And there came two angels to Sodom at even; and Lot sat in the gate of Sodom: and Lot seeing them rose up to meet them; and he bowed himself with his face toward the ground; and he said, “Behold now, my lords, turn in, I pray you, into your servant’s house, and tarry all night, and wash your feet, and ye shall rise up early, and go on your ways.”

And they turned in unto him, and entered into his house; and he made them a feast, and did bake unleavened bread, and they did eat.



“Yes, dear?” said the woman. They were sitting on a desert mount overlooking the Plain of Sodom, watching the sun set.

“Tell me a story,” said the girl. She was sixteen years old, slight of build, with bright green eyes which sparkled beneath her headdress. Under her sky-blue cloak, her fingers fiddled with her silver betrothal ring, as she lay with her head in her mother’s lap.

“What story shall I tell you, dear?” answered her mother, as she stroked the ends of her daughter’s long brown hair. The woman was strong-boned and handsome, her once-soft face lined by years of desert living. The shadow cast by the salt-rock formation known as Lot’s Wife lengthened slowly behind them as they sat.

“Tell me the story of Ado and her daughters,” said the daughter, grinning cheekily, her eyes twinkling.

“Oh darling, why always that story? You can hear it at Temple.”

“Oh, but your version is better. Your version is special. They don’t tell it your way at Temple.”

“I should think not!” grinned the mother. “All right, my cheeky girl. But I will start from the Scroll. And be good whilst I speak: you know what I mean?”

“Yes, Momma,” pouted the girl, removing her arms from under her cloak and folding them in plain view over her chest.

“Good. Now listen carefully…” The woman took a deep breath, gazed out over the desert plain, and recited:



Before they lay down, the men of the city, even the men of Sodom, compassed the house round, both old and young, all the people from every quarter. And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, “Where are the two men which came in to thee this night? Bring them out unto us, that we may know them.”

And Lot went out at the door unto them, and said, “I pray you, brethren, do not so wickedly. Behold now, I have two daughters which have not known man; let me, I pray you, bring them out unto you, and do ye to them as is good in your eyes.”

Lot’s wife was Ado, and she was beautiful, and Lot thought he loved her deeply. She heard Lot’s offer to the wicked men of Sodom, and though she knew that her daughters had known man, still she grieved sorely in her heart. And she said to Lot, “Husband, suffer not our daughters to be given up to these men. They will use them ill, and discard them like so much chaff.”

“My wife,” replied Lot, “it is better this way. For these two angels are from God. How can we allow them to be taken unnaturally by the men of this city? Our daughters are beautiful: surely the men will treat them with respect.” And he called his two daughters, Hannah and Paltith, and said to them “My daughters, go out to the men of the city and let them do to you as is good in their eyes. For it is surely the Lord’s will that His messengers not be ill-used by the men of Sodom.”

At first the daughters were silent. But they thought to themselves: “We have already made the son of Haran drink wine, and lain with him. Our mother knows the truth: that we know how to seek our own pleasure.”

And Paltith spoke first, feigning obedience: “If it is the Lord’s will, then, father, we will do as you say.” And she was sixteen years of age.

Hannah spoke next, feigning piety: “We seek nothing greater than to do the will of the Lord Almighty, and the angels whom He has sent to us. We will submit ourselves to the men of Sodom.” And she was seventeen years of age.

And Ado wept – for she knew what the men of that city were like. And she feared that they would cause her daughters to suffer greatly, and that the pain in their souls, and hers, would be beyond comprehension. She knew what her daughters had done in their father’s bed – but she wished to protect them from the foibles of brutal men. “Please, my husband, spare our daughters; send me instead. I will give myself up to save our girls from the wickedness of these men.”

“My wife,” replied Lot, “these men want young virgins for their pleasure. They will not be fobbed off with one such as yourself.” For he knew not what had come to pass in his drunkenness. And, turning to his daughters, he said, “Hannah and Paltith, strip yourselves naked, and go without to the square, that the men of Sodom may do to you as is good in their eyes, so that our angel guests may eat and drink and sleep sound tonight.”

