If you have met your twin flame, you know this powerful connection is like nothing you’ve yet experienced in your life, and unlike anything you’ll ever experience again.

Twin flame unions have the power to rock and reshape our lives.

This type of soul connection is rare. And because many people never experience one in their physical lifetime, each of the stages of twin flame relationships can feel not only wonderful, but also terrifying.

What is a twin flame?

There are many ancient references to similar concepts, but most agree the theory of twin flames as we know it originated with the Greek philosopher Plato. In “The Symposium,” he theorized that all souls start as one but are split into two mirror souls that eternally yearn for completion, leaving us all in searching for our twin flame.

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Your twin flame is also not necessarily your true love — at least, not in the romantic sense. Twin flame relationships can be friends or family, not just romantic partners.

And while finding your twin flame connection can be extremely fulfilling, please don’t search blindly for this just to feel complete! Most people lead full lives without ever experiencing twin-flame love.

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