I laid on the floor by the pool, thinking about what had just happened. I let a young girl touch me like no one ever had. It went against all I was ever taught and believed. Yet, it felt so good that I was still feeling the tiny ripples of pleasure rolling through me. She mentioned she and Christine do this often, I could see why.

I picked myself up off the floor to put on the clothes Eden had left for me. Black Pantaloons, a beige silk blouse, and knee-length boots. I must look like a pirate now or at least a resident of the island.

I made my way back to my room, smiling and greeting the few people I saw. I giggled to myself because I wanted to hug everyone to tell them how good I felt. It was as if my problems had vanished.

I entered my room, and a thought struck me. Maybe I had experienced the ‘release into euphoria’ or, as the French called it, la petite mort. No wonder the French are such bawdy people. I giggled to myself again, wondering what I could do to thank Christine for such a wonderful experience.

It was still light out when I heard a knock on my door. It was one of the young men who had carried my baggage up, letting me know supper was ready. I thanked him, following him as he led me to the main floor’s large dining area.

Christine was already seated, enjoying a glass of wine. She stood, greeting me and complimenting me on the new attire. The young man sat me next to her then asked if I’d care for something to drink. I told him I’d have whatever Mistress Christine was having. He smiled, then poured a glass of wine for me.

Christine was smiling, “You don’t have to call me Mistress, Camille.”

I grinned, “I’ve heard you called that several times today. I didn’t want to be disrespectful.”

“You’re my guest now, Camille. Please don’t be so formal.”

I looked at her with a questioning gaze, “Guest, not a captive?”

Christine’s expression took a severe tone. She handed me a letter to read. I opened it, not knowing what to expect. I noticed it had the seal of the Governor of Monserrat affixed to it. She sat quietly, waiting for me to finish.

To Captain Kelly of the Pirate ship Crimson Orchid,

Your ransom request shall not be paid. Colonel Edwards passed away two months before receiving your demand. His considerable debt is now the responsibility of his daughter, Camille Edwards. Should she be turned over to His Majesty’s forces unharmed, she will be allowed to pay off the debt. Should she lack funds to do so, she will be imprisoned and made to work off that debt.


Governor Jacob Walters

I began to cry. My father was indebted and dead. Now I owed that money and had no way to pay. I put the letter down, my tears making small dripping sounds on it. Christine rose to comfort me. She apologized, whispering to me he’d passed away before she’s met me.

I slowly regained my composure, wiping the tears from my eyes.

I looked up at her, “You’ve actually saved me, Christine. Had I arrived as planned, I’d be in prison now or someone’s servant paying off that debt or maybe something worse. I don’t know what I’ll do here, I have nothing of value, nor am I worth anything to you.”

Christine looked at me, not with pity, but something more than sympathy. She told me, “You’re welcome to stay here in any capacity you wish. I will never take you to Monserrat to work off your debt. When and if we find out how much it may be and the circumstances regarding your father’s death, I could arrange for payment. I will have my contacts make inquiries, sweet Camille. Now, let’s sit and have a pleasant supper and forgot about this for a while, shall we?”

I looked at her and felt a tugging at my heart. She certainly wasn’t the woman her reputation made her out to be. Of that, I was genuinely thankful.

I began blabbering, “Do you think they would come after me? They know you have me, could they find me? I should learn to defend myself. Can someone teach me?”

Christine shushed me, calming me down.

I took a deep breath, my wits about me, “But, yes, you’re right, and thank you. What are we having for supper, Christine?”

She smiled, “That’s my girl. I can have someone teach you to shoot and use a sword. That can come when you’re settled. For now, let’s dine on a succulent roast. I haven’t had beef in quite a long time. I asked Mama Carmen to prepare a roast for us and the rest of the household. I hope you enjoy it.”

I smiled, “I worry too much at times. Yes, in a few days when I’m settled. Thank you, Christine. I can’t remember the last time I had beef; it was back home before we left. Thank you so much. I’m sure it will be delicious.”

“You’re welcome.”

I added, blushing, “Before I forget, thank you for the bath. Eden was quite delightful washing me. I felt so exhilarated when she’d finished.”