The sun was setting as Hannah and Paltith went out. Hannah was slender and tall. Her skin was fair and her long hair a ruddy brown, bleached by the sun. Her breasts were small and pert, and her delicate nipples turned heavenwards. Between her legs her down was soft and sparse, through which her tight lips peeped invitingly. Paltith was shorter, her body rounded and luscious. Her hair and skin were dark, and a rich black bush concealed her moist vulva. Her breasts were large, and jiggled as she walked.

Ado watched from the roof of the house, whimpering in fear and dread.

“Hey, Cush, Eglon – look what we have here!” called one of the Sodomite crowd, a short stocky man dressed in brown robes, with a big red lopsided runny nose. His voice was as slovenly as his appearance: “Two fuckable little sluts! What say you?” He began to remove his outer garment; his erection, lopsided too, poked through the fabric of his under-tunic below his large belly.

“I wanted boys, Sisera,” croaked a second man, huge and brutally built under his green woollen mantle, “not girls! I want to fuck ass, not cunt!” He had a huge scar slashed across his face, and an empty socket where one eye should have been. “Hey, Lot!” he called mockingly towards the door. “Keep your daughters! Send us those two pretty boys with the funny wings and tight asses!”

“Stop being so fussy, Eglon!” said a third man in a weedy voice. Tall and thin, those teeth that he still had were yellow and protruded unevenly from his jaw. “Get used to pussy, like the rest of the world!” He had already removed his clothes and was stroking his long mushroom-head cock with slick bony fingers. “Come here, my beauty,” he beckoned to Hannah. “You’re the kind I like.” Hannah approached dutifully, and the man grabbed her by the crotch, curling two fingers roughly into her cunt. Hannah squealed – and all the men laughed.

The tall man, Cushan-Rishathaim by name, grabbed Hannah’s neck, squeezing her jaw tight so that her lips formed a painful grimace. He spoke roughly into her mouth, his breath reeking of wine and goats’ cheese. “Your father sent you out here to get fucked, girl. You know what that means?”

Hannah nodded meekly. “Yes sir – and we will do it in obedience to him.”

“Well then, down on all fours, bitch, and stick your ass up in the air.” Hannah did as commanded, kneeling in the dirt. Her soft thatch of down glistened in the late evening glow, lighting the way to her moist cunt – which Cushan-Rishathaim began to fuck from behind, panting all the while like a yellow-fanged dog. Hannah moaned as she felt her honeyed walls loosen and welcome the long cock in, till his loose balls began to slap against thighs.

Sisera beckoned Paltith to him. “You have lovely big tits, girl. Kneel down so I can fuck them.” Feigning duty to God and his angels, Paltith did as he commanded. Sisera’s cock was thick and strong, and he blew snot from his nose to lubricate it, before burying it between the girl’s luscious flowing breasts. Paltith used her hands to push them together, extending her tongue to moisten the uncircumcised glans, which began to poke at her soft red lips. The man gasped with the double pleasure – then lifted his cock away from the girl’s tits and began to ram his cock deeper into her mouth.

“Open wide, my beauty,” leered Sisera, his mouth and nose drooling with anticipation. “This cock will reach the bottom of your throat before it fucks your cunt.” Paltith opened wide, sticking out her tongue flat so the cock could begin to drive deep into her gullet. Saliva splashed and flowed from her wide red lips, dribbling down her chest, and forming great beaded ropes which dangled obscenely from Sisera’s fat shaft.

Ado continued to watch from her rooftop, whimpering and weeping for her daughters. It was dark now, and the city square was lit by the flicker of torches. All the men of Sodom were there now, lured out of their houses by the noise – watching, ogling, and cat-calling. Those that were not carrying torches had their cocks out, and were stroking them lustfully as they leered at the filthy scene which was unfolding before their eyes. But indoors Lot continued to entertain his angel guests, waiting on them hand and foot, with unleavened bread, bitter herbs, and wine.

Amongst the Sodomite men now gathered was the great scarred brute Eglon, who removed his cloak and his undergarment to reveal his cock: huge and thick, uncut, purple at the head, with prominent blue veins which made it seem rough-hewn as the rocks of the desert. “I don’t fuck cunt,” declared Eglon. “Come here, sluts, and if you know what’s good for you, lubricate my cock well before I ram it up one of your asses.”

