Charlotte Rose hid her career from her children when they were younger.

The sex worker, 40, told them she had a computing job.

But her kids soon got suspicious because she worked through weekends and late at night.

It wasn’t until her daughter Marie Rose was 12-years-old that she revealed the truth.

Disturbingly, someone threatened to expose Charlotte’s job unless she gave them free sex.

So instead of being held hostage by her secret, the mum decided to come clean instead.

The sex worker initially tried to keep her profession a secret

She told her children the truth – and was probably shocked when her daughter wasn’t shocked or disappointed by her.

Daughter Marie Rose told Fabulous : “When I was five, I found a magazine on the top of a kitchen cupboard, where my mum had done a photo shoot in dominatrix wear.

“It was hidden away but I was having a snoop. I showed it to my brother and said ‘this looks like Mum, it can’t be her, can it?’

“We never mentioned it again but when I asked her almost a decade later, she confirmed it was her…

“Mum told me the truth about her job when I was 12 and I wasn’t shocked, I thought ‘that’s much better than a boring office job’.

“It was great to know my hunch was right and I appreciated her finally telling me.”

When the truth came out, Charlotte was reassured bt her daughter’s response

In an interview with FEMAIL, Marie said she was proud of her mum’s career.

The 20-year-old said: “She told me that she worked with disabled people a lot, and she gave a lot of them comfort. She said she does sleep with clients, but a lot of the disabled people just want company and comfort, and that she does therapy for relationships.

“I was just really proud of her, it put a smile on my face because I knew she was doing good for other people and I was always accepting of it.”

The Goldsmiths University student added that sex work is a lot more difficult than it seems.

Not only do sex workers have to be savvy on social media, they also have piles of admin to sort out.

Charlotte has since spoken openly about her career – including on TV

Marie said: “It’s something that’s crossed my mind to get a bit of cash, but I don’t have the patience to create profiles and do all the social media involved.

“It really upsets me that people don’t respect it as an actual career because it’s so much hard work, there’s so much admin that goes into it that people wouldn’t have the patience for.

“It’s like being a social media influencer, it’s very hard, and I’m not that self-independent to do that sort of work.”

This is why Marie has been put off joining the industry herself.

Instead, the social sciences student wants to work with young people with health problems or disabilities in the future.

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