Holly busied herself the next morning in her studio, preparing for another life drawing session with her group of artists.  Moments before people were due to start arriving, the model she’d booked for the day called to say that he had to cancel.  She was a bit frantic, not knowing what to do.  In a moment of desperation, and ready to cancel the whole session, a thought crossed her mind.  Luca.

Without time to talk herself out of it, she hurried back to the house hoping that he would be there.  To her delight and relief, he was.  The next part would be harder.  Holly explained her situation, and summoning all of her feminine powers of persuasion, pleaded with him to be their model that day, strategically saving the most important detail for last.  “Of course, life models pose in the nude,” she said, trying her best to sound matter-of-fact about it.  Luca, despite clearly wanting to help and please her, gulped.

“Nude?” He replied nervously.  Sensing his eagerness to please rapidly waning, Holly quickly tried her best to alleviate his shyness. 

“I won’t even say who you are, they’ll just think you’re the model from the agency.  We draw and paint life models all the time. They’ve seen hundreds of nude models.  You’ll be fine.”  To her great relief, Luca reluctantly agreed to do it.  “Oh, you’re so sweet!” she gushed, embracing him tightly.

They both returned to the studio just before people started to arrive.  Holly led Luca by the hand to the small change room in the back corner, told him to undress and wrap himself in the fresh towel that was provided, and explained that she would come get him when they were ready.  She stifled a nervous giggle as she closed the door on Luca, who looked a little like a deer in the headlights.  

Members of the group started arriving moments after, mostly women but a few men, and soon everyone was sitting at their easels.  These were all talented individuals, with careers of their own, but they enjoyed coming to Holly’s studio for the chance to keep their fundamental skills sharp. 

The airy, open space, with its floor-to-ceiling bank of windows, was bathed in sultry summer light.  Feeling a little trembly herself, her hand was shaking a little as she lit a stick of lavender incense, Holly began by talking a little about what they would be doing that day.  “I want you all to use something different than last time,” she instructed.  “If you used charcoal last time, use crayon.  If you used a pencil, try a thin calligraphy brush.   If you used ink, try pastels.  Let’s keep things fairly rough and fast today, essence and energy rather than detail and perfection.  I’ll get our model and we can get started.”

Holly gently knocked before opening the door.  Luca sat dutifully on the chair, the towel wrapped around his waist, looking rather nervous.  “We’re ready for you, sweetheart.  Don’t be nervous, you’re going to be great,” she said softly.  “I’ll direct you.  You don’t need to say a word.”

The two of them walked out together, Luca naked save for the towel.  “This is … James, everyone,” she announced to the assembled group, giving Luca a furtive wink, a slight lump in her throat.  “James will be our model today.  We’ll get our model to strike a few different poses, possibly with a few different props, but to begin, James, can I ask you to just stand in the centre of the space facing the artists?”  Without saying a word, Luca did as he was instructed.  “Wonderful.  Now, we’re ready to begin, so if you could just remove your towel … ”     

With the gaze of a dozen or so artists fixed upon him, Luca swallowed hard and removed his towel.  When he did, Holly’s jaw dropped.  She immediately felt her face, throat, and the back of her ears go hot, a quiet but perceptible gasp emanating from the group.  Lisa had not exaggerated. 

Luca’s flaccid penis was absolutely huge.

Holly had had her share of lovers in her life, one or two had even been relatively well endowed, but none of that prepared her for Luca.  There was the kind of big dick that inspired a “wow.”  With Luca, it was more like, “Oh my god!” or, “Holy fuck!”  The word “monster” came to mind.  Circumcised and incredibly thick, it appeared to be some eight or nine inches in length, crowned with a fat, bulbous head.  Completely flaccid, it reached more than halfway to his knee.  Holly surmised that it was larger than her forearm, perhaps larger than his own.  This, she concluded, was the reason for the attractive young man’s involuntarily and protracted status as a virgin.

A number of women crossed their legs as if by group reflex, while one woman in the back sat spellbound, staring intently at Luca’s massive endowment, as if she might start grinding herself into the edge of her stool at any moment.

