More of our real life adventures.

My wife, Erica, and I were down at our marina doing some of the never ending maintenance on our thirty-six-foot Maxum powerboat. I always enjoyed working with Erica on the boat because she usually wore one of my white Maxum tank tops with no bra.  My shirt had larger armholes than her tops, and the scoop neck was cut much lower too.   While we scrubbed and waxed, I was often treated to peeks of her perfect breasts. She has 34B breasts and incredible pink nipples that are always erect.  As we worked, Erica seemed oblivious as to how much of her breasts were exposed. Not only was I treated to peeks of her tits, but her shirt had also become quite wet from her use of the hose. Needless to say, the shirt had become almost transparent, and her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric. With the damp shirt, her nipples were particularly erect, sticking out about a half inch.  Her nipples were about as thick as my pinky and were easily seen poking through the shirt.  She has never really worried about anyone getting a peek of her breasts.

Whenever I heard footsteps of people passing by on the dock, I could always tell if they had noticed Erica, because their footsteps slowed and sometimes stopped near the stern of our boat. As we worked on the boat this day I heard footsteps stop.  I looked over at Erica and saw her kneeling as she scrubbed the rear seat. In that position, I could see that the front of her shirt was hanging open exposing most of her breasts to whomever walked by.

As I looked up, I heard a woman say, “You have a beautiful boat.”

Erica stood up and replied, “Why, thank you,” to the couple standing on the dock.

The woman then said, “We’re boaters also, and we are thinking about relocating here in the next few months.  My name is Cari and this is my husband, Rick. We wanted to see what this marina was like, and see what kind of access there was to the waters around here.”

We chatted for several minutes about our boating experiences in the area when Erica surprised me by saying, “We’re taking the boat out this afternoon and would be happy to take you on a tour of our local waters.”

Rick quickly said, “That would be awesome!  Are you sure it wouldn’t be too much trouble?”

“Not at all,” Erica replied. “We have plenty of beer, wine, and snacks aboard so that we can relax and have a good time. It’s going to be hot out on the water so, be sure to wear your swimsuits. Why don’t you plan to be back here at one o’clock, that way, Tom and I will have a little time to clean up.”

With the plans made, Cari and Rick left. Erica turned to me and said, “That’s okay with you isn’t it, Tom?”

I said, “Sure it is. I noticed it didn’t take Rick long to take you up on the offer. I wonder if your attire had anything to do with it?”

“What do you mean?” asked Erica.

“Look at your shirt.  I can see your nipples poking through it, and when they first walked up you were leaning over the seat. I saw that your shirt was gaping open. I’m pretty sure they got a great peek of your boobs.”

“No way,” she said. “Anyway… they seemed like a nice couple. Now, I’m going to go below and take a shower. I do feel a bit grungy. Why don’t you fill the cooler with wine and beer?  I’ll lay out the snacks when I’m dressed.”

I cleaned up, changed into my swimsuit, and brought the cooler up into the cockpit.  Erica appeared at the top of the stairs in my favorite, little, aqua bikini. She also wore a sheer cover-up that was unbuttoned to her navel. It showed off her lovely breasts. She looked fantastic.

It wasn’t long before Cari and Rick appeared with another bottle of wine and a twelve pack of beer to add to the cooler.  Cari also wore a cover up. I could tell she also had a bikini on, but couldn’t see much more.

We made our new friends comfortable in the cockpit with a drink in hand. Erica went forward to handle the lines while I took care of the stern lines. As we pulled out of the marina, Erica climbed down into the cockpit.  As she came down, her cover-up was pulled open. I could see that her nipple was peeking out of her suit. I figured it was due to her bending over as she worked on the lines. The erect center of her pink nipple was clearly visible to the three of us. I didn’t say anything because I figured they’d already seen her breasts earlier in the day.

Erica went over to the wet bar and poured herself a glass of wine and brought me a beer at the helm. She then went to sit down with Cari and Rick in the U-shaped cockpit seating area.   We cruised around the area and pointed out some of the favorite local spots, and some of the places we liked visiting. I knew that Rick was enjoying the scenery! As we cruised Erica looked down and noticed her exposed nipple.

