Late into the evening, there was a knock on the bedroom door.  Prickoless stood there wondering why he knocked at a door in his own home – the home he paid for with blood, sweat, and the occasional tear.  Mistress told him to go to the kitchen and bring a chair up to the bedroom.  When Prickoless returned,  Mistress matter of factly said, “Sit on the chair.”

Mistress informed him that her sub and Pet had ensured that she had a most pleasurable evening and that she was in a good mood.  Once Prickoless was seated, she instructed her sub to tie him to the chair.  Prickoless struggled against his restraints, which in turn made Mistress raise an eyebrow and she pondered a moment before she spoke.

“Now, your life will really start to change from here on in.  You have coped with your tiny little cock cage for the last three weeks.  Now my Pet and sub is here and the changes will really bite.”

Here are your rules: 


I have called them your Ten Commandments.  They will become your reality so learn them well. 


1.      From this point forwards you will be referred to as Prickoless Cage.

2.    You will address me as Mistress, should I permit you to speak to me, which will only be to answer a direct question. 

3.    You will do as you are instructed by Mistress or her submissive Pet and you will refer to him as “Teacher.”

4.    You will be naked, apart from your cage, when the three of us are together. 

5.    You have lost the right to sleep in the matrimonial bed.

6.    You will watch, listen, and learn from the teacher,  primarily how to pleasure Mistress (I have a deep suspicion that you are incapable of learning).

7.    Failure in the delivery of any task will be punishable with a range of physical and emotional chastisement. 

8.    Failure in your temperament and manners will be punishable with a range of physical and emotional chastisement.

9.    Your new sleep space will be in a crate next to Pongo. 

10.    Your main function is to keep the house spotlessly clean and attend to the laundry (you will be informed of the specific expectations surrounding the cleaning regime and the laundry requirements under separate cover).


Prickoless sat there, and for the first time tried to work out what was happening, and perhaps most importantly, why he was sat in the chair watching his wife with another man in his bedroom.


And yet he knew he couldn’t move.  It wasn’t just the restraints, but the way in which his wife was acting with calm assurance, controlling her Pet, something that made his caged cock swell.  The resulting pain just wouldn’t go away.  It was the familiarity that they shared and the words they used.  It was a new and mysterious language, filled with intimacy and pleasure.  


Mistress looked over at Prickoless, giggled, and said to her Pet, “Finally I managed to get him hard.“ 

With a twinkle in his eye, Pet said to his Mistress, “It might be your Pet that is stirring him.“ 


A bead of sweat appeared to drip down the forehead of Prickoless as he heard those words. 


Mistress got up from the bed, paused before Prickoless, and dragged her fingernail over the straining balls of the feckless male.  “So Prickoless,” said Mistress, “who, or what’s got you all fired up?”  She grabbed his scrotum and said, “I asked a question Prickoless.”


Mistress squeezed his balls until Prickoless stammered his answer. 


She turned and looked at her Pet and said, “Now I have two to play.”


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