If you’re planning to stay indoors this Halloween, then why don’t you spend in the bedroom?

Since it might be difficult to make plans this year, Ann Summers reckons there’s another way of celebrating the occasion.

So Daily Star Online has teamed up with the sex masterminds to give you quite the treat today.

For those looking to get frisky tonight, there’s a simple way you can make foreplay more enjoyable.

And think of it this way, at least you’d be getting a treat this year right?

Now that we’ve teased you, scroll down below and check out our sex tip of the week.

Couples will really appreciate using this lube during foreplay
Couples will really appreciate using this lube during foreplay

Ann Summers suggests using the Raspberry Lick to add an extra sweet aspect to your foreplay.

It’ll encourage you to play for longer and it’ll be that “treat” your partner will need.

The lube is just £6.30 if you buy it online from the official Ann Summers website and it’ll warm up to promise sweet sensations.

Speaking to Daily Star Online, Laura Whittaker, at Ann Summers, said: “We’re already at Halloween – how this year has flown!”

She added: “Although we’re not able to get dressed up and go out for some trick or treat fun this year, we’ve got the perfect alternative to give you a great time at home!

“We recommend that you and your partner still get dressed up, whether you want to go for spooky or sexy, and try out a sure-fire way to sweeten up that foreplay.

“Using Raspberry Lick will add an extra sweet aspect to your foreplay, encouraging you to play for longer and really ‘treat’ your partner to some heightened sensations.

“To make your evening even more sexy, our guide will give you a few extra hints to help make going down on a woman even more mind-blowing than ever before. Trust us, this Halloween you’ll be learning some new tricks to give out some great treats!”

Are you looking for more reasons to use lube during foreplay?

Previously, Ann Summers revealed why you must never forget lube.

The sex masterminds also explained how important doing foreplay is as it helps to improve your sex life.

Without lube, masturbation can feel uncomfortable and for some, it could even be painful.

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