“Let’s get started, everyone,” stammered Holly, dry-mouthed.  Luca stood while the artists, perched on their stools, set about their work.

Holly slowly wandered about the room, observing and offering commentary on some of the sketches, often using the excuse to look up and gaze at her handsome young subject.  Assuming Luca’s penis got even longer, thicker, and harder when aroused – a truly mindboggling thought – the size of his manhood was frightening.  Something that big would hurt.  A lot.  Still, there was something undeniably captivating about his size.  Hypersexual, alluring, fear and fascination mixing together.  

She had Luca change poses several times, each time taking advantage of the opportunity to touch him in some way, changing the placement of his arms, placing her hand on his hip and getting him to drop one knee, having him sit on a chair, or throwing down an area rug and having him lay on his side.  For the final pose, she slid a small loveseat into place and had him sit on that.  Then, thinking better of it, she had him kneel in front of it, asking him to sit back on his haunches. 

To get his position just right, she knelt facing him, their knees touching, gently adjusting his shoulders, parting his thighs slightly wider, the tip of his huge, heavy sex touching the carpet.  She resisted the urge to touch it, to feel the weight of it in her hand. 

“You’re doing amazingly,” she whispered to him, the back of her head to the artists.  “I had no idea, sweetheart,” she added, with a teasing smirk and a wink.  “Don’t mind us horny women – we’ve just never seen one that big before.” Luca blushed, clenching his jaw to avoid breaking out in a smile, but Holly noticed an unmistakable physical reaction between his legs, a slight but observable thickening.   

Like Luca’s audience, Holly quietly revelled in the Clothed Female/Nude Male splendour of the situation.  The session went much longer than usual – no one, at least not amongst the women in attendance, seemed to mind.  As a collective, they seemed as distracted as they were inspired, and though many of them had produced better results on other occasions, a number of the sketches were quite good.  She suspected they might not be shared with husbands, wives, or partners.    

The class finished around mid-afternoon.  Everyone began packing up their things, eventually making their way across the back of the property.  No less than three women and one man passed Luca, who was once again wrapped in a towel, their business cards. One, in particular, Nicole, a beautiful, ethnically Japanese woman in her early fifties, who was in Holly’s estimation the most talented member amongst the group, lingered to indulge in a bit of undisguised flirting. 

Nicole exuded a sexual energy that was palpable, the kind of woman that drew men like moths to a flame, and who, according to mutual acquaintances, fucked men on her own terms and often.  Holly pretended not to notice, trying but failing to suppress another pang of jealousy.  Her default reaction to feelings of jealousy continued to irritate her.

Their chat on the sofa that night was filled with subtext, more than a small measure of it sexual.  They sat curled up on the sofa together as usual, and as usual, Holly was somewhat under-dressed – just in a black tank top and black thong panties.  Luca was wrapped in a large white terry cloth robe, having just stepped out of the shower.  He looked sexy with his dark locks still damp and hanging seductively over one eye. 

Their friendship, or at least the sexual tension between them, had intensified.  Seeing each other in the nude would do that, and Holly’s feelings for the young man were more complicated than ever.  Her dinner date with Ben was the following night, and she was grateful for the distraction, something to quell the increasingly emotional connection she had forged with Luca.  She truly adored him, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to delude herself that it was just an emotional bond. 

Her nightly bedtime fantasies involving Luca were deeply sexual.  Ben was her contemporary, that was as it should be – charming Ben, who remained intriguing and showed every indication of being a legitimate match.  Luca was the same age as her son, her dear friend’s child.  She was the older adult.  It was up to her to exercise proper judgement.  She could be forgiven for her fantasies and the sexual attraction, acting on those feelings was out of the question.  ‘Just friends’ was the goal. 

Of course, adding to all of those complicated feelings was the recent discovery that Holly’s handsome young housemate was hung like a horse, a well-appointed horse.  Indeed, the size of Luca’s penis was enough to cause even the most ardent size queen to think twice.  After chatting about the plots of the latest romance novels they were reading, Holly decided to address the elephant, or rather elephant-sized penis, in the room.      