Hannah and Paltith crawled obediently over to the giant, gasping at the size of his huge rough shaft which waggled threateningly before their faces. Sisera and Cushan-Rithathaim followed, both sinking their cocks into the girls’ cunts from behind, gasping with pleasure at the embrace of their warm, wet, slippery fuck-holes.

The girls knelt facing each other on opposite sides of Eglon’s huge member. They said nothing, but knew what to do so that the Sodomite monster would be able to look down and see them pleasuring his cock from both sides. Initially it was their lips alone which nibbled Eglon’s rod, but soon they opened their mouths wider so that their lips met, squashing together to make a moist seal which they slid back and forth along his shaft, leaving it glistening with a thin film of saliva. Then their tongues began to tickle around the underside of the cock, so that little strings of spit formed which stretched and dangled from his rod. “Good, good, you filthy bitches! Where did you learn to do that?” roared Eglon, as he watched the two hot tongues slobber and snake around his cock.

“We honour our father,” answered Hannah, moving around to face Eglon from the front.

“Yes, and we follow the word of our Lord,” said Paltith, shifting positions so that she now crouched below Eglon’s cock, looking straight up into his ugly disfigured face as she sucked his huge balls into her mouth, one at a time, and then both together. In the meantime, Hannah opened her mouth wide, swallowing the huge cock deep and beginning a long slow drooling mouthfuck. Her spit dribbled off the shaft, splattering into Paltith’s face below. Cushan-Rishathaim and Sisera continued to moan in pleasure as their cocks pounded in and out of the girls’ hot cunts. The watching crowd cheered, as they stroked their cocks.

Ado continued to weep for shame. But the angels, burping contentedly as they reclined at their feast with Lot, asked:

“Hast thou here any besides? Whatsoever thou hast in the city, bring them out of this place. For we will destroy this place, because the cry of them is waxen great before the face of the Lord; and the Lord hath sent us to destroy it. Arise, take thy wife, lest thou be consumed in the iniquity of the city.”

And Lot called for his beloved Ado and said, “Make haste, wife, we must flee. For these angels have come to destroy this city, and with it all the evil and wickedness therein. We must away ere dawn breaks!”

“But – our daughters!” cried Ado. Are we to leave them here to be destroyed whilst we flee to safety? I beg of you, husband, save our daughters!”

But Lot replied, “It is well for us to obey the angels – for they are sent to us from God.” And whilst he spoke, the angels ate and drank, till their eyes were red and bleary, and their elegant biblical speech began to slur: “Awize, take thy wife, lesht thou be conshumed in the iniquititty of the shitty… er, titty… er, fuck… cityyyyyyyyy!” they sang.

Eglon’s cock was now well lubricated, and ready to fuck asshole. He preferred men – for so he had been trained, like all men of Sodom – but female ass was still beautiful to him. He chose Paltith, for her buttocks were rounded and luscious, and he flipped her onto her knees and pressed his huge cock-head against her winking brown starfish. Paltith groaned in anticipation, before Eglon’s huge slippery cockhead bullied its way into her asshole, pausing just inside her sphincter to bask in the glorious pleasure of her tight entrance.

“Fuck my ass, you filthy brute,” muttered the girl. “Go on, punish me for who I am, daughter of Lot, disciple of the Lord Almighty. For you filthy Sodomite scum will perish at the hands of our God – and we shall yet multiply as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; thus saith the Lord.”

All the Sodomite men laughed uproariously at her speech, as Eglon lunged, his huge cock brutally penetrating the girl’s shit-hole until his heavy balls slapped against her cunt. She screamed in ecstasy:

I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works. I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High. For thou hast destroyed the wicked, thou hast put out their name for ever and ever. Thou hast destroyed cities; their memorial is perished with them.

The men of Sodom jeered at her foreign prayer. For they had no fear of the Lord, and worshipped strange gods.