Christine smiled wickedly, “I’m glad you enjoyed it. She enjoys her work. You must bathe with us next time, Camille.”

“I would love that, Christine. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be.”

The supper was delicious. We drank nearly two bottles of wine during the course of the meal. I was very silly, from what little I recall. I believe Christine helped me to bed, undressing me and making sure my bug net was in place.

The next morning I didn’t want to get out of bed. My head hurt so much. Eden brought me something to help ease the pain and stayed with me for a little bit talking. When I was feeling human again, I took another walk around the grounds. Eden escorted me down a different path than I’d taken the day before.

It was mid-day, and the jungle was humid. The pain in my head wouldn’t go away, and I vowed never to drink that much again. Our conversation drifted back to the bath, and we talked about the pleasure she gave me. I told her Mistress Christine was looking forward to the three of us bathing together.

A bit embarrassed, I told her, “I’ve never done anything like that before. I’d heard it was sinful and that I’d end up in hell.”

She laughed, “It is like heaven on earth to feel such deliciousness. We here on the island are so much more open about things you English want to feel so bad about. You need to relax and enjoy the fruits of the earth while you are still on it.”

She did make some sense, and I loved how she made me feel. I could only imagine how two women paying attention to me might be like. It sent shivers through my body.

As we continued our walk, I began to feel a little better. We passed by some young men working on clearing trees. None of them had shirts on, and they were sweating as they worked. They paused to greet us, smiling, and saying hello to Eden. She introduced me to them both. I gazed at their sweat covered chests glistening in the sun. Their muscles looked so well defined the sight of them sent pangs of lust into my throbbing head.

We bid our farewells so they could continue their work. My heart was racing after seeing them half-naked like that. I don’t recall seeing any of Christine’s crew looking that good while I was on board.

When we were out of sight, I asked Eden, “Is it possible to enjoy both men and women in ‘that way’?”

She laughed, “Of course it is Lady Camille, as I’m sure you will find out. You are now Mistress Christine’s guest. There are so many possibilities here for you to explore. I heard about your father, and I’m so sorry. You’ve come such a long way and endured so much hardship. I’m sure you think this has all been a bad dream. However, I can assure you, staying here will change that for you.

I sighed, “Thank you. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I have many emotions I need to deal with. It is lovely here, and I’m sure I’ll find something to do besides burden Mistress Christine with my presence.”

Eden smiled, taking my hand to reassure me, “You’ll figure it out, I’m sure. How is your head, Miss Camille, still hurting?”

I sighed, “Yes, not as bad as earlier, though.”

She squeezed my hand, “That is a good thing. So, you liked the way those men looked all sweaty and dirty, Miss Camille?”

I laughed, “The sweaty part, not the dirty part.”

“We have had men in the bath area, Miss Camille, but not when the Mistress is there.”

My interest piqued, “I had no clue what Mistress Christine allowed, Eden. That does sound interesting. Do you enjoy the men also?”

She laughed, “Yes, Miss Camille, I do. Mistress Christine does not, however. Although she doesn’t mind that others do. One of the many things I love about her. She may watch, but she won’t join in if I have a man or two with me during our baths.”

My eyes widened, “Or two? I think I may stay here forever, Eden.”

She giggled, “I hope so, Miss Camille, I do like you, and I know Mistress Christine also does. I think you would make a lovely couple. If you don’t mind me saying so.”

I blushed, “I didn’t think Mistress Christine thought of me like that. I never considered that, Eden. I was her captive; now, I’m a guest. The thought of me being another woman’s lover? I don’t know; it’s a bit too much for me at the moment.”

Eden smiled, “We shall see, Miss Camille. You did enjoy our bath, correct? It only gets better, I assure you. Oh, I’m going into town tomorrow would you care to join me? Mistress Christine mentioned you needed new clothes, a pistol, and perhaps an Espada Opera or a rapier. We could shop if you like.”

“I’d love that, thank you. I mentioned to Mistress Christine I should learn to defend myself.”

We continued walked and talking. I liked Eden; she was pretty, articulate, a little bawdy, and fun to converse with.

