Like many of us, I find it hard to disconnect at times. 

Despite the warnings about “tech neck” and social media boosting anxiety, I still find myself slapping a friend’s hand away so I can take a picture of our sushi before we dig in or continuously refreshing Twitter when there’s a meme-worthy event. (Steve Harvey, come on, you made it too easy for everyone to make fun of you!)

I mean, I even maintain an Instagram account … for my 10-month-old puppy. 

But I surprised even myself when I decided to put a pause on my digital life after a major event in my real one: my engagement.

I was really shocked when my fiancé popped the question last month, but I couldn’t have been happier or more excited.

This is a guy who will drive to Dunkin’ Donuts unprompted to buy me hangover hash browns and puts up with my horrible singing every time we’re in a car. And he just promised to do that forever.

But even though I was thrilled, I didn’t really feel like immediately stopping our celebrating — and champagne-drinking — to update 500 random strangers that I barely speak to.

Instead, I really wanted to enjoy the moment, just us in our apartment, rather than worrying about angling my hand perfectly to get one of those infamous ring pics.

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