A new competition is giving kinky fans the chance to win the world’s most luxurious sex toy.

Sexual wellness brand Lovehoney is giving away one of the limited edition Fun Factory Sundaze Thrusting Vibrators.

The kinky toy will be handed out in a new “Golden Ticket” competition.

Fun Factory has just released its new Sundaze toy that has already secured rave reviews.

One Lovehoney reviewer described it as “sheet-clenchingly good”.

The customer added: “I was able to lie back and just be carried away.”

Fun Factory created seven valuable vibrators with the 22-carat gold handle to give away to random buyers of the toy.

Fun Factory Sundaze Thrusting Vibrators
The Fun Factory Sundaze Thrusting Vibrators is worth a fortune

Only seven Golden Tickets have been placed in the boxes including one in the batch at Lovehoney.

A Lovehoney spokesperson said: “We are really excited to be giving away one of the Fun Factory’s gold Sundaze Thrusting Vibrators.

“It could be a fantastic early Christmas present for the lucky winner.”

The competition runs until December 23 and is open to any buyer of the Sundaze at Lovehoney.

Are you looking for more sex toys?

Previously, a new revolutionary sex toy was launched to give men an “explosive female orgasm”.

The Arcwave Ion has been dubbed a “pleasure air stroker” for men which is said to offer a new type of sensation.

It uses pulsating air waves to stimulate the frenulum – an area of the penis that contains the same receptors as the female clitoris.

In total, more than 100 men have tested the new Arcwave Ion and they’ve had some promising results.

Around 70% experienced a more intense climax with the sex toy than without it, with some describing their orgasm as “explosive”.

And other men who used the sex toy claimed their climax was “overwhelming”.

The sex toy is now on sale for £169, for more information visit the Arcwave Ion website.

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