I went back to my room until I was informed it was supper. I joined Christine, who was patiently waiting for me. She asked how my day went. I told her Eden, and I had a lovely stroll, talking about whatever popped into our heads. I mentioned we were going into town tomorrow and wondered what I was to do about buying new clothes and weapons.

She said not to worry about it. Eden would take care of it all. She also inquired about my head, knowing I would have a headache from the previous night’s drinking. I told her I was fine and that I’d abstain from alcohol this evening.

She laughed as she sipped her wine, “I’ll make you one of us soon enough, Camille. You’ve got a good start already.”

Dinner was lovely. Christine talked about the repairs being made to the ship. She also mentioned the cabin Felicity, and I stayed in was being modified to make it a little more comfortable. I asked about more captives, and her reply was vague. I do think she’ll take more depending on if the opportunity presents itself.

With our meal finished, we took a stroll around the grounds, the stars were out, and the moon was rising. We talked of more intimate things, and I believe she was going to tell me the story of her tattoo when we were interrupted. One of the hired help informed her of something I didn’t overhear. Christine excused herself to attend to it, and I was left to make my way back to my room alone.

Morning brought another beautiful day. Eden knocked on my door, wondering if I were ready for our trip into town. She had a carriage waiting for us, driven by a very handsome young man. I was beginning to wonder if there was something in the water because most of the people around Christine’s house were very nice looking.

The town trip didn’t take long; we stopped at one of the clothing shops to drop off my discarded dresses. The owner was amiable, helping me pick out various items to replace my moldy wardrobe. When we finished, Eden suggested we walk around the town a bit to introduce me and to get my bearings should I ever have reason to venture in unescorted.

As we were strolling, I happened to espy Felicity and Bella shopping. I called out to my former traveling companion and was greeted by a huge smile and a delighted Felicity. Her enthusiasm almost got her run down by a carriage as she ran across the road to greet me. The driver was furious, but one look from Bella and he quickly apologized.

Felicity ran into my arms, hugging me tightly. We were so excited to see each other. As did Eden, I greeted Bella. Then with Felicity on my arm, we strolled the streets of the town, Bella and Eden walking behind us out of earshot.

Felicity was so happy. She told me how lovely Bella’s house was and what they’d been doing since leaving the ship. We’d gone a few blocks when Felicity’s voice became almost inaudible. She described how Bella, with help from her ‘man-part’, which she strapped on herself, would let Felicity ride it in various positions. I wasn’t expecting Felicity to be so forthcoming regarding her bedroom activities. She continued telling me they had young Marty over, and the three enjoyed a rather late night copulating.

I didn’t say anything to discourage her from recounting her experiences. I tried to picture them in my mind doing all sorts of things to each other. Some parts were rather lovely and a bit arousing, while others that she mentioned made me cringe. Regardless, my sweet Felicity was happy with her new life, and that gladdened me.

I told her about the lovely bath I’d experienced. It wasn’t as exciting as her experiences or as varied. She was happy that I was enjoying my stay. She asked about the ransom. I told her about my father’s passing, which put a damper on our reunion. We changed the subject continuing our walk until we’d made a loop of the main street. We said our good-byes and agreed to meet for supper at some time.

After they left, Eden and I stopped in a shop that had all sorts of weaponry. I didn’t have a clue what I needed. The shop owner had me handle a few pistols of various sizes. I picked one that felt good in my hand and was reasonably light. I’d need to learn to shoot, which Eden assured me wasn’t that difficult. As far as other weapons, the Espada Opera was a bit more ornate, so I chose a rapier. That, too, would have to be learned and practiced. Lord, help me if anyone came to return me to Montserrat.

Eden made arrangements for payment to the shoppe keeper as I carried my purchase. When Eden and I were riding back with my goods, my mind pictured sweet Felicity bouncing up and down on Bella. She was riding the ‘man-part’ as she called it. It was a very different image than I’d pictured in my mind of sweet Felicity. I guess she’s still as charming, maybe a bit more worldly now. Then I imagined young Marty with them both. My image of him being sweet like Felicity completely vanished, picturing the three of them doing various things. The one thing that stuck in my mind was the ‘man-part’.

