Who should pay on a first date?

As strict gender stereotypes have loosened over the years, more singletons choose to go Dutch.

But for some traditionalists, the man should always pay.

Jana Hocking, a radio host who often talks about dating, admits she’s “instantly turned off” by blokes who are tight.

In her news.com.au column, the 36-year-old recalled a time she went out with a man she “quite liked”.

But as the chap wasn’t willing to “invest” in the relationship, she wasn’t raring for a second date.

Jana Hocking says men should fork out for first dates

Jana explained: “I clearly remember being on a date with a guy I thought I might quite like, but when he really stared at my purse as the bill came and wouldn’t even reach for his own until I had placed my card on the bill tray first.

“It left a bad taste in my mouth. Would he always be like this? Counting his pennies.”

In stark contrast, the singleton says men who treat her are a lot more attractive.

She said: “Over the weekend I went out with a bloke and was chuffed when he made a big deal about paying the bill. It was assertive and manly, and kind of a turn on.

“It also said in no uncertain terms that he enjoyed the date and was willing to invest.”

Jana says men who don’t pay aren’t “invested” in relationships

This is why she’s turned off by “tight” dates

Jana says women look to men to be providers because “it’s basically in their DNA”.

She also pointed out that many ladies earn less money due to the gender wage gap.

For these reasons, she looks to men to spoil her on dates.

These don’t have to be expensive – a picnic in the park or cheap happy hour bar can make for fun days out.

There are some exceptions to this rule, however.

Jana says going Dutch is only acceptable for first dates that feel “platonic”

Jana says going Dutch is the best thing to do if you’re not sure you want to see each other again.

She added: “This can be saved for when it feels like the date just turned platonic.

“Like neither side really wants to invest any further.

“There’s no guilt when a ‘Sorry, I’m just not that into you’ message comes the next day.

“I’ve been on dates when I’ve known fairly early that the guy wasn’t for me and absolutely insisted on paying half, because I couldn’t live with the guilt of walking away knowing he had just splurged on a big bill for nothing.”

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