My parents went on their big OE to England before they got married.  Based in London, they made several trips over to France and fell in love with everything about the place.  My mother had spent her seventh form year at school billeted with a French family in Tahiti, and so was almost fluent in the French language.  On one of these visits, they promised one another that their first daughter would be named Veronique.  And as their first daughter, that is what I was named.

My mother wanted to keep her French language skills alive and taught me French from a very young age.  So no surprise that I topped that subject all through school.  I was not too shabby in most of my other subjects as well.

By my seventeenth birthday, I was in my final year of secondary school and had a large circle of friends.  In that year a lot of the conversations amongst us girls was about boys.  And especially about sex with boys.  My best friend, Tania had lost her virginity earlier in the year, after the school ball.  The rest of us girls were all pretty envious of her.  We noted, though, that although she raved about how good it was, she and the guy involved did not date again.  Partly, I guess because he broadcast their liaison around all his mates.  That was a life lesson for us all.

In my early teens, I was a skinny little waif, only 5’2’’, with olive skin and black hair.  My parents’ friends all made a scene when they visited, about how pretty I was, which made me embarrassed.  Although still thin, by the time I turned seventeen, my hips and breasts were well developed, and I started receiving a lot of attention from more than just our friends and relations.  Some of the attention was very annoying. I had a lot of older men hitting on me, and my friends teased me about one of our seventh form teachers that they reckoned had a crush on me.

By the end of that seventh form year, when I left school, at least another half dozen girls in my class had lost their virginity.  They seemed to be always on to me, making hints about it being time I lost mine.  I was in no hurry though but did find myself constantly checking out the guys that I considered good prospects.

It was a confusing time in life; half the people I knew were telling me, No!  The other half was trying to get me to join their ‘get rid of your virginity club’.  The most confusing though was my youth group at our church.  

My parents had taken me to church every Sunday, for as long as I can remember.  But by my mid-teens, I found myself questioning a lot of what was taught there, and was missing many Sundays.  But I didn’t give it up altogether, as my friends and I enjoyed the dances they held every second Saturday night.  

However, it seemed ironic to me, that it was my girlfriends in the bible group that were the ones losing their virginity.  Yet every Sunday the leaders told us to save ourselves for marriage and not become a fallen woman!

Halfway through that year, I started seeing a boy from the bible group, called Adam.  I had known him forever, and he seemed as good a bet as any if I wanted to experiment with sex.  Right from the start, he pressed me about sleeping with him, which actually put me off.  But after a few months of his persisting, I finally agreed to go a bit further than the light foreplay we had tried to date.   I laid out some ground rules though.  I made him promise to wear a condom and pull out when he came as well.  There were all these stories about condoms busting and young girls getting pregnant.  And most importantly, made him swear to me that he would tell no one we had done it.

Two days later, he approached me with three condoms in his hand.  

“Why did you buy three?” I exclaimed.  “You’re not doing it three times!”

He blurted out, “I went to the chemist and said that I needed condoms and the lady sold me a packet of three.  Don’t know if you can just buy one, I just paid, and hot-footed it out of the shop.”

Just as well he did buy three, as the first time we tried, he came putting the condom on.  I let him play with my tits, but I went home very frustrated.

A week later we tried again.  He got it in this time, I think, but again he came too soon.  He blamed it on me. Said I was too pretty, and that he never had this problem with any other girls.  Which was a joke, as I knew he had been with no other girls.

A couple of days later, we tried for the third time.  He told me he had masturbated before leaving home, so should be okay.  ‘Nope!’  Useless again; this time I knew he had it in me though, as it hurt, but again he came before I had a chance to get anywhere near an orgasm.  I didn’t bother to try with him again, just called it off and never went out with him again.

Soon after I stopped seeing Adam, my mother had a heart-to-heart with me about sex.  I admitted to her that I had tried sex with Adam.  I expected her to be disappointed and lecture me.  But instead, she just exclaimed, “Well, you held off much longer than I did.  I had better see about getting you on the pill.”