I wondered what it was made from and what it looked like. I decided to discretely ask Eden while we were driving back to the house.

I whispered, “What is a ‘man-part’ that a woman can wear when copulating with another woman?”

She looked at me as if I was crazy then laughed. When she regained control, she whispered back, “It’s shaped like a man’s dick when he becomes ready for sex. They are made from different things, in different sizes, and they aren’t always attached to someone.”

I blushed deep red, then asked, “Have you used one?”

She giggled, “Oh yes, Miss Camille. I have, and so has the Mistress. She has quite a collection, which she calls her ‘toys’. I can show you if you’d like.”

I couldn’t believe I was asking about this sort of thing. What’s happened to me?

I surprised myself by answering, “Where would we do such a thing, Eden? My room, the bath?”

“We can go anywhere, Miss Camille. However, I should ask Mistress Christine’s permission to use her ‘toys’, she might like to join if you don’t mind. She’s a wonderful teacher.”

I thought for a few moments, “I may talk to her at supper about it; I know she’s been busy lately. Please keep this to yourself, Eden.”

She smiled, “Yes, of course, Miss Camille.”

My mind was picturing so many delightful images of Eden, Christine, the men we saw working, and of course myself. Eden left me in my room to ponder our discussion. Within a few minutes, my purchases were delivered, and I began putting them away. I left the rapier and pistol out on the dressing table. They fascinated me. I stared at them for some time, wondering what it would be like if I ever had to use them. I sat thinking when suddenly I heard a loud knock on my door.

I answered it to find a handsome older man standing there. He introduced himself as Jacques, and he would be teaching me self defense and wanted to look over the weapons I’d bought. He was a bit taller than me, with long salt and pepper hair tied into a ponytail. He had a scar that went from under his left eye to the corner of his mouth. I walked him to my dressing table and showed him what had been suggested for me. He picked them up, examining each in turn. Then he asked me to hold them as if I were going to use them. I fumbled around with each as he watched, not saying a word. He corrected my grip showing me how to hold each one. His hands were strong and rough against my soft skin. It was a different feeling from Christine’s touch.

When I put them back down, he smiled, “I have my work cut out for me, Miss Camille. Tomorrow morning around nine, please meet me at the large barn. That’s where my shoppe is, and we shall begin your lessons. I will take these and make sure the pistol works properly.”

I thanked him, telling him I would be there. He smiled and bid adieu.

Christine and I had another lovely dinner. Afterward, we went for another walk. This time there were no interruptions. We walked out to a small clearing where we could see the ocean through the trees. The moon shone brightly as we stood gazing out over the sea.

I could feel Christine’s fingers slip between mine. I looked down as my fingers entwined with hers. Her hand in mine felt good, comforting. I looked up at her, the moonlight shining in her eyes. She leaned down to kiss me, and I didn’t object, letting her lips softly brush against mine. We stood kissing for the longest of times. When her lips left mine, I was breathless.

She brushed my cheek with her fingertip, which sent shivers down my spine along with warmth between my legs.

Christine whispered, “I want you in my bed tonight, Camille. Please say yes.”

I smiled, “I would like that, Christine. Very much so.”

She smiled then led me back to the house. We didn’t speak as we went up to her room. I was nervous and excited at the same time. Being with Eden in the bath was very unexpected. I was now quite aware of what I was doing. I wanted Christine more than I’d realized. My body ached to have her hold me, kiss me, touch me.

She slowly undressed me setting my clothes on a chair. I blushed as each garment left my body. When I was completely bare, she smiled, looking me over.

“You are gorgeous, Camille. I’ve wanted you since I first saw you. I couldn’t do anything then. Now, however, you are here of your own free will. I think I’ve fallen in love with you. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve felt this way.”

I felt awkward standing there naked with her still clothed. I asked if her tattoo was a lost love. She reluctantly nodded as she began undressing. I moved to her, stopping her hands to look up and kiss her. Our hands around each other exploring, I wanted to take some of the hurt away from her. Despite being her captive, I felt sorry for her loss. I’d been attracted or enthralled by her breasts from our first meeting. Now I’d get to see them and perhaps satisfy my curiosity regarding them.