Meanwhile, Sisera and Cushan-Rishathaim picked Hannah up and tossed her onto her back on top of a flat rock, her legs spread-eagled and her head hanging upside-down off the end of the slab. Cushan-Rishathaim pulled Hannah’s hair back so that he could slide his long cock into her pale throat, watching with a yellow toothy grin as his shaft gradually slid deeper and deeper – making it look as if she were swallowing a viper, he thought – until his balls slapped against her nose and eyes. At the same time, Sisera parted the soft down of her vulva with his thick bent cock and began to fuck deep into her wet cunt, rubbing her clit roughly with his clumsy snotty hand.

Ado watched in horror from her dark corner on the roof. “My daughters, my daughters!” she wept – before coming below to plead with Lot and with the angels: “My lords, let me save my daughters! My husband, I beg of you, save them!” But by now her husband was as drunk as his divine guests – intoxicated with wine, with self-righteousness, and with the reflected glory of his omnipotent God. And he waved her away, calling out to Heaven, “Thou hasht deshtwoyed the wicked, thou hasht put out their name, thou hasht deshtroyed titties… er, shitties… er… oh fuck…”

In the city square, Hannah and Paltith cried out with pleasure and triumph. For they knew that they were being faithful to their father, and their Lord, and His angels. And as Hannah felt Sisera’s thick lopsided cock grind against her clit, her cunt spasmed, and she came, moaning ecstatically through her throatful of cock and slime. Soon Sisera’s warm cum splashed exuberantly against her cervix and, as he withdrew his cock, dribbled out between her fucked-out cunt-lips. Finally, against her tongue Hannah felt Cushan-Rishathaim’s mushroom glans twitch and buck, releasing his salty cream into her mouth. She swirled it around joyously, webs of cum adorning the spaces between her lips, tongue and fingers.

Meanwhile, Eglon’s huge cock swelled even larger and began to explode, pulsating over and over and filling the depths of Paltith’s rectum with his cream. As he pulled out, she tightened her gaping asshole and farted a thick spray of cum upwards towards the night sky; it splattered around Eglon’s softening cock, and rained back down onto her buttocks, whence it dribbled down her ass-crack, into and around her swollen hairy cunt. She turned over, curling three fingers into her asshole to retrieve a handful of cum, which she rubbed lasciviously into her creamy vulva – until she too came, her scream of ecstasy filling the night sky: “OH GOD! OH FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!”

But the angels laid hold upon Lot’s hand, and upon the hand of his wife; the Lord being merciful unto him: and they brought them forth, and set them without the city.

Ado turned and, from the hill just outside the city gates, saw her daughters, lit by the light of the Sodomite torches, now lying naked on the bare dirt in the square, head to head, face to face, tongue to tongue. Eglon, Cushan-Rishathaim and Sisera stood back admiring the scene whilst licking each other’s cocks clean. The other men of Sodom took it in turns to stand above Hannah and Paltith, jerking their cocks hard, spraying their hot loads over the girls’ faces. At first their semen adorned the girls delicately, splattering their hair and cheeks and lips, making them seem even more beautiful than usual. But as each new row of Sodomite abusers took its turn to empty their balls, the girls’ beauty became ever more obscured, until Hannah and Paltith seemed barely human: a filthy, squirming, stinking, wriggling mess of man-cum, amidst which their tangling tongues were barely distinguishable, and their features were drowned in the creamy white fruit of their lovers’ lust.

And it came to pass, when they had brought Lot and his wife forth abroad, that the angels said, “Escape for thy life; look not behind thee, neither stay thou in all the plain; escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed.”

And Lot said unto them, “Behold now, thy servant hath found grace in thy sight, and thou hast magnified thy mercy, which thou hast shewed unto me in saving my life.”

Then the Lord rained upon Sodom brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven; and he overthrew that city, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the city, and that which grew upon the ground.

“Look not behind thee!” repeated the angels, “escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed!” But Ado heard it not, for she loved her daughters greatly, and she wept for them.

And Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.

And so it is written in the Wisdom of Solomon: Of the wickedness of Sodom even to this day the waste land that smoketh is a testimony, and plants bearing fruit that never come to ripeness. And a standing pillar of salt is a monument to an unbelieving soul.



