Struggling to pick a location for your first date?

Radio host and love guru Jana Hocking is back to give you some advice.

The Australian singleton outlined some dos and don’ts you should follow when arranging a meeting place.

Apparently, finding a spot with moody lighting can work wonders to make sparks fly.

Whether this be a posh restaurant or dingy pub, the lack of harsh spotlights works to make both parties feel more comfortable.

In her column, Jana wrote: “You see, there’s nothing quite like a dark bar, or candle lit dinner to really see us in our best light.”

Jana spoke about dating dos and don’ts

She added: “It not only adds the kinda filter often only found on Instagram, but a dark, soothing setting, with sexy background music does wonders for a case of first date jitters.

“We can wear our Spanx with ease. Knowing that the extra kilos put on over winter are quietly tucked away for a little while extra. You know, should the gym ever seem tempting.

“Or that unsightly bruise often found just above the knee after accidentally knocking into the bed after arriving home from a girls night and a million chardonnays can do it’s merry healing without being exposed in full daylight.”

In stark contrast, Jana doesn’t recommend dates that leave you feeling exposed.

Some of her most awkward meet-ups have been at the beach, where she’s felt self conscious about what to wear.

Where you choose to meet your match can impact how well the date goes

Jana prefers dimly-lit bars because these create atmosphere and make everyone look “filtered”

On a first date, Jana doesn’t want to worry about how well-kept her bikini line is or how flattering her outfit is.

It automatically adds an element of stress to the day, which can throw the entire meeting off-course.

With this being said, meeting at the beach, a pool or going on a spa day may be a bit much if you’re only just getting to know someone.

Activity dates where you get sweaty and flustered may not be the best idea either.

Jana prefers to get dressed up and feel confident about herself – and other ladies may not like looking like they’ve hit the gym either!

First dates to the beach are a no-no for Jana – and she’s unlikely to want action-packed activities either

So what are your dating dos and don’t’s? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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