“Do you want to talk about it, sweetie?” she asked, her voice gentle and sweet.  Luca’s face turned crimson.  “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to embarrass you.”  Holly paused before speaking again, while Luca remained silent.  You have a huge penis,” she continued, emphasizing the word “huge”.  “Most men with big dicks are braggarts about it.  But you’re not, are you?  But then ‘big’ isn’t really adequate for describing what you have in your pants, is it?” 

Luca stared at the floor and Holly reached out to touch his hand.  “Let’s talk about it, sweetie,” she said softly.  “Is that why you’re still a virgin?  Because girls are afraid that you’ll hurt them?”  He nodded, head down.  Holly tilted her head to meet his gaze.  “Don’t be shy to talk about it, sweetheart – I’m a woman, but I’m twice your age, and I feel like we’ve become really close.  You can tell me anything.”

“I don’t want to hurt anyone,” he said, breaking his silence, his voice quiet and plaintive.  “Every time I’ve tried… I can’t get it to fit… not even a little.  Not without it really hurting the girl.”

“Oh, sweetheart,” she said, angling forward and giving him a warm, affectionate hug.  “Can I ask, do you give the girl lots of time to warm up?  And do you use lots of lube?” she asked.  “Have you experimented with different positions?  Some are less painful for the woman.  It’s the fear part, the girl’s, that you’ve got to overcome.” 

She sat next to him, close, their bodies touching.  She stroked his hair, tilting her head down in parallel to his, their conversation incredibly intimate.  He smelled wonderful – a mix of shampoo and his natural scent.  “When women get nervous or afraid, they tense up,” she said softly.  “To handle a penis as large as yours, I’m thinking that the woman has to be very aroused, and she has to trust that you’ll go slow and be very gentle with her.  I know you, sweetie – you’re so kind and sweet.  I know you’d be an incredibly gentle lover,” adding playfully to lighten the mood. “Not that some of us women mind it a little rough now and then.”  Still staring at the white shag area carpet beneath their feet, Luca smiled.  “Has a girl ever… put you in her mouth?” she asked. 

“They try, but even when they can fit a bit in their mouth, they always gag,” he replied.

“Please believe me when I say this – you’re going to fall in love again, and soon, and the two of you are going to be kind and patient with each other, and loving, and you’re going to learn how to pleasure each other,” she said.  “And please believe me when I say this as well – it’s going to fit, and before you know it, she’s going to absolutely love how huge you are.”

Luca looked up at her, an expression of hopefulness on his face.  But something more, too.  He squeezed her hand and thanked her for helping him talk about it.  She met his gaze, and there was something incredibly soulful and tender in the way he looked at her, the tenor of his voice so expressive of a full heart.  She felt like she might swoon.

Later that night, as Holly was getting ready for bed, Luca sent her a text, punctuated with scores of heart emojis, thanking her again for being his friend.  Genuinely touched, she responded in kind with a similar heartfelt text and a selfie.  The selfie, taken whilst sitting on the carpet next to her bed, thighs parted, facing one of her large, floor-length mirrors, showed a generous amount of cleavage as well as the gusset of her skimpy panties.

“So, going to call Nicole?” she texted. 

“I don’t think so,” came the reply.  

The next day was doubly special for Holly – it was her birthday and that evening was to be her first date with Ben.

Luca had taken the car earlier in the day and hadn’t yet returned.  As the late afternoon sun began to soften into a lovely pre-dusk light, Holly indulged in a leisurely shower in the marble stand-up that was ensuite to her bedroom.  The smell of her scented body wash filled the room.

In preparing for her big date, as women are wont to do – and Holly was no exception – she paraded in front of her bedroom mirror in no less than half a dozen dresses.  Facing her mirror in a low-cut, form-fitting cocktail dress, she felt inspired to send another selfie to her young friend.  “What do you think?” she asked.  “Too much for a first date?”

Not finished, and perhaps prompted by her lingering jealousy regarding Nicole, she sent yet another pic a few minutes later – this one showing her kneeling before her mirror in a sexy turquoise bra and thong panty set with a leopard print.  The bra made her breasts look huge.  “And what about this underneath?  You never know, I might get lucky!” She added with a blushing emoji.

