My marriage is boring. Gloriously, deliciously boring. Other people might crave a little excitement, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After 7 years of wedded bliss (and 11 years as a couple), we have affection and love coming out of our ears. Enthusiasm? Sure. Passion? Eh, not really. Romance? Not our thing. The joy of an unexpected bouquet of flowers, the agony of propositioning a partner who’s too tired — who needs it? Someone does.

You could lose an entire weekend reading advice on getting out of a relationship rut  but I like my rut. It’s a great rut. Millions of singles wish they had my rut.

He comes home from work, I stop working, we make dinner, we eat dinner, we watch TV together — it’s the life of my dreams. I just never realized it in my single days.

Back when Mike was still my boyfriend, I’d complain that our lack of fighting meant we never got to have makeup sex. We’d disagree, he’d be reasonable about it, and we’d come to a resolution. His refusal to yell back at me made me feel like a jerk. So I adopted his laidback approach to conflict.

But wasn’t our relationship supposed to be louder? Every time I brought this up, he’s asked me if I really want him to yell at me. Which, no. I’ve had more than enough of that already.

My parents’ marriage works because they like bickering even more than they dislike each other. Most people think they’re hilarious, that they’re the second coming of The Bickersons, that they should have their own sitcom.

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My brother and I know better. We’ve seen the squabbling escalate into huge arguments too many times to find it funny.

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