Without thinking, I opened my mouth and out popped, “But you and dad didn’t meet until you were nineteen?”

“Oh, there were many before him,” she said, suddenly placing her hand over her mouth, realising what she had just admitted to.

We had the most open talk I had ever had with my mother.  I told her about how useless Adam had been.  She told me she had had a lot of guys like that, and told me not to be in a hurry, as the right guy will come along.

A few days later, she took me to her doctor.  He was good, he asked me lots of questions, then sent me home with a prescription for the pill.  I think I was the last of my friends to go on it.

A few months later, though a work colleague, I met a guy called Maximilian; everyone just called him Max.  He was twenty-five, and seemed so mature and in control.  On our second date, not sure quite how it happened, we had it off in the back of his station wagon.  My first orgasm!  With a guy!  I was in love.  

But the bastard didn’t ring for two weeks afterwards and I felt used and pretty low.  I talked to my mother about him, which was great, she was so understanding.  She gave me good advice about guys like him who just wanted one-night stands.  I resolved to give him the bum’s rush if he ever bothered to call again.

However, when he finally called after two weeks, he gave me the excuse that he had lost my number, and was out of town with work.  He had contacted my work friend and got the number from her as soon as he got back in town.  He was so sheepish and guilt-ridden, that I forgave him, and arranged another date.

Next day at work I asked the girl that had introduced us about her giving Max my number again, and was not surprised to hear that she hardly knew him and that he had not called her.  Must have been the sex addling my brain, because I found myself thinking it must have been my mistake.

We went out on that Friday night, and sure enough, parked up on the way home, he had me over in the back of his car, with my knickers around my ankles again.  The orgasm this time was even better, and again I thought it was love.  Especially as he was so charming afterwards, and apologised to me for coming so quickly.  He said I was the most beautiful girl he had been with and I made him come too fast.  (Where had I heard that before?)  I had no problems with him; he had lasted about three times longer than Adam had.

But over the next couple of months, he kept messing me around.  He always had excuses and treated me like a queen when we were out, and the sex got better and better.  But I never could arrange anything, as I never knew when he would call.

Then I met another guy, Gabriel, and we started meeting for lunch most workdays.  It was going very slow with Gabriel, but I felt more like my old self around him.  And we agreed to go out on a real date, on the Auckland Anniversary weekend, which was only a week and a bit away.  I made the decision that I would call it off with Max, and that when he called again, I would tell him to fuck off.  Well, maybe not that explicitly, but even though the sex was great, I realised I was being used and needed to finish it.

But that weekend, Max called around to our house.  I arrived home to find him sitting having a beer with my father.  He had come around to ask my parents if he could take me away for the Anniversary weekend with some others on a yacht.

I listened, as my dad asked questions about the competency of the guys sailing it, how big and safe the yacht was, would we have lifejackets, etc.  And before I knew it, I was nodding my head, and all sorted to go sailing.

When Max left, doubts flooded my head.  I knew I was meant to be calling it quits.  But I had never been on a yacht and listening to him selling it to my parents, it sounded really exciting.  And anyway, I thought, if there were others on the boat, I should be able to keep clear, and not let him sleep with me.

He was to pick me up around 7:30 am the following Friday.  And I suddenly realised I needed to ask at work for the Friday, and also the following Tuesday off work.  This could be a problem, as it was a long weekend, and me being one of the newest staff members, maybe everyone else at work wanted those days off.

Monday, I went and asked the boss, and was relieved to be told that it was not a problem, that I already had half a dozen days holiday owing.  And no one else was taking time off.

Then I had the awkward task of calling Gabriel, to tell him our date was off.  I had to tell him a white lie about who I was going with.  Which left me feeling guilty as hell when I hung up.


