I am no poet, but I wanted to share this journey with you – me and my girl from my days working overseas as a tour-leader, diplomat and beyond. I hope you enjoy its free-form format, warts and all!


It began at sunrise

On that Cretan Isle

Playful seductive glances

From the very first moment

By sunset I was caught forever

In the weave of your silken net

My wild, gorgeous temptress


Captured by mischievous eyes

Deep sumptuous pools

That reeled me in and

Fiendishly stole my heart

Snared, I never had a chance

You chose me, and I was yours

My crazy, delightful girl


That was just the start

Of our dizzy, tempestuous journey

As we wove our way

Through the erratic loom of life

So many eye-opening adventures

Do you remember?

My spirited, intrepid darling


Ramadan in Morocco

The dark, empty streets of Rabat

Sharing Iftar with that ancient couple

In their humble tabac

Or the blustery dunes of the Sahara

Celebrating Eid with pounding drums

My amazing, daring sweetheart


But then you had to go

Leaving me behind

I knew then that you were the one

So, it was my turn

To make your heart flutter

With a cheeky letter of proposal

My wild, captivating valentine


I will never forget your answer

My heart stopped when I saw you

Stood outside our Marrakech hotel

A devilish, sultry angel

Your beguiling, arousing smile shouting

‘Here I am — and I belong to you!’

My fearless, ravishing seductress


And so you joined me

On an incredible voyage

Sharing extraordinary moments

Pieces of magic, made special

Because you were by my side

Holding my hand and my heart

My awesome, enchanting valentine


I think of those moments every day

With joy and wonder

Humbled, and ever thankful

That you picked me — Me!

I look at you with awe

You impetuous, impulsive creature

My wonderful, gorgeous girl


Which are your favourites, I wonder?

Perhaps it was Norway?

Fishing sun kissed fiords and

Eating lobster for breakfast,

Or picking cloudberries and wild mushrooms

On desolate mountain plateaux

My wild, fun-loving sweetheart


Or maybe it was riding the rails

From Nairobi or Prague?

White-jacketed waiters

And starched white sheets

I remember those nights well!

Full of frisky giggles and quiet passion

My adorable, sensual hussy


How about New Zealand?

Tramping through mud and rain

With laughter and song

Or was it sleeping out

On Dorset clifftops

In an enormous orange plastic bag?

My impulsive, free-spirited valentine


Could it be the stunning Hunza valley?

Hiking the dizzy heights

Of the Eagle’s Nest

Or playing the ‘Great Game’

In the snowy mountain passes

Of the mystical Hindu Kush?

My indomitable, astounding girl


We haven’t done bad, you and I

In sickness and health

You’ve seen my all

Held me tight with strong arms

Cared for me through the worst

And loved me with your tears

My caring, beloved valentine


We are older now

With eyes that need a little help

But our journey is not yet done

Whatever unfolds next

Our dreams continue

I look forward to it with you my love

For you are my wild, impetuous valentine still


This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than Lushstories.com with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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