Being depressed in a relationship is one of the most challenging situations any couple can traverse.

We tend to believe that depression and relationships don’t belong in the same category. Many believe that if a person is in love and enjoys a healthy relationship, they can’t or shouldn’t get depressed.

Surely, if you’re in love, you’re happy, right? And depressed people are always sad, right?

Well, the truth may differ a bit from this belief.

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The topic of depression and relationships is kind of controversial, but you can learn how to cope.

First things first, how is it possible to be in love and be depressed? And even worse, how do you know why you’re depressed when you’re in a loving relationship?

Is there anything your partner can do for you? And how does your depression affect your partner?

These are tough questions that torment many of my patients and their partners.

Is it possible to be depressed when in love?

Thanks to popular culture, novels, and movies, the general belief is that depression is something that has a lot to do with “being rejected” by love or by the person you love.

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