Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, where couples celebrate their love and indulge in special time together. While there are plenty of things for couples to do, a long distance Valentine’s Day can complicate things.

Long-distance relationships are tricky in many ways, especially on holidays. But Valentine’s Day is particularly difficult for couples living miles apart. Since the whole point of this day is to spend it with your special someone, it might seem impossible for long-distance couples to partake.

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Before you play sad love songs and try to forget that Valentine’s Day was ever created, there are plenty of ways you and your partner can still celebrate your love, even though you’re not physically together. Because these ideas for long distance couples will take a romantic date night to the next level.

30 Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas

1. Arrange a video chat date.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you’ve most likely already used some kind of video chatting to communicate, so to make this call different from the others, plan out a date just like you would if you were together. It can be just as romantic and fancy as it would be in person. Break out the candles, music, and wine and you’ve got a very lovely evening.

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