“I can’t believe it! My boob is half out of my suit and no one says anything to me?“

Rick said, “I didn’t want to embarrass you, and I was quite happy with the view.”

“It was barely noticeable,” Cari responded, “You look terrific!”

Erica adjusted her suit and we continued to our favorite anchorage.  We dropped the anchor and told our guests how the river usually had very little boating traffic.

Erica said she was beginning to get hot and removed her cover-up displaying her wonderful body.  Cari agreed and removed hers also, allowing me to finally see her body. She wore a tiny white bikini. Her breasts were quite small and her top covered most of her breasts. The top didn’t seem to be filled causing the top of her suit to gape open. The bottom of her suit appeared to be two, tiny triangles held together with a string tie on each side.

“When we anchor here, we rarely see a boat. Actually, I usually go nude and Erica only wears her bottom,” I said. When I told them this Erica gave me the evil eye. I shrugged my shoulders and went to refill everyone’s drinks while Erica went below to get some hors d’oeuvres.

Erica returned and leaned over to place the snacks on the table at the side of the U-shaped seating area.  As she moved about the table spreading out the napkins and paper plates her nipple began to appear out of her top again. She continued making up plates for everyone.  As she leaned over the table she seemed to be oblivious to the fact that her entire nipple was now out of her suit. I loved the way it looked.

Erica grabbed her plate and sat down opposite me. Rick followed her grabbing a plate and then sat next to Erica. I was pretty sure that he wanted a close up look of her tit. I got up, picked up a plate for Cari and one for me, and sat down alongside her. We sat there getting to know each other and enjoying each other’s company.

While we ate and drank I also casually got to peek down Cari’s gaping top.  Most of her breasts were exposed to me as her top stood out away from her chest. It appeared that her breast was entirely covered by her large, light tan nipple. She caught me as I looked down her top and just smiled. I figured that was a sign that she didn’t mind and I could continue peeking. I began to feel myself getting a hard-on and looked across at Erica and Rick, and saw that he already had a tent in his suit. Rick and I continued to look at each other’s wife’s tits as we continued enjoying the wine, beer, and sun.

As the afternoon went on, the temperature began to increase. I said, “I think I’m about ready to cool off with a swim before I melt.”

The rest of the group agreed. Rick said, “I’m all for it. Do I have to wear a suit?”

“Feel free. I’m sure Tom would be happy to join you.” Erica replied.

I said, “That sounds good to me. I’ll go below and get some of our floats.”  I placed them on the swim platform and lowered the ladder.

Rick joined me on the platform and said, “Here goes.”  With that, he dropped his suit, grabbed a float, and jumped into the river.

I figured I might as well join him. I took off my suit, grabbed a floating chair, and climbed down the ladder into the water. I yelled to the girls, “The water feels fantastic. Come on in!”

Erica stood up and walked out onto the swim platform. She grabbed a floating chair and threw it into the water. “I can’t believe you guys are nude! I think I’ve had too much wine…you’ve already seen most of my boob anyway, so here goes.”

With that, she unhooked her bikini top, dropped it to the deck, and jumped in. I was a bit surprised that she was willing to go topless with people she had just met. Erica swam over and climbed into her chair. It looked like her tits were floating on the water as she sat there. Her nipples were fully erect and a deep rosy pink color. She looked unbelievable sitting there with her breasts totally exposed.

Cari got up, walked to the swim platform, and said, “I don’t think I can take my suit off.”

Erica said, “ Cari, wait! I just thought of something. Your white suit may get stained by the tannin in the water. That’s what makes the water brownish.”

Cari replied, “This is the first time I’m wearing this suit. I don’t want to ruin it.”

“Just take it off, Cari. It feels great,” yelled Rick.

“I don’t know.”

Rick continued to encourage her saying, “We won’t watch you. We’ll turn around.”

She replied, “Well, go ahead and turn around then.” We all turned away, but I cheated a bit. I watched out of the corner of my eye as she removed her top and then slid the bottom of her suit off. She picked up the other float and jumped into the water.

