It’s natural to grow up with certain relationship expectations of what our loving spouse or partner will do and be. Unfortunately, many of these expectations do not meet reality.

As much as typical gender stereotype expectations have evolved, we still may bring some unconscious hangovers into a romantic relationship.

The best thing to do is to make these expectations conscious so that you can talk about them, deal with them and come to some compromises about them. The following are the expectations that most often kill relationships.

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10 Unrealistic Relationship Expectations That Ruin Marriages

1. You expect sex every night.

This is a big issue. People have different expectations about what their sex life will look like once they’re married.

If you’re having sex every night at the beginning of the relationship, but after your marriage night you or your spouse are not so interested, someone may feel gypped and that’s how resentment begins.

2. You think your mate will express love the same way you do.

You also may have expectations about what love should look like, which may differ strongly from your partner’s. If your husband expects you to reach out, hug him and kiss him throughout the day, but you’re not touchy-feely, how’s that going to go over?

And what if your expectations of real love is that your husband will give you gifts every day? You need to address what love is to each of you and make sure you both understand what the other needs to feel loved.

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