She tried on several more dresses and a number of lingerie sets before stopping to assess her naked form in the mirror.  On this day, her forty-sixth birthday, she endeavoured to be objective in her appraisal.  The lines around her eyes were small and difficult to notice, and the skin of her face was still taut.  Despite their size, her breasts still held their buoyancy and didn’t sag, her tummy was relatively flat. 

She had always had large, womanly hips; and while her behind, still very pleasing to the eye, had once been devoid of all imperfections, it was decidedly larger now.  There were definitely footholds of cellulite on the outside of her thighs and fleshy booty, though she had managed to keep the worst of that at bay.

Standing there in the nude, facing her reflection another year older, she looked at the little patch of dark, neatly-trimmed pubic hair and her puffy labial lips below.  She reached down and touched herself, probing a little, thinking back to the image of Luca posing for her class in the nude, the pussy-taming dimensions of his powerful-looking cock.  Something that enormous was bound to hurt, she thought to herself.  She herself was fairly petite ‘down there’. 

She’d discovered that whilst dating a man in her late twenties.  He, too, had been blessed with size, a true nine inches as she recalled, so although decidedly less punishing as compared to young Luca, still a very big dick by any standard.  Less sexually experienced at the time, and easily the biggest challenge she’d faced in bed, then and still now, she had initially reacted with fear and trepidation.  But true love had inspired her to persevere at the time, and though sexual intercourse was painful and awkward at first, in time she’d learned more about her body, and the sex eventually evolved into the best of her life, a detail she neglected to relate to her husband years later. 

Always highly-sexed and passionate in her lovemaking, and provided her lover did his best to avoid bumping her cervix, Holly came to love the delicious stretching of her vaginal canal that came with fucking a big one, including, truth be told, the intense cocktail of pleasure and pain.  Somehow, for her at least, the two combined heightened the intensity of it all.  Grateful for the frequency and intensity of her vaginal and clitoral orgasms, her lover also benefited from the unbridled enthusiasm with which she approached oral sex, and she was a true student of the game. 

Having been disappointed and frustrated in the past, he marvelled at the wanton way she deep-throated his cock and her unquenchable appetite for semen, otherwise being rather sweet and ‘proper’ in her demeanour outside the bedroom.  This was not fellatio, but rather “cock-sucking”.  Like many, Holly believed that sex, at its best, had to be at least a little dirty.     

That being said, Luca, with a penis the size of a wine bottle, would be a challenge of a different order of magnitude.  Would he fit? She wondered.  It was a thought that was both daunting and, truth be told, exciting. 


Holly continued her toilette, finally settling on a variation on the little black cocktail dress.  She started with black silk stockings, slowly inching the delicate fabric up over her well-formed legs.

Much to her disappointment, Luca had not responded to her previous texts.  Thoughts of Nicole danced through her head, unwelcomed.  She decided to up her game.  Having donned an incredibly brief black thong, she sent him yet another selfie, this time a pic of her standing before her mirror in just her panties and stockings.  Nude from the waist up, her breasts looked huge, perched above her narrow waist and wide hips, her nipples prominent and hard.  “Do you think stockings are sexy?” she asked.

Unbeknownst to her, Luca had returned from his contemplative ocean drive, and he had received her latest selfie from the privacy of his bedroom at the other end of the house.

Holly, doubtless, would have been flattered by the reaction her pics generated in the young man.  Savouring each of the provocative images, in turn, Luca’s sex organ rapidly traversed the confines of his loose track pants, almost to his knee.

By the time Holly finished dressing, she was a little behind schedule.  Not wanting to be late for her first date with Ben, she shimmed barefoot into the foyer.  Scrambling to put on her black heels, she thought she heard something.  She peered around the corner into the living room.  Luca sat on one of the sofas, nursing a highball of something stiff, very unusual for him.  He looked a little nervous and distracted.

What was more, and equally unusual, he was dressed up, looking extremely dishy in a crisp white dress shirt, suit pants, and a tie.  The smile quickly disappeared from Holly’s face as thoughts of Nicole once again sprang to mind. 

