You’re going to face conflict in any marriage. Conflict happens whenever there are two or more people in a room.

Conflict occurs when people have different opinions. Conflict is neither good nor bad.

If you’re honest, you will acknowledge that you and your partner don’t agree on everything, which is where marital conflicts will arise. You see the world differently, because of the influence of personality.

Once you discover conflict resolution in marriage, it will help keep your relationship healthy and strong. But where do you start?

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The Enneagram can help you create a healthy marriage.

A healthy marriage requires both of you to know your selves. In the Enneagram, there are nine different types, with each type having its strengths and weakness.

Learning your Enneagram type gives you a psychological-spiritual map to help you become conscious of the automatic behaviors you do unconsciously. Often, these are behaviors that no longer serve you.

Once you become conscious of how you show up in the world, you can make different choices that will serve you better. As you learn to walk your talk, you will be better able to resolve conflict with your partner. You will also be more open to hearing what your partner has to say.

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