Rick was lying on his stomach and had already positioned his float next to Erica.  In this way, he was about two feet away from her gazing at her totally exposed breasts.

Cari was having a difficult time attempting to climb onto her float.  I suggested she go over and use the boat ladder to get on. As she climbed up on the first step her breasts were completely out of the water. Being the helpful gentleman that I am, I paddled my chair over to her and held the float in place. Cari was then able to climb on, and I was able to get a wonderful view of her body. Her breasts while small were very sexy. Her areolas were really big almost covering the ends of her tits, and the centers of her nipples were nice and thick, but not as long as Erica’s. I also got a quick peek of her pussy which had a little tuft of hair above her slit.

As Cari was now lying face down on the mat I got a great view of her ass, but was disappointed that I couldn’t see her tits. My disappointment was short lived when she leaned upward on her elbows. This allowed me to get a great view of her small tits hanging down. We chatted as I worried that my hardening dick would soon be seen sticking up out of the water.  I asked her if I could bring her some more wine. She replied that she’d love some, so I jumped out of my chair and swam to the boat.

I returned to the water a couple of minutes later with two glasses of wine… one for Erica and one for Cari. I delivered Erica’s wine first. She was sitting about two feet away from Rick. He was now leaning up on his side on the float so that his semi-hard cock was exposed to her. Erica seemed to be enjoying the view, and certainly didn’t seem to mind giving Rick a close-up view of her boobs.

I continued on to deliver Cari’s wine. As I passed her the glass she turned onto her side on the floating mat enabling me to see both of her breasts and her almost smoothly shaved pussy. I knew, that she knew, I was staring at her pussy. She just smiled at me.

We had been in the water for about thirty minutes when I said that I was turning into a prune. Everyone agreed it was time to get out. I paddled my chair over to the ladder and climbed out. I removed my chair and pulled out the handheld transom shower. I rinsed off my chair and they hosed my body down as the others moved toward the ladder. Erica handed me her chair and then climbed out.  I hosed her down paying close attention to her tits knowing that both Cari and Rick were watching me. As I finished Erica grabbed a towel from the pile she had left on the seat and wrapped herself in it.

Cari climbed up next. I took her float from her leaving her totally exposed. She tried to cover herself a bit as I rinsed her off, but I sure got an eyeful. She grabbed a towel and joined Erica in the cockpit. As Rick climbed up the ladder I tossed him the shower hose and turned into the cockpit.

As I entered, I saw Cari sit down still wrapped in her towel.  I looked over at Erica as she dropped her towel (allowing Cari and me to stare at her boobs). She then reached into her bag and pulled out a pareo. I watched as she tied it around her waist, and was amazed when she reached beneath it and removed her bikini bottom. I thought that maybe she had taken it off to make Cari feel more comfortable.

I took my towel and sat directly across from Erica. She got up and moved about refilling everyone’s drinks.  I couldn’t take my eyes off her flimsy pareo. She had tied it at her hip bone so that it swished about as she walked.  The open portion of it was right over her leg making her long legs appear even longer. I was hoping that as she moved about I might get a peek, but that didn’t happen. Rick came into the cockpit just as Erica sat down again. It was apparent that she had taken off her bottom, but she still had not shown more than her leg. That seemed to be enough to make Rick sit down next to me hoping to get a peek.

Cari stood up to get some snacks and as she sat down her towel slipped to her waist. I thought she might pull it up, but she left it as it was laying loosely about her hips. I assumed she did that because Erica was topless.

Rick then said, “I have to say I never anticipated that I would be sitting here this afternoon with two beautiful women with their breasts exposed!”

We all laughed and continued enjoying the sun.  It was hard for me to decide where to look… Cari’s exposed breasts, Erica’s tits, or maybe a peek of Erica’s pussy. While I loved looking at Cari’s very large nipples, I couldn’t help but watching Erica, hoping for a flash of her pussy.

It was not long before Erica got up to replenish our snacks. As she got up her pareo pulled a bit to the side giving a brief flash of her smoothly shaved pussy. I wasn’t sure if Rick had seen what I did, but I was pretty sure he had since his eyes were glued to her as she sat down again. To both of our dismay, there was no repeat flash.