“Oh,” she said, surprised, not quite knowing what to say, suddenly feeling a little embarrassed for the selfies she’d sent him earlier.  “Got a hot date tonight?” she asked, her voice betraying her disappointment.  Luca nodded in the affirmative.  “Ah,” she replied coldly, angry at herself for both her tone and the ridiculous feelings of jealousy she seemed incapable of overcoming.

“You look so beautiful, Holly,” he said quietly. 

“Thank you,” she answered, barely managing a civilized reply.  ‘Stop it!’ she thought to herself, but her competitive feminine jealousy got the better of her.  “It’s Nicole, right?” she queried, but to no avail, as Luca just sipped his whiskey in silence, looking downward.

“Well, I hope you both have a great time,” she said, unable to completely disguise the hurt and disappointment in her voice; hurt and disappointment that unfortunately came out sounding like chilly parental disapproval.  “I guess you know she’s older than me, right?”  Then sliding her purse over her arm before closing the door firmly behind her, added, “Don’t forget to bring some donkey-size condoms with you – I hear she’s a bit of a slut.”

It wasn’t quite a slam, but it was close.

Having calmed down, Holly drove to the restaurant, kicking herself once again for her outburst.  Had she not been running late, she might have pulled over to the side of the road to call Luca to apologize.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t time, so that was something she would have to make amends for later. 

With her heavy, emotional-charged gas pedal foot, Holly actually made it to the restaurant a bit early.  The restaurant was beautiful, the candlelit ambiance preternaturally romantic.  The hostess sat her down at their table for two and handed her the dinner menu of French cuisine as well as cocktail and wine lists.  She covered her low-cut dress with the light sweater she’d brought with her in case it was cool in the restaurant or her dress suddenly felt inappropriate.  

Despite some first date jitters, she eventually felt settled and calm, having knocked back her Lillet aperitif.  By the time the waiter brought her a glass of wine, she was checking her phone – Ben was still only fashionably late, but in another ten minutes she was going to start wondering whether she’s been stood up.  She felt a tiny lump of sadness in her heart.

She then decided to send Luca a text with another selfie from her table.  “I’m so sorry for snapping at you tonight, sweetie.  I don’t know what came over me.  It’s weird – I feel so close to you, and so protective of you. Have a wonderful evening.  Okay, so I’m a little jealous, lol.  XOXOXO, Holly.” 

Another ten minutes passed and still no Ben.  Her heart was beginning to sink, and she was starting to feel the first pangs of embarrassment.  Suddenly, the restaurant’s romantic ambience felt like an insult.

She checked her phone for the tenth time.  Ben was now almost a half-hour late.  Not only that, Luca hadn’t responded to her text.  She had just reached for her purse to take out her credit card, when she suddenly felt someone’s presence.  She looked up…   

It was Luca.

Standing before her in a suit and tie, looking stylish and sexy, he held a single, long-stemmed rose.  “Happy Birthday, Holly,” he said, handing her the voluptuous flower.

She was speechless. 

“But… what are you doing here??” she asked incredulously. 

“May I sit down,” asked Luca. 

“Yes, of course,” she replied, adding, “But I was just about to leave.”

“Oh?” he remarked.  Holly sighed, her shoulders noticeably sagging, and Luca thought he spotted her eyes beginning to well up. 

“I got stood up,” she said with a brave smile, her voice quavering.

“No, your date was just a little late,” said Luca. 

Holly looked at him with a quizzical expression on her face, still trying not to cry.  “What do you mean?”  Luca looked down for a moment, clearly searching for the right words.

“I’m… your date,” he said finally.  “I’m ‘Ben.’”

Holly’s head began to spin, and it wasn’t the Lillet or the wine.  What Luca was telling her shocked her to the core.  “You’re Ben?” she asked.  He nodded without speaking, clearly not knowing how she might react. 

“When I first met you, I didn’t know we would become… such close friends,” said Luca.  “I just wanted to talk to you, however I could. I didn’t know how long I would be able to stay with you.  I didn’t think you would have much to do with me either way, because of my age, and because you’re a close friend of my mom.  I didn’t think it would go this far.  I figured at some point I would have to cancel and disappear online.  I just wanted… I wanted to know what it was like to talk to you… in a way… that was more than just friends.  It was a fantasy, I admit that.  To imagine what it would be like to be excited about going on a real date with you.” 

