An Instagram model has revealed she calls her sex toy after US president Donald Trump.

Juju Ferrari is not ashamed to admit that she loves to use a vibrator for pleasure under the sheets.

But one thing that might confuse a lot of fans was the name choice for her kinky device.

The Brazilian bombshell believes that all women must give a name to their sex toys.

And for Juji’s toys, she thought it would be appropriate to honour the current President of the United States of America.

She revealed: “Mine is called Trump. I always liked to name my sex toys.”

The model isn't one to shy away from what pleasures her under the sheets
The model isn’t one to shy away from what pleasures her under the sheets

Juju says that giving a name for her sex toy gives more pleasure for remembering wealth and power.

She added: “The name Trump reminds me of power and wealth, which makes me achieve multiple orgasms.”

The model’s confession comes ahead of the US election on November 3.

Trump is currently battling against former vice president Joe Biden to keep his place in the White House.

She's always named her sex toys
She’s always named her sex toys

And it seems as though when Juju isn’t telling fans about her kinky sex toys, she’s doing other things.

The model is known for flaunting her enviable curves and sexy looks.

She loves showing off her physique in the skimpiest clothes on social media.

Juju has over 390,000 followers on her Twitter account.

The name Trump reminds her of power and wealth
The name Trump reminds her of power and wealth

She said: “There is no size pants or shorts for me because of the size of my butt.”

With that, the beauty plans to launch a collection of shorts for those who have a big booty.

Juju explained: “I’m tired of looking for stuff that doesn’t match my body.

“I’m going to launch my own collection and help those who are experiencing the same problem.”

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