I backed away from her to slip each button from her blouse. She smiled at me as I took my time loosening each one. My hands were shaking as I finished and lifted the blouse from her shoulders. Guiding it down her arms, my eyes couldn’t believe how perfect her breasts were. I stood staring at them so round and full. Not like mine, which were perhaps half the size. Her nipples were stiff as I reached up to touch them. For so many nights, I’ve imagined what they looked like. Now bare in front of me, I was enthralled. My fingers softly brushed her nipples then the areas around them. Christine moaned as I explored her exposed soft skin.

“Camille, I love your touch. Shall we finish my undressing and move to my bed where you can explore to your heart’s content?”

I giggled, “Yes, I’m sorry, of course.”

She smiled as I loosened her pantaloons. I watched them fall to the floor then saw her sex. Her bright red hair stood out against her skin, and it was trimmed, unlike mine. It looked like a small plank used to board a ship, a rectangle, you might say. I touched it also, which elicited another moan from Christine.

“We can trim you later, my love. I need to make love to you first.”

I giggled as she took my hand and led me the final few steps to her bed. She ushered me in after I moved the bug netting. She climbed in after me laying her body next to mine. I felt safe and secure with her, unlike when I was captured, scared and unsure if I’d live to see another day.

We looked into the eyes of each other then I took the bold step to kiss her. She rolled me over as we kissed. Her breasts pressed against me, her thigh between my legs.

The night was warm, and our bodies together made us both hot and sweaty. I let Christine take charge, never having made love to anyone, let alone a woman. She bathed my body with her tongue, starting at my head on down to my feet. Her return trip up my body stopped between my legs at my sex. Christine paused before kissing me there to inhale my musk as she called it. I could sense an aroma in the air similar to when Felicity and I snuggled aboard the Orchid. It must be a female thing, I assumed. I found it to be very pleasant.

Christine lifted my rear with her hands, asking me to spread my legs slightly more than they were. She then began licking my thighs, softly biting and kissing each one. I shuddered, moaning how good it felt. I could feel her hands squeezing my ass as she toyed with my sex. Then it happened, she pressed her tongue inside of me. I gasped as she traced inside me with the tip of it.

She moved it around inside me ever so slowly. Feeling my reactions, she’d wiggle it here, then there to see what I’d do. When I’d moan loud, she’d leave it where it was until I could hardly stand it, then she’d move it someplace else as I calmed down. When my breathing slowed, she’d find another spot and do it all over again. I don’t know how long she had her tongue between my legs. I lost count of how many times she took me to that spot where I thought I couldn’t go any further, then back off only to return again and again.

I never felt this alive before. My entire body tingled as Christine played with me. She found one spot in me that made me feel like I was losing my mind. The tip of her tongue stayed there, rubbing against me as I squirmed, shaking back and forth. Her fingers dug into my rear end, lifting me off the bed while she pressed her face into me.

I felt like I was losing consciousness, the feelings in me numbing my mind and body. I reached down, pressing her face to me as she started to remove her tongue. I pushed her into me as hard as I could as my body reacted to her tongue. I almost thought I’d smothered her between my legs as I rolled sideways, my toes curling.

My breathing was rapid as explosions went off within me. It felt like a broadside from shipboard cannon going off one after the other. When it was all over, I lay panting and speechless. Christine moved back to me for a kiss. At first, I balked, kissing her lips after where they had been. She took my chin in her hand then firmly pressed her lips to mine. I had no choice but to kiss her back, tasting the juices I’d secreted.

I was spent. We laid together cuddling with Christine whispering things she was going to do to me as I tried to calm my heart. Some of the things she mentioned seemed disgusting, but I knew deep down that she’d make them wonderful.

I thought about asking for the story behind her tattoo but thought better of it. This didn’t seem like the time or place for that. Instead, I began kissing her as I thanked her for such a wonderful feeling.

She laid back as I moved over her body. I think she knew where I was going, turning herself, so I had a clear path to her breasts.