“And that, my dear, is my version of the legend of Ado, wife of Lot, mother of Hannah and Paltith. But I don’t believe what Solomon wrote. Ado is not a monument to an unbelieving soul, but a monument to the love of a mother, to the selfishness of husbands, and to the brutality of men. Ado turned to salt because she wept so many tears…”

There was silence, as mother and daughter sat. Behind them was the Salt Sea, deep and dead; in front, the Plain of Sodom, barren and deserted. To their right on the mount stood the pillar of salt, casting its long shadow backwards. And in front of them the sun was making its nightly acceleration toward the horizon.

“Come, we must go, my love: your father will be home soon, and we must prepare him food.”

“You go ahead, Momma. I’ll be there in a minute,” said the daughter.

“All right, my love. Be good now – and come soon.” The mother turned and hurried homewards along the ridge.

The daughter sat, watching as the sun touched the horizon and its gleam suddenly spread horizontally, lighting up the fertile plains which lay in the distance, and beyond them the sea. Through a gap in the rocks, a last ray of sunlight fell on the pillar of salt. And the girl heard a voice.

“You are beautiful, child,” the voice said. “As beautiful as mine were.”

“Do you still miss them?” asked the girl.

“I am still standing here, waiting for them. I miss their joyous voices, crying out in pleasure.”

“I cry out in pleasure at their story, Ado. Sometimes at night, under the sheets, I feel my wetness and tell myself the story of Hannah and Paltith.”

“Feel your wetness now, my child. Cry out in pleasure for me.”

The girl reached under her dress. Her cunt was still wet from hearing the tale from her mother’s lips. She curled two fingers inwards, releasing a sticky web of juice which clung to her as she brought her hand up to her face and inhaled her young fragrance.

“You are good, my child,” came the voice. “Taste it for me.” The girl formed her fingers into a ‘V’ and licked delicately between them. The savour was sweet, and she could not resist sucking her fingers deep into her mouth, to revel in the pungent flavour of her own sex.

“Do you see why the men of Sodom desired Hannah and Paltith?” said the voice. “Do you see why the angels sacrificed them that we might escape?” The voice cracked in anguish. “And do you see… do you see why I turned back?” The girl heard weeping.

“I am so sorry, Ado. What can I do for you?”

“Come for me, my child. Let me hear your cries of pleasure – as I did theirs as I left Sodom that night.”

The girl hesitated, then curled her fingers back into her cunt, feeling them slippery between her fuck-lips. She withdrew them, then reached further around, painting cunt-juice on the pucker of her brown hole, before gently pushing her middle finger inwards. She gasped, as her sphincter clenched in surprise, before loosening so that her finger could explore more deeply, waggling back and forth, feeling her fundament open for her.

The girl hitched up her dress and shamelessly spread her legs to the sunset, propping her feet high on a pair of rocks. One hand frigged her cunt, and the thumb of that same hand rubbed her swelling clit – even as a finger of the other hand wriggled inside her asshole. Soon she was coming, crying out in pleasure, her cries echoing across the Plain of Sodom and through the Desert of Judaea, where once Hannah and Paltith had been abused and ravished and pleasured by the wicked men of the city, whilst her drunken father, guided by angels, had fled the wrath of God.

Slowly, peace returned. The girl licked her fingers, tasting the fragrance of both her holes, and then removing her betrothal ring to lick it clean and wipe it on her dress.

“You are taken to wife, then, my child?” asked Ado from her pillar.

“Yes. I go to his house next month.” replied the girl.

“You will have to pleasure him, my child. Do you know how?” asked the voice.

“I think so, Ado. My mother has taught me.”

“I thought so too, when I was your age,” replied the voice. “But men gain pleasure by causing suffering. For their lives are one long suffering – a yearning for power and domination and righteousness which will never, in this world, be satisfied. We women have to find our peace – and sometimes our pleasure – amidst their brutality.”

The girl sat in silence for a while.

“Thank you, Ado. Peace be with you,” she whispered.

“Peace be with you, my child,” said the voice.

And the sun set.

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