A woman’s post on Reddit has ‘blown peoples minds’ after she ranted about her boyfriend resting to dress as the Grinch while having sex with her.

Last week, the poster revealed that she had a “Grinch fetish” based on the green, furry character from Dr Seuss’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas ”.

She claimed that her boyfriend knew about her sexual preference and mostly accepted it.

The woman added: “He isn’t crazy about it and doesn’t really get it but he at least tries which is all I ask.

“He’ll sometimes read the book to me to set the mood, or if he’s really feeling kinky tell me ‘you’re a mean one’ in the heat of the moment.”

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She claimed the live action film was “too much” for her to handle

She continued: “He’s even begrudgingly came around to at least playing one of the three versions of the film every time we do the deed.”

She added that they didn’t watch the live action version because it’s “too much” for her.

Unfortunately, she revealed that this was no longer enough for her.

She said: “I don’t want to hear about the Grinch or listen to the Grinch or watch the Grinch.

“I want to be f***ed by the Grinch – and for the record this is common among women.”

The woman ranted about the situation on Reddit

The woman said she wanted the character’s “long, fuzzy d***.”

On the Reddit post she asked for advice after asking her partner to dress up as the Grinch, “kidnap” her from the bed and “ravage (her) in front of the Christmas tree.”

Her boyfriend refused saying it was “too weird” and he was still uncomfortable because she called him Grinch in bed.

He asked her to drop the fetish and she didn’t know what to do.

Some people on the thread agreed that it was a “common” fetish.

The couple watched the film every time they had sex

One said: “One of my friends sent me this the other day and it’s completely changed the way I view my wife around the holidays.

“The other day we got some holiday decor and she legit wanted to buy a inflatable blow up Grinch.

“It blew my mind how accurate it might be.”

Another replied: “I’m in a college class of around 20 women, the topic of the Grinch came up the other day.

“It’s accurate. I am sorry.”

“Am woman too – I also want grinch daddy so can confirm,” added a third.

Others offered some joking advice.

One said: “This is a major red flag, you need to dump him and hunt down Jim Carrey to fulfil your desires.”

“Your boyfriend is lame,” another added. “He does it or get a new one!”

We’re really not sure how to feel about this one…

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