Things are going to go bump in the night this Halloween.

And we’re not talking about ghosts…

Lovehoney has teamed up with Daily Star Online to bring you some spooktacular sex positions.

They’ll allow you to get freaky in the bedroom on the big day – and try out something new in the process.

The first move we’ve got for you is the Vampire.

It incorporates some gentle neck biting to pay homage to the mythical creatures – and it hits other pleasurable erogenous zones too.

The Vampire move is a more advanced version of missionary

So how do you pull off the Vampire move? It’s a lot like missionary, so shouldn’t be too difficult.

She lifts her legs and he penetrates from above in a slight elevated position with her bottom lifted off the bed.

The Vampire allows for some deep thrusting which means it is great for G-spot stimulation.

If he leans forward, it is great for real intimacy with both faces thrust together for some blood-sucking, hickey creating fun.

Sexpert Annabelle Knight recommends the move for those trying to spice things up.

Here’s how to master the Vampire move

Neck biting can re-ignite passions you had as a younger lover – just don’t sink your teeth in too hard!

The love guru told us: “Who doesn’t love a hickey? They are part of all of our sexual awakening.

“Yes, they can be a little embarrassing as an adult so do go easy on the neck sucking.

“Just a gentle lick and suck shouldn’t leave a mark.”

Looking for more Halloween inspired moves? We’ve got you covered.

Try the witch sex position for intense orgasms.

Alternatively, get your partner’s body tingling with the Spider technique.

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