It’s a well-known stigma that married folks or couples in long-term relationships often become complacent in romantic love with their partners. Well, let’s finally put a stop that idea.

Shall we find out what turns older men on?

YourTango teamed up with and to conduct a survey of more than 20,000 men and women on one simple yet essential topic: the power of attraction.

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We found that even if a couple’s heat index waxes and wanes over time, 90 percent believe it can be rekindled long-term. 

And as for that age-old stigma about complacency in our comfortable relationships? Guys cited “lack of romantic love” as the turn-off that becomes increasingly repellent as they age.

The desire for romantic love isn’t the only thing that shifts for men as they become older and wiser.

Top 10 Turn-Offs for Men

According to these survey results, here are the top ten turn-offs that become increasingly repulsive to men as they age.

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