By Andrea Rosen

If you had brain cancer, would you date a neurologist? Would you sleep with a chiropractor to ease your chronic back pain?

Well, around my 20th birthday, I was hit with a sudden onset of crippling depression and anxiety.

After two years, several doctors and a veritable rainbow of colored mood-altering capsules, I still felt hopeless. With no cure in sight, I fell for a psychotherapist. 

Gloria Steinem’s eyes would roll behind her oversized glasses if she knew about me dating a therapist.

But a part of me had always fantasized that the companionship of a man could fix all my worries, all my internal distress.

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In the past year and a half, I had four different therapists and not one date. I was frustrated and growing quite lonely

“Like many relationships, therapy does not come with a guarantee. ‘Failed’ therapy can be like a failed relationship,” Joanne Flom wrote in “Picking a Therapist is Just Like Dating” in Chicago Wellness Magazine.

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