Friday morning, I was up at 5:30, packing and asking my dad all the things I would need on a boat.  Dad was really helpful and helped me pack some stuff I would never have thought of.  But I made sure he didn’t see the small white bikini I had bought especially for the weekend.  I had two swimsuits: one was a bikini that was well past its used-by date, the other was a one-piece, and having checked out online about sailing, I saw that all the girls on yachts were wearing skimpy bikinis.  So one of my friends took me shopping and talked me into a bikini that was very much outside my comfort zone, it was so brief.  Especially the top, which hardly contained my breasts.

On the way to the boat, I quizzed Max about how many others were going with us.  I was a little alarmed to find that there were just two other guys, mates of his I had never met and that I was to be the only girl.  I wanted to tell him to turn around and take me home, but I couldn’t pluck up the courage.  The thought of all the friends I had told about the trip, and having to have to explain to my parents made me keep quiet.

When we got to Halfmoon Bay Marina, I was relieved to find two handsome guys waiting for us.  They were introduced as Ryker, who owned the yacht, and his mate, Aaron.  They made me welcome, helped me aboard, showed me where to stow my gear, etc.  They were a lot older, and thankfully, I felt very safe with them.

The boat was a forty-two footer, whatever that meant.  And had two bunks up in the bow, which Ryker informed he usually had as a double bed, but seeing as I was on board they had stowed the centre mattress and he and Aaron would bunk up there.  He showed me to the larger of the two bunks, each side of the cockpit.  I was taking everything in and trying to remember all these new words.  My bunk wasn’t quite a double bed, but much wider than the one on the other side that he had allocated to Max.

Soon we were sailing, Ryker had me sit with him, and he showed me how he controlled the boat and what he watched for in the sails.  I found him fascinating; he was very worldly-wise; he reminded me of a gypsy.  Dark hair pulled back into a ponytail that hung just past the nape of his neck.  He had thick dark eyelashes, and a 5 o’clock shadow; well, actually it was a little longer than that, more a very close-trimmed beard.  His olive skin was burnt dark brown from being outdoors.  He only had on a pair of cut-off jeans and a white tee-shirt that had the sleeves torn off and the holes in it.  Through the holes in his shirt, you could see that he was cut,  his well-defined muscles showing through.

I also took the time to evaluate Aaron.  He was around six-foot, so a couple of inches shorter than Ryker.  Handsome in a rugged outdoors way.  He too had olive skin and was burnt brown, and his sun-bleached blond hair was quite long.  Every time I looked, he was watching me and would smile and shyly look away.

Ryker told me we were heading for Tryphena, on Great Barrier Island, and would stay the night in the bay, but would have dinner ashore with friends.  After that, we would be sailing down to the Mercury Islands for a couple of days.

I was very excited, having never been to any of these places.  And had quickly fallen in love with sailing.  It was so graceful, the boat leaned over with the wind, and flowed lazily up and down the waves.  Ryker picked up on my enthusiasm, and soon had me on the tiller, and was coaching me how to get the best speed out of the boat.

It was quite mesmerising, and I found my mind wandering, evaluating who I would like to go out with if I could have the pick of the three guys. 

It was interesting to see Max in this company.  He deferred to both the other guys in everything.  This guy that I had thought for months was so in control and confident, was a bit of a wimp around these two, and jumping to do everything they said.  It also didn’t help my opinion of him that I had already made my mind up that our brief relationship needed to end.  So he was a non-starter.

Ryker was the most dazzling, but obviously the oldest and very confident.  I felt a bit nervous around him and was worried I would blurt out something stupid.

That left Aaron.  He was obviously interested in me but had hardly said a word to me.  But I definitely felt attracted and wondered if I had any chance with him.  I guessed he probably had a girlfriend and would keep clear of me, as Max was being possessive, and attempting to make it clear that I was his.  Which was really annoying me.

But I made sure that every time I caught Aaron’s eye, I returned his smiles, and told myself to watch out for an opportunity to let slip that Max and I were not an item.