It appeared that Erica had a pretty good idea of what Rick and I had been trying to see. Within a few seconds, she crossed her legs. As she did this her legs parted allowing us a quick view of her smoothly shaved vulva.  She looked up and gave me a knowing smile. I watched as she seemed to accidentally push her pareo to the side. She then looked at me as she uncrossed her legs, leaving them parted. I could totally see the slit of her pussy.

I looked over at Rick and saw that his eyes were glued to her pussy as well. I also noticed that his cock was beginning to get hard. I was pretty sure that Erica noticed that too. I looked over at Cari. She smiled at me, and then slid her hand from her shoulder down over her breast pausing as she flicked her nipple making it more erect than it already was. I got the impression that she knew Rick and I were watching Erica, and that she wanted a bit of attention too. I was happy to provide that.

She smiled again at me and slid her hand up again teasing her nipple and said, “I think I’m going to help myself to some more wine.”

With that she stood up with the towel still around her waist, her small breasts were pointing straight out. Her tits each appeared to be about three inches across. The ends were completely covered by her nipples which were now fully erect. She grabbed her glass and filled it. She then turned to fill Erica’s glass. As she turned, her towel started slipping from her hips. With both hands full she couldn’t grab her towel and it slipped to the deck.

“Woops,” she laughed as she put Erica’s glass down and turned toward  Rick and me.

I think both of us had our mouths hanging open as she stood facing us with her fully exposed pussy. I saw that her inner pussy lips were sticking out about a half inch beyond her outer lips. She quickly picked up her towel, returned to her seat, and placed the towel across her lap.

I looked back at Erica as she crossed her legs again.  As she did this her pussy was briefly exposed again. I thought that she might be beginning to enjoy teasing us. I certainly thought it was hot! I looked over at Rick to see if he had noticed also. Since his cock was now beginning to stand up I figured he was still watching her as well.

After a few minutes, Erica reached over to grab her wine.  Her stretching caused her to uncross and extend her legs allowing us to see the full length of her pussy slit. As she sat back her knees parted.  I could easily see her little inner lips beginning to peek out between her outer lips. At this point, I felt my own penis coming to life.

I looked over at Cari and saw that her towel was now bunched up around the back of her waist. This caused her pussy to be fully exposed for the first time.  As I admired her pussy she opened her legs a bit causing her inner lips to be more fully exposed. They were quite a bit different from Erica’s. They appeared to be about two inches long, and they poked out between her outer lips all the time. They looked light brown and were fairly thick. My cock was now beginning to stand up a bit.

I looked back at Erica. She gave me a knowing smile letting me know that I’d been caught checking out Cari. As she chatted with Cari she moved on her seat again causing her pareo to move as her legs parted. This time, her legs opened enough so that her outer lips parted completely exposing her inner lips to Rick and me. Her inner lips are quite small compared to Cari’s. They are only about the size of a quarter, deep rosy pink in color, and each lip is very thin. 

I was pretty sure that Erica knew we were thoroughly checking her out, and she was obviously okay with that. Rick and I alternated looking at our two nearly nude wives. I was a bit concerned about sitting there with a dick that was getting harder by the second, but when I glanced over at Rick I felt a little better. He was fully erect, and his cock was pulsing up and down.

Erica turned back to Rick and me, smiling as she looked at Rick’s cock, and said, “I’ve got to get some suntan lotion on before I look like a lobster.”

She then reached over, stretching herself out to grab her bag with the lotion. As she did this she spread her legs even further causing her inner lips to part. She stayed in that position for a bit as she rummaged around in her bag. I could easily tell that she was turned on by how wet her pussy appeared. Rick and I were both treated to a look at her glistening vagina.

When she finally sat up she started to rub the lotion on her shoulders, Erica stood up (allowing her towel to slip to the deck) and said, “Give me that. I’ll put it on for you. I didn’t mention it before, but I’m a licensed massage therapist. Spread your towel on the seat where I was sitting, and lie face down.”

Erica replied, “Oh, that’s okay. I can do it. Actually, I’ve never even had a massage.”

