You have your own unique personality that helps define who you are and how you handle life’s obstacles. One of those obstacles could be opening up to someone or getting them to open up to you.

Knowing someone’s unique personality type is the first step to understanding how to emotionally communicate with them. A great tool for this is the Myers-Briggs personality test (MBTI), which groups people according to the personality traits they display. These can determine many qualities you may not have realized impact you.

Of these, one of the harder of the personality types to get to open up is the INTJ personality type, which includes famous people like Jane Austen, Russell Crowe, and even Beethoven.

INTJ stands for introversion, intuition, thinking, and judging. INTJs have a harder time making deep emotional connections because they tend to focus more on rationalizations and logic and less on emotions.

So how do you really get an INTJ to open up?

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This personality type is well-known for analyzing everything around them and therefore can get a little caught up in their own thoughts.

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