Holly sat in her chair, speechless. 

“I’m so sorry for hurting your feelings and disappointing you,” he said in a soft-spoken voice that was laden with both genuine sincerity and heartfelt remorse.  “I’m so sorry.” 

Her first unspoken reaction was one of hurt and anger.  Hurt, for the drawn-out charade, for the humiliation, and for misleading her at the risk of truly causing heartbreak. She was, after all, vulnerable, having only just stepped back into the world of dating, and still wearing her wedding ring, despite the clearest of signs that her marriage was over.  There was disappointment, too, that there was no “Ben”, though that was fleeting.  But anger and hurt quickly gave way in the face of the young man’s motives, which truly touched her.   

After a pause that felt like an hour to Luca, and having had a moment to process and her feelings, Holly finally spoke.   

“I’m hurt and I’m disappointed,” she said in a low, measured voice.  “I think you know how fond I am of you.  I would never want anything to jeopardize the closeness we have, which means so much to me.  I have a special place in my heart for you, and I guess I’m hurt that you would lead me on like that… but I’m a grown woman and I understand why you did what you did, and I think I know you enough to know that you wouldn’t do anything to intentionally hurt me.”

“Never,” said Luca. 

“There’s something else I want to tell you,” he said.  He looked into her eyes from across the candlelit table, swallowing hard and breathing deeply.  “I’m so in love with you.” 

Luca spoke the words in a way that sounded like part bashful confession, part spirited cri du coeur. 

Holly was speechless yet again.  “I know I’m just a friend to you,” he continued, “but it’s not like that for me – I’m completely in love with you.  I’ve never felt so in love with anyone like I am with you.  You’re all I think about.  You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and I want to be with you, but like a man, not a boy.  I want to be your lover, to make love to you.  I want to share everything with you, and I want to protect your beautiful heart with my own.”

There was another pause, Holly’s head spinning once more.  But this time so was her heart.  Actually, “leaping” would be a better word, because from the moment Luca voiced the depth of his feelings for her, she knew she felt the very same thing for him.  She wanted desperately to say, “I love you, too,” to reach across the table and press her lips to his. 

She wanted him to take her in his arms and hold her tightly, and words to that effect were on the tip of her tongue when the image of her friend Gabriella flashed inconveniently across her mind’s eye.  In the end, what came out was filtered through forty-six years of life experience, marriage, motherhood, and a moment of sober introspection.  She reached across the table and took his hand in hers and kissed it.    

“You make me want to cry, sweetheart,” said Holly, doing her best to retrain her swirling emotions and excitement.  “My feelings for you are… very strong, too.  I adore you.  I love being with you.  I won’t lie – I also find you very attractive, and sexy, and sweet.”  Luca sensed that a “but” was on the way.  “But I’m twenty-two years older than you.  I’m old enough to be your mother.  My son is the same age as you, and your mother is a very dear friend of mine.  I could never betray that trust.”

“I understand, but I will always love you, Holly,” was Luca’s uncomplicated response.  “Is this because of the size of my dick?  Is it because you think I’d hurt you?” he asked, lowering his voice.

“No, sweetheart!” she quickly countered.  “I mean, I’ll be honest – the size of your penis is enough to take a woman’s breath away.  It’s definitely intimidating.  But I meant what I said last night.  Please don’t take this the wrong way, but when you removed your towel in the studio the other day, I was both scared and… very turned on.”  

They sat together in silence for another moment, while Holly carefully chose her next words.        

“I need to process this, Luca.  My feelings and emotions are all over the place, and I need a bit of time.  Okay?” 

Luca nodded, a retrained smile forming on his face.   “Of course.”

“In the meantime, let’s just enjoy having dinner together, okay?” she asked.  “We can call it a ‘date’, or a play date, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I enjoy your company, very much.”