Rick quickly replied, “Go lie down. You’re in for a treat. Erica gives amazing massages!”

“Oh, I don’t know…I feel a little embarrassed.”

“Go ahead, Erica. Have some wine and relax. I’m sure it’ll feel good.” I said.

Erica shrugged her shoulders, stood up, and adjusted her pareo. She then took two big gulps of wine and moved over to the seat next to Rick and me. She smiled at us, spread out her towel, and lay down. Her pareo didn’t quite cover her ass and left the bottom inch or so of her cheeks exposed to Rick and me.

Cari moved over to Erica, leaned over (giving us a wonderful view of her ass), squirted some sunscreen onto her hands, and began rubbing it into Erica’s shoulders and neck.  As she started her massage I enjoyed looking at her breasts hanging down. She slowly began kneading and massaging her way down Erica’s back to her waist. She then moved her hands outward to Erica’s sides. I watched closely as her hands moved upward sliding lightly over the sides of Erica’s breasts. Rick and I were enjoying her massage too.

Once the back of her torso had been coated, Cari moved down to her legs. She began massaging Erica’s right leg, moving from her ankle upward. When she reached her thigh she seemed to really work the lotion in.  I watched closely as she inched upward with one hand on each side of her leg. 

Rick and I were both leaning over to get a better view. It seemed like her hand to be brushing Erica’s pussy. As we watched it appeared that Erica opened her legs a bit further allowing Cari’s hand to get even closer to her vulva. Cari then leaned forward and placed one hand at the top of each of Erica’s legs just below her butt. She then slowly slid her hands upward pushing Erica’s pareo up to her waist. As she massaged her ass, her cheeks were pulled apart. Her entire pussy was spread open allowing Rick and me to see her pink inner lips stretched apart showing us the opening of her vagina.

I turned to look at Rick. He smiled, and I noticed that his cock was as fully erect as my own.  It felt a bit odd sitting next to a guy with a rather large dick that was fully erect, but I quickly returned to watch my wife getting her massage. Cari had now moved her hands back to Erica’s thighs. She slowly massaged her way upward. I watched closely as she approached Erica’s pussy. Rick and I couldn’t see her slit because Cari’s hands blocked our view, but once again as she got closer Erica opened her legs a bit further. Cari continued massaging. I was pretty sure she had to be at touching the edge of Erica’s outer lips.

After a few more moments she stood up and said, “Okay Erica, turn over onto your back.”

“Oh, that’s not necessary. I can get the front of me. You don’t have to do it,” she said as she sat up.

“Don’t be silly. I’ve got the lotion on my hands, and I don’t mind at all,  just lie back down.”

Erica looked at me, shrugged her shoulders, smoothed out her towel, and lay back down saying, “Well, if you’re sure.”

Cari moved up by Erica’s head and immediately started rubbing lotion onto Erica’s shoulders. It was quite hot watching her boobs hanging down almost touching Erica’s face. When I looked at Erica’s tits it appeared that her nipples were bright pink and sticking straight up. I don’t think I’d ever seen them more erect than they were. I also knew that her nipples got erect like that, only when she was turned on.

Rick and I watched as Cari’s hands moved down onto Erica’s chest just above her breasts. She added more lotion to her hands and placed them both on Erica’s right tit. Very slowly she began rubbing the sunscreen around her boob eventually working it into her erect nipple. She then moved over to her other breast and repeated the process there.

Once both tits were covered she moved downward lightly coating her sides and stomach.  Rick and I watched closely as she untied Erica’s pareo, moved it aside, and slid her hands closer to Erica’s pussy. I think we were both disappointed when she stopped her downward motion about an inch above the slit of her pussy.

Cari then positioned herself down by Erica’s feet. She added lotion to her hands again and began massaging Erica’s right leg. She worked her way above her knee and then moved to her other leg repeating the process there.

