Are you having a hard time manifesting love in your life?

So many people want to find love but sabotage themselves without even realizing it. Thus, they keep attracting the wrong people for them.

Our choices and actions put out what we attract back. So mentally, you may really want to find love. But at the same time, if you’re doing actions that attract the opposite, you’re only sabotaging yourself when it comes to finding love.

Where are you going wrong in manifesting love?

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Here are 3 mistakes you might be making when you’re manifesting love in your life.

1. You aren’t really ready.

You may think you’re ready and really want love, but deep down, you’re not ready. Perhaps you’re scared of being hurt. Your fear keeps your walls up.

Those walls may protect you from getting hurt, but they also block out love.

You need to fully process and let go of anything that’s holding you back from the past. Free yourself and create a clean slate, so you can attract someone that’s right for you.

You can’t punish a new partner for what an old partner did without attracting that same situation again.

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