In the first few hours of sailing, I really got the feel for the boat.  We were sailing with a ten-knot breeze coming from slightly behind on the port side.  I didn’t really know what half of this meant, but Ryker had the sail loosened and told me we were running with the wind and making good time.  Aaron was down below, working on the outboard for the little rubber dinghy.  And Max had at last given up trying to vie with Ryker for my attention and was up sunbathing at the bow.

Ryker said he wanted to pee, and for me to keep the bow pointing at the end of what he told me was the Coromandel Peninsula.  Then he stepped out onto the transom, un-zipped and started peeing into the sea.  I was shocked; I expected him to go to the toilet down below. 

He turned and caught me looking.

“If you’re going to watch, you realise that I will get to watch you when you relieve yourself.”

My head snapped around to the bow, as his raucous laughter alerted the other two to my plight.  I had taken in that his penis was impressive, but knew that it being slack like that, didn’t tell you what it would be like when it was hard,  This thought had me a bit hot and bothered. 

“I’m not going to pee from there!” I replied, hoping that what I had been thinking was not written across my face,

“Oh, we’ll have you peeing from here before the end of this trip,” he stated.

To that, I just thought, ‘You don’t know me yet’.

Around noon, we sailed into Elephant Cove, on what they told me was ‘Happy Jack Island’.  Ryker explained that it was best to find a cove to stop for lunch, as the yacht rocked around a lot if we stopped out on open water.  There was a rock on the left, as we sailed into the cove, that was meant to look like an elephant.  But I could only see a rhinoceros.  However, once Aaron pointed it out, it was startling just how clear the elephant shape was.

Another reason for stopping was they wanted to catch some fish. To take to their friends for dinner.  But we didn’t have much luck, and just left the rods hanging over the side while we ate, with no bites at all.

Aaron had made us all Vogel’s bread sandwiches, that were filled with an assortment of salad, ham and cheese.  They were huge, at least an inch thick; I struggled to get one in my mouth, but it was delicious.  I was handed a beer to wash it down; no one asked me if I wanted the beer.  It was just handed over as if I was just one of the boys.  And as I had finished it before I had finished the sandwich, Ryker just handed me another.  

It was interesting, listening to them joking and having one another on, and I noted that Max bore the brunt of much of their humour and ribbing.  

I learned that Max had lived next to Ryker all his life, but that Ryker, who was seven years older, left home around the age of twenty-two, to go flatting.  Aaron lived a couple of streets away.  They told a story about setting Max up to blow up a teacher’s letterbox one Guy Fawkes.  So I knew Max had hung around with them when he was younger but had not seen much of them for the last eight years or so.

When I finished my second beer, I felt a little tipsy and was busting to go to the toilet.  I whispered into Ryker’s ear that I needed to go.  

He just pointed at the transom, and said, “You know where to go, the others won’t watch, but I will, seeing as you watched me.”

Then seeing the panic that crossed my face, he laughed.  “Aaron, you had better show Veronique how to use the head.  She’s a bit nervous about dropping her shorts in front of us.”

They all thought this was very funny.  But Aaron quickly hopped up and guided me down below.  At the toilet, called a ‘head’ – god knows why –  Aaron showed me the valve that needed to be opened to get rid of the business, and the other valve that needed to be opened when I started pumping it out.

I squeezed in past Aaron and tried to open the bottom valve; it would not budge.

Aaron, placing a hand on my hip, his other hand brushed my breast as he leaned to help.  A surge of arousal flooded my body; I blushed red, certain he would be able to sense my excitement at his touch.

“You don’t try to open it with your wrist.  Keep this arm straight and use the weight of your body,” he instructed.

The valve moved easily once I had the correct technique, and he made me do the whole procedure again before he was satisfied enough to leave me alone.  I was very hot and flushed, my mind going overboard with thoughts of his bending me over and taking me hard.  What the hell was happening to me; these thoughts were very uncomfortable.  Must be the sea air; that seemed to get the blame for many things.

When I stepped back on deck, I nodded to Ryker.  “I understand why you guys pee off the end of the boat now.  It is a bit of a hassle.”