Once again she moved back to Erica’s right leg, loaded up the lotion, and started to rub it into her leg above the knee.  Rick and I watched closely as Cari began to massage her thigh.  She worked her way upward starting on the outside of her leg and slowly began a deep massage of her inner thigh.  Erica closed her eyes as Cari moved her hand upward inching closer and to her pussy. We watched as she began rubbing the edge of her outer lips. Erica responded with a slight moan and opened her legs even further. Cari then moved her hands to the other leg and moved upward again. Now that Erica had opened her legs we were easily able to see her pussy. This time as Cari continued moving her hands upward we could see that she was now rubbing Erica’s outer pussy lips.

Erica moved her outermost leg allowing it to slide off the side of the seat. With her foot on the deck, we were treated to an amazing view of her wide open pussy.

Cari then said, “Erica?  Have you ever had a Yoni massage?”

Erica said, “I’ve never heard of that. What is it?”

Cari explained that it was an intimate massage of the vagina. It appeared that she took Erica’s silence as a sign that she could continue with a much more personal massage. She placed her hands back on Erica’s thighs and slowly slid them upward with the thumb of each hand pressing inward against her pussy lips causing them to be squeezed outward.  As she did this Erica let out a low moan. Cari repeated the motion, but this time she used her thumbs to separate Erica’s pussy lips allowing us to see her open vagina.  We watched mesmerized as her other fingers slid lightly over her inner lips and she began massaging Erica’s clit with a thumb on each side of it.  Her thumbs moved downward pressing against her inner lips. She slowly pressed one thumb into the opening of Erica’s vagina. I watched closely as my wife raised her hips up to accept Cari’s probing finger.

I looked at Erica’s face and saw that her eyes were open staring at Rick’s dick. She glanced at me and smiled returning her gaze to Rick’s now throbbing cock. His dick was actually bobbing up and down.

Cari looked at him and gave a bit of a laugh and said, “I could use some help, Rick. Erica’s boobs are getting red. Why don’t you take some lotion and coat them again.”

Erica offered no objection, and Rick jumped up to “help”.  Cari positioned herself so that the cheeks of her ass were about a foot from my face allowing me to see every bit of her dangling labia.  As I looked between her legs I watched as she withdrew her thumb and spread Erica’s pussy lips and then slide the fingers of one hand lightly over the opening of Erica’s vagina. As Erica pushed her pussy upward Cari easily slid her middle finger deep into her waiting yoni.

I looked over to see Rick load up his hands with lotion and begin to massage Erica’s upper chest. It took only moments for his hands to move downward over her breasts. As he worked he began to pay a good deal of attention to Erica’s nipples. As he continued playing with her nipples his throbbing penis was hanging about a foot above Erica’s face. I could see that she was watching his cock intently.

Erica let out a groan and I looked to see Cari spread her inner lips apart again while she slowly inserted a second finger into her vagina. I watched mesmerized, as she slowly continued rubbing my wife’s g-spot. Erica let out a soft moan each time Cari removed and reinserted her fingers.

As I watched Rick playing with Erica’s nipples…stretching them out to their maximum length, I said, “Cari, your back is getting red. I’d better put some lotion on you.”

She looked back at me and smiled. I grabbed the lotion and began rubbing it onto her back.  After a minute I moved my hands to her sides letting my fingers lightly caress the sides of her breasts.  Cari continued playing with Erica’s pussy as I reached around cupping both of her tits. As I moved forward to caress her breasts my erect dick lightly touched the back of her thigh.  Cari seemed to push back into me, so I shifted my position allowing my erection to move between her upper thighs.

As I leaned forward my cock lightly touched her pussy. I was afraid she’d move away from me, but she remained where she was. Cari shifted her position a bit so that my penis was totally resting against her pussy lips. It was then that I looked over to see Erica reach up and grab Rick’s engorged cock. His dick had been bobbing above her face, and I figured she wanted to play with him as he continued playing with her tits.

I was rubbing my fingers around Cari’s areolas as I continued moving back and forth rubbing my cock against her pussy lips. It was an incredible feeling. I was disappointed when Cari turned and grabbed a towel and placed it on the deck. She then kneeled on it and rested her head on Erica’s thigh while she watched closely as her fingers disappeared again into Erica’s wide open pussy.