Despite all that had transpired, all the declarations and emotions, they spent the next three hours enjoying what they both agreed was an incredibly lovely evening together.  The food and wine were magnificent.  Eventually, the mood lightened, bubbly laughter returned. 

There were two more surprises for Holly.  First, Luca presented her with a birthday gift – a huge gift set of her favourite Eau de Parfum and body lotion in a large heart-shaped box.  She was so touched she got out of her chair and kissed him, still on the cheek despite wanting more than ever to kiss him on the lips.  Second, after ordering coffees, the waiter set a big piece of birthday cake with a candle in front of her. 

Luca sang the Happy Birthday song, tears welling up in Holly’s eyes.  They laughed like teenagers while she fed him forkfuls of cake from across the table.  When she wiped some icing from the corner of his mouth and sucked her finger, the moment felt laden with sexual innuendo. 

When it was time to go, no amount of protestation from Holly could stop Luca from paying for everything.

“It’s your birthday,” he smiled.  With his limited means, and knowing how expensive the bill likely was, she reluctantly accepted his incredibly sweet and generous gesture.

Luca had arrived by taxi, so the two of them drove home together.  His chivalry in full form, Luca opened the passenger side door for Holly and held her hand while she got into the Porsche.  Their drive home took them along the ocean road.  More than once, Holly looked over and smiled contentedly at her gorgeous young driver, her ‘date’.  She remembered back to their first drive together, on the way home from the airport when he first arrived, how the wind had blown up the hem of her skirt and she’d caught him staring at her panties.  The situation was reversed when, suppressing an audible gasp, she looked down and spotted the canon-like outline running along the length of his pant leg. 

They bid each other goodnight in the foyer.  The air filled with romantic and erotic tension. 

“Goodnight, Luca,” said Holly, beaming.  “Thank you for the gift and the best birthday dinner I’ve ever had.”  Luca hid his disappointment well when she planted yet another platonic kiss on his cheek.

“Goodnight, Holly.”

Holly undressed and readied herself for bed, changing into a set of comfy bra and panties.  She sat on her bed, her heart full, unpacking the emotional arc of her very special evening with Luca.  Leaping off her bed, she pulled out the tripod-mounted camera from her walk-in closet and set it next to her bed.  Setting the timer, she scrambled back to bed, holding her heart-shaped birthday present from Luca in her lap.  She sent the pic to her young admirer with the caption, “Thank you for my lovely gift.  Thinking of you.  Sweet dreams, XOXOXO, Holly”.  

The next morning, Holly awoke feeling effervescent and happy.  She busied herself doing a bit of tidying up, puttering about her bedroom in her underwear with the door open.  She was bent over making her bed when she heard Luca approach.  She turned and smiled, realizing he’d had a lovely view of her curvy behind.

“Good morning,” he said. 

“Good morning to you,” she responded cheerfully.

They chatted for bit, the air heavy with the gravity of their conversation the night before.  Both of them thought better than to bring it up.  Luca said that he had the day off and wasn’t planning on going out, so that if she needed him to help around the house, he was happy to lend a hand.  In the meantime, he’d be in the double garage doing a bit of detail cleaning on her Mercedes.

After lunch, still in her bra and panties but wearing a light robe over top, Holly was on her way to one of the main bathrooms when she encountered Luca again, the latter looking a little sweaty from his detail cleaning.

“I’ve decided to pamper myself with a leisurely bubble bath,” she said with a smile, softly brushing back a lock of his hair.  “It gets pretty steamy in there, so I’m going to leave the door open a bit.”  Walking towards the bathroom, she stopped and turned, looking back.  “You can join me, if you want,” she said before she had a chance to censor herself.  Luca looked at her, clearly taken aback by her offer. 

Holly poured a deep hot bath for herself, with plenty of bubbles.  True to her word, and even with the door left slightly ajar, the room quickly steamed up, fogging the large mirror.  She slipped off her robe, bra, and panties, and sat on the edge of the bath, her legs dangling in the bubbly water, before slipping in and enveloping herself in the delicious, soothing warmth.

Warmed from fifteen or so minutes in the invigorating waters, she stood with her back to the door, attending to her legs with a loofa scrubber, soapy bubbles cascading down her body. 

