There’s no how-to manual when it comes to finding the one, but the 6 love styles can make the path to unconditional love a little less complicated. 

When people consider the most basic of human needs, common responses often include food, water, and shelter. But American Psychologist Abraham Maslow dictated that there are several other requirements for a human being to find happiness and fulfillment.

What is arguably the most important necessity for all human beings? Love.

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Yes, love. Love is our foundational longing. Despite this yearning, however, not everyone is a suitable partner for those seeking deep and committed love.

The dating process is often very light on “strategy” and very heavy on “hope.” Most people typically pick potential dates based on surface things like looks, personality, sense of humor, socioeconomic status, and hope there is a connection that can bind them together for a head over heels bond.

The first step to finding lasting love and true compatibility is knowing yourself and what drives happiness and fulfillment for you in your relationships.

The hope-based approach to finding and showing love can be curbed in several ways. One of these ways is by gaining a more intimate understanding of your love style and the type of lover you are. Admittedly, love is a bit of a loaded word and looks or feels slightly different for everyone.

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