“As I said, by the end of the trip, you will not give a toss about us, and will happily go off the back as well,” he replied, laughing.  “And we will actually not look.  We will be gentlemen and give you your privacy.”

“I don’t think so,” I replied, albeit a little less certain now.

About 2:00 pm, we slowed around Channel Island, and Ryker started the motor.  I watched as Aaron ordered Max around, getting out the fishing rods and setting them up for trawling.

We did two circuits off the island and caught two kahawai, which they told me were not that great to eat when fried, etc.  But when you smoked them, they were very tasty.  They then changed the lures to longer silver ones, while Ryker took the yacht out a little, then let it drift.  Aaron handed his rod to me, and instructed me in letting the lure sink until it touched the bottom, then had me wind it up slowly.

Suddenly the rod was nearly whipped out of my hand.  Aaron grabbed my hand that was holding the rod, then ordered me to wind like hell.  There was nothing there, but he said to keep winding.  Then I saw a huge fish following the lure right up to the boat.  It was so exhilarating, such a beautiful fish, he got me to drop the lure to the bottom again.

“This time, when it hits, jerk the rod high in the air and wind like hell.  They are kingies, and will chase your lure all day,” he told me.  “The trick is to hook one.”

Max was hooting and hollering; he had one hooked.  But halfway up it jerked free and took the lure with it.  Then another hit, I jerked the rod up as Aaron had shown me, and it felt like I had a truck attached to the line.  The line screamed out.  Ryker shouted at me to wind on more brake, and not to let it get in the rocks.  Max was yelling for me not to lose the bloody thing.  Aaron just leaned in and wound something on the front of the winder thing.

Pandemonium.  It went under the boat, everyone yelling different instructions.  Aaron whispered in my ear, “Don’t listen to them, just keep winding.  If you get tired, hand the line to me and I will bring it in.  I think you have a real whopper there.”

That was like a red rag to a bull.  No way was I going to give in.  It took at least fifteen minutes to get it up to the boat.  I was amazed the rod didn’t break; at times it was bent almost straight down into the water. Once I finally got it alongside, they gaffed it and hauled it aboard.

“Bloody beauty!” yelled Ryker, “Good girl, we’ll keep you on.”

My chest almost burst, I was so proud.  It was well over a meter long.

“Has to be a thirty-pounder at least.  You did bloody great,” gloated Aaron.  Then he proceeded to give Max shit about his girlfriend out-fishing him.

We set sail again; I was offered another beer but quickly declined, not wanting to get sozzled and fall overboard and also not too keen on tackling the ‘head’ more than I needed to.

About 5:00 pm we pulled into Tryphena Harbour, on Great Barrier Island.  Ryker asked me to take the helm and keep the yacht pointed into the wind, while they set the anchor.  Then the guys all got busy, Max tying a blue and white flag to one of the runners and then helping the other two in bringing dive gear up on deck.

When I queried the flag, I was informed it was to tell other boats to keep clear of us, as divers were in the water.  I was learning more by the minute.

Soon it was just Max and me on the boat, as Ryker and Aaron disappeared under the water to get a feed off scallops.  

Max and I talked; he didn’t know the people we were going to have dinner with.  I learned a bit more about the other guys and how he had met up with Ryker when he went home to see his mom.  And had been offered this weekend away, and had asked if he could bring me.  He was full of bravado, and bragging, now that the others were underwater.

It only seemed like ten minutes and the guys were back, yelling for Max to reach over and grab their catch bags.  They had forty scallops between them, which evidently was as many as they were allowed to take.

It took two trips in the little rubber ducky to get us and the fish ashore, where there was a tall bronzed hunk of a guy waiting for us in a Department of Conservation van.

I was introduced to him as Tony.  We all piled in and set out on a bumpy rough gravel road to his home.  It was around to the left from where we had come ashore.  It was quite a new house, perched up above Tryphena, with a great view over the whole bay.   