Without turning, she felt Luca’s presence at the door, felt his eyes devouring her voluptuous nakedness.  Her heart quickened.  “Don’t be shy, sweetie,” she said softly.  “Come in.”

Holly patted the chair next to the bath.  “Come, sit,” she said.  “Or do you want to get in the bath with me?” 

Luca sat down, smiling a little nervously.  “I… I think I’ll have a shower in a bit,” he answered.

She leaned over the edge of the tub, her huge breasts pressed against the porcelain, bubbles covering her ample booty.  “Are you afraid of scaring me with that giant dick of yours?” she giggled.  Luca smiled awkwardly, his cheeks reddening.  “Oh my god, you’re blushing,” she said, playfully splashing a little water on him.  “That’s so adorable.”

“I should fill the hot tub again.  I usually only fill it for the colder months, but it’s fun in the Summer, too,” said Holly.  “If I do, would you be willing to enjoy it with me in the nude?  Hot tubs have to be experienced without any clothes on.”

“Yes, I… I would do that,” he replied. 

After a pause, she tilted her head and looked at him, her expression, and the tone of her voice, coquettish.  “Sitting in a warm bubble bath also makes me very horny.”

“Really?” he asked, a bit like a nervous schoolboy, his hands pressed together between his thighs.

“I had a boyfriend years ago who had a hot tub.  We used to sit in it in the nude all the time.  We made love constantly, but then according to my hus… my ex-husband, I have a really high sex drive.  My boyfriend at the time had a really big dick as well.  Yours is so much bigger, but it was very big,” she said, bent at the knee and swishing the warm bubbly water with her feet behind her while gauging his reaction.  “We had a ‘safe word’.  Do you know what that is, sweetie?”  Luca shook his head no. 

“Because his cock was so big, and my pussy’s a little on the small side, we agreed that if I said ‘yellow’, that meant I needed him to go slow, and if I said ‘red’, that meant I needed him to stop, at least for bit, because he was hurting me.  Do you understand, sweetheart?” she asked, her tone gentle, motherly. 

“Yes, I see what you mean,” he answered.

“Because it was so big, and went so deep, it always hurt, at least a little.  But we also gave each other a lot of pleasure.  That’s what making love is all about.  Giving pleasure to the one you love,” said Holly, continuing, “and the strange thing is, I actually … enjoyed it … the pain.”  With that, their eyes, and possibly their thoughts, met.  “My orgasms were different with him.  Very intense.  I was always a little sore after we made love, but our sex life was wonderful.  I think it was the way his penis stretched out my little pussy.  I whimpered like a little girl at first, each time he tried to fit it inside me, but unless I cried out ‘red’, he knew it was what I wanted.”

“Were you really okay with a bit of pain?” he asked timidly. 

“I was,” she answered, “Because it always came with a huge amount of pleasure, more and more each time, as we got to know our bodies better.”  Holly swept some of the bubbles off her breasts with her hand. 

“Come here,” said Holly.  Luca stood facing her.  “I’ve thought a lot about last night.”

“Really?  Me, too.  It’s all I think about” admitted Luca, his voice rising slightly with his ever-burgeoning excitement.  “What have you been thinking?”

“Well, I’ve been thinking that the woman who has the honour of taking your virginity will be a very lucky woman, for a bunch of reasons.  Because it should always be an honour to be someone’s ‘first’… because you’re such a good person and such a sweet young man… because you’re incredibly handsome and sexy… because I know you will be an amazing lover… and yes, because you have an enormous penis.  I’m not going to lie – you’re going to terrify a lot of women when they see the size of what you have in your pants.  But there will also be a lot of women who will gladly accept the challenge because they love you and because, well, I’ll be blunt, the size of your penis turns them on.”

“Come closer,” she whispered, and Luca edged forward.  Holly reached out and placed her hand flat against his stomach, looking up at him with a gentle smile.  “You tell me if this is okay,” she said, drawing her hand downward until it reached his crotch.  “Is that okay?” she asked quietly.  Luca nodded. 

“Can I see it?”


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