Everyone needs security in a relationship. And if you’re taking the time to make your partner feel safe, secure, and loved, good for you!

Relationships are wonderful — but often fraught with opportunities for things to go wrong. Men and women come to life from different places.

Sometimes it’s hard for men to recognize what their girlfriends need to feel safe. And safety is something that women often say they’re looking for in a man — and when they do, they mean it.

Of course you want to give your partner safety and security. Who wouldn’t? But how do you do that?

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Here are 5 ways to ensure security in a relationship so your girlfriend feels safe, secure, and loved.

1. Listen to her.

In order to make sure that your girlfriend feels safe, she needs to know that you’re listening to her.

When she talks, she needs to be sure that you’re paying attention and understanding what she’s saying and feeling.

You might be inclined to think you need to “fix” her to make her feel safe. In reality, all she really wants you to do is listen to her and let her know that you’re there for her.

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