made his announcement about the three tier system.

So where have Brits been romping in recent weeks?

Datingroo created the Hookup Hotspots map to highlight the highest number of dogging, cruising and hook-up locations.

Northerners seem to be more adventurous than those down south as Manchester boasts the most outdoor sex locations.

There’s 131 saucy spots in the city – including car parks.

Datingroo highlighted hookup hotspots in the UK

Hookup hotspots in the UK

  1. Manchester – 131
  2. Birmingham – 103
  3. Chelmsford – 85
  4. Liverpool – 82
  5. Bristol – 76
  6. Cardiff – 76
  7. London – 67
  8. Leeds – 63
  9. Edinburgh – 62
  10. Newcastle – 59

It’s worth noting that those in Tier 2 or Tier 3 shouldn’t be having casual sex indoors.

According to the government, bonking someone from a different household is off limits if you’re in these tiers.

Casual sex is technically legal indoors in a tier 1 lockdown, but it goes against the guidance as people not in a support bubble or “established relationship” are meant to be social distancing when they gather indoors.

Government guidance doesn’t define what counts as an “established relationship,” but it adds: “If in the early stages of a relationship, you should take particular care to follow the guidance on social distancing.”

Some Brits believe romping outdoors is a sneaky way to swerve the restrictions.

Meanwhile, others have considered meeting in a Tier 1 area for romantic trysts.

Despite these hopes, the Prime Minister’s spokesman has already shot down these possibilities.

“As has been the case throughout this pandemic – whether in following guidance or more recently when we placed it into law – you should behave at all times in the basis of the tier that you live in,” he said.

“So if you live in Tier 2, you leave Tier 2, you should continue to behave under the rules for Tier 2.”

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