Kissing down her jawline, to her neck, then lower to one nipple. I toyed with it briefly using my tongue. Then sucked as much of her bosom into my mouth as I could. Her hard nipple against the roof of my mouth delighted the two of us. I heard her say in a low growl that she liked how it felt. I continuing my sucking, only pausing when I’d switch breasts. Both of us were becoming overheated again.

Christine told me to move my legs, so they were between hers. Her next instruction was to move up and down her, so our sex parts rubbed against each other. I’m sure the French have a name for this, and I’ll have to find out what it is. Because when we aligned properly, I felt like I was on fire. The tingling down there was very intense.

I could feel Christine becoming more excited as I sucked and played with her breasts while doing the moving thing. It didn’t take long before I began to lose my concentration. Christine had to remind me several times to focus on her sex.

She instructed me to slip my finger in her, which I did with some hesitation. Once I put it in her, she began giving me directions and more encouragement.

I went from one finger to three, moving them in and out, but not out of her. Faster, slower as she dictated. I figured out what she enjoyed and focused on those movements. She told me to curl my fingers, and naturally, I did. That’s when her body trembled, and her head rolled back in utter bliss. She kept squirming and telling me not to stop. I obeyed her requests as I continued sucking her breasts and fingering her.

This whole session was quite arousing to me also. I could feel her body responding, which in turn made mine respond. Such beautiful feelings I’d never thought possible. Plus, I wasn’t feeling guilty at all about being with another woman. It was heavenly.

Finally, Christine’s body shook, her legs clamped down on my hand, trapping my fingers inside her. I almost panicked, thinking something was wrong when she grabbed me by the hair to pull me up to kiss her. She released her hold on my hand so I could join her. Her kiss was deep and passionate, and I felt as if I couldn’t breathe while our lips were locked together.

Eventually, Christine released me, guiding my hand to our mouths for us both to clean off. We licked my fingers while she smiled at me. I smiled back, knowing I’d pleased her, which made me feel very good.

We talked for a little while before falling asleep, snuggled in each other’s arms. I felt safe there; my loathing of Christine had vanished. Now I felt something like love, although I wasn’t quite sure about that yet.

The next morning I felt like a new woman. The rest of my days were filled with learning to shoot my pistol, along with my dueling lessons. The dueling was with wooden sticks until I learned what not to do. I received a few bruises as reminders. The pistol was loud and scared me at first. Jacques was a patient teacher, and it was a pleasure learning to shoot and reload. He also taught me to fire a musket, which I was better at.

My nights were filled with Christine and occasionally Eden. Sometimes in Christine’s bed, sometimes in the bath. At times Christine would watch as Eden showed me new positions or little tricks to take ourselves to la petite mort.

We also shared each other, well Eden and I mainly shared Christine. She loved when we were on either side of her, nuzzling and suckling her beautiful breasts. We’d each use one hand between her legs, playing with her sex. Eden was better at it than I was. When Christine wanted to reach that blissful place in a hurry, Eden would mainly use her fingers, and I’d use my hand touching her as best I could.

When Christine wanted a slow buildup, then I’d use my fingers at first, then after a bit, Christine would gently press my head, which was my signal to move down her to use my tongue. Sometimes Eden would join me there, and we’d take turns, or Christine would roll over and get on her knees or other position so Eden and I could lick and finger both places. It took me a long time before I would lick her rear, but Christine loved it. Well, I loved it too once Eden had done it to me. We would start in the bath area and make sure we were all nice and clean, then either stay there and make love or move to Christine’s bedroom.

Those nights I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Cuddling with them both felt so very good.

On occasion, Christine wouldn’t join us in the bath. Then Monsieur Jacques or one or two of the younger men would. Those times were quite different than with Christine. The men were ‘used up’ sometimes before Eden and I were. We’d find ways to make them last long enough for our pleasure as well as theirs. Sometimes Jacques would take on the young men as Eden, and I watched. They put on quite a show as Eden and I played with each other, or we laid side by side playing with ourselves, watching.

My life had definitely changed for the better.

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