I could see that Cari now saw Erica holding Rick’s cock. She smiled at Cari as she began stroking his throbbing hard-on. Rick was definitely enjoying the attention. Cari removed her fingers from Erica’s dripping vagina, placed her index finger and middle fingers on each side of her inner pussy lips squeezing them outward. She then lowered her lips to Erica’s inflamed inner lips.  Erica let out a loud moan as Cari sucked her delicate rose petal-like lips into her mouth. After a few moments, she slowly inserted her tongue deep into her pussy.

At that point, Erica pulled Rick’s manhood toward her lips. She stuck out her tongue and began making circles around the rim of his bulging cockhead. As she licked the tip of his dick, I could see his precum stretch out between him and her lips. Erica then pulled his raging erection between her lips and sucked him fully into her mouth.

I decided to kneel behind Cari again and join in the fun.  I slid my cock between her thighs and began sliding it between her pussy lips, I didn’t know where to look.  It was so hot watching Erica sucking Rick’s dick, and it was also unbelievably hot seeing Cari tongue fucking her.

As I rubbed against Cari while playing with her nipples she began pushing back against me. Her pussy was really wet and slippery. Each time my cock slipped over the opening to her vagina I could feel the tip of my dick begin to enter her. I continued this motion so that each time the head of my penis passed over the opening of her vagina a bit more entered her. After several minutes of this hot play, I used my hand to press my cock upward a bit. With just a little bit of pressure, I felt my penis being surrounded by the wet warmth of Cari’s pussy.

I slowly began pushing my cock into her drenched pussy and then withdrawing until only the tip was touching her inner lips.  After a few minutes, Cari said, “Why don’t we move and get comfortable.” She continued saying, “Rick, I think Erica could use a deeper massage than I can give her, so why don’t you take over here.”

I withdrew from Cari and stood up. She stood up also and pushed me down onto the seat cushion. As I sat down she climbed onto my lap facing me. She grabbed my upward-pointing hard-on and rubbed it up and down her vaginal opening. As she lowered herself onto my dick, I leaned forward and sucked one of her large nipples into my mouth.

I looked over to see that Rick had taken Cari’s place and was now exploring Erica’s pussy with his fingers. Erica was moaning so I knew she was enjoying herself. Within a couple of minutes, Rick lowered his mouth to her clit and began licking and sucking on it as he massaged the inside of her pussy with two fingers.

I went back to sucking on Cari’s tits. I was able to suck almost all of her small breast into my mouth. I began making circles around her nipple with my tongue which she seemed to enjoy. The more I sucked the harder she began to ride me.

I looked over at Erica to see that Rick had moved her legs so that he was able to rub the tip of his dick up and down her slit. As I watched he placed his large cockhead at the opening to her vagina and began trying to ease it into her without much success. At that point, Erica reached down and grabbed his cock and began rubbing it over her dripping opening. Within seconds she began working his fat cock into her pussy. She really wanted it in! It was unbelievably hot watching her as she worked his dick into her pussy.

After watching the scene before me and having Cari working her pussy up and down my shaft, I knew I was close to cumming. I moved my mouth to her other tit. As as soon as I sucked it into my mouth Cari started bucking wildly on my lap. I continued sucking and knew she was about to cum.  As she came I let myself go. I kept thrusting deeply into her as the cum exploded from my cock. After a few moments, Cari raised herself off of me and we both leaned back together to watch Rick and Erica.

Rick was slowly moving his cock in and out of Erica’s pussy so that just the tip remained within her before he plunged back into her. Cari and I watched as he grabbed her tits and began to pump more her rigorously. Erica was now moaning loudly as she approached orgasm. This encouraged Rick as he increased his thrusting.  He now was pulling on each of Erica’s pert nipples stretching them to the max. Erica leaned back and let out a primordial yell as she came.  Within a few more thrusts, Rick pulled his cock out of her and shot his load all over her tits. At that point, he collapsed onto Erica’s chest.

We all sat there for a few minutes savoring what had just happened.  I got up, grabbed some towels, and we cleaned up. We each had another drink and talked about what an exciting day it had been. Rick and Cari said that they really hoped they would be able to move to our area and continue our friendship. Erica and I hoped so too.

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