When Tony pulled to a stop, an attractive woman of around twenty-eight walked out, hugged Aaron, shook hands with Max, then was introduced to me as Valerie, Tony’s wife.  She enveloped me in a huge hug, which had my head pressed into her ample cleavage, as she was a good six inches taller than I.

Last of all, Valerie moved over to Ryker.  She didn’t just peck him on the cheek, but threw her arms around him and openly kissed him passionately on the lips.  I was a bit shocked to see Ryker respond just as passionately and grab her butt cheeks, lifting her off the ground.  I snapped my head around to look at Tony but found him getting the fish, etc., from the van.  He had certainly seen them embrace but seemed totally unfazed by Ryker’s actions.

I was even more confused when a seven-year-old boy ran out from the house, calling excitedly, “Dad, Dad, what have you brought me?” and wrapped his arms around Ryker.

Over the evening, I learned that Valerie had been Ryker’s first girlfriend; they had known one another most of their life and been an item for about three years after high school.  She had gotten pregnant, but they had not married, and a couple of years later, she and Tony married.  I wanted to ask questions and understand more but just sat quietly, not wanting to appear nosey.

Once we were in the house, I was handed a twenty-month-old girl to hold.  This was Valerie and Tony’s daughter.  The baby was cute, not at all fazed about being plonked into a stranger’s arms.  She reached out and grabbed a handful of hair, then tried to suck on my nose.

Ryker was standing nearby watching me.  He yelled out, “Just like her mother, trying to suck on everything that sticks out.”

Valerie replied, “You never complained, you bastard!”

Which had everyone laughing, and none louder than Tony.

I was amazed that Ryker and Valerie did not hide their passion for each other, and that Tony was perfectly okay about it.  Evidently, the three of them had grown up very close friends.  

This trip was certainly opening my eyes to how sheltered my upbringing had been.  Wait till I get home and tell my girlfriends, they’ll never believe half of what I have to tell them about my first day on a yacht.

Ryker and Valerie took over the kitchen and soon there were some pretty appetising smells filling the house.  Tony opened a bottle of wine and poured us all a glass. Max declined the wine though, saying he didn’t like it and would stick to beer.

Ryker had brought them all presents: a dozen bottles of wine for Tony, perfume and oils for Valerie, and a model yacht for his boy Nicholas to build.  They also showed much appreciation for the kingies, scallops and kahawai we had delivered.  I noticed Tony had disappeared, and when I asked where he had gone, Aaron took me outside to watch him smoking the kahawai.  They were going to keep one, and the other was for us to take with us the next day.

Aaron brought up that I had caught the kingfish all on my own.  Tony was very impressed; he reckoned it must weigh more than I did.  Valerie joined in heaping praise on me and declaring that Ryker should marry me quick, as he would never get another woman as good as me.  I noticed that statement wiped the smile from Aaron’s face for a minute, and Max looked decidedly pissed off.

Dinner was amazing; we started with a scallop mornay that was Valerie’s specialty.  Then Ryker had done kingfish steaks, with veggies from their garden.  And we finished with a blackberry and apple pie, the blackberries having been picked locally a month or two before then frozen.  I ate like a horse, I was so hungry.  They told me it was the sea air.

Just before we finished dinner, a couple arrived and were introduced to everyone.  Again I had my eyes opened as the woman kissed Valerie on the lips, with a lot more passion than I thought was decent, but no one else seemed at all concerned.

The couple was there to pick up Nicholas, who was going to stay overnight at their place.  Which seemed a bit strange to me; I thought he would have wanted to stay with his father.  But he just gave Ryker a hug and was happy to go.

We moved out onto their deck to watch the sunset.  The booze was flowing, but when Max leaned over to pour me another glass, Aaron stopped him, “Veronique has to get from the dinghy to the yacht in the dark later, just go light on her.” 

But after that, I noted they were all plying Max with drinks; even Valerie and Tony seemed to be in on the game.  After dinner, Max was given a brandy, which he quickly finished and was just as quickly served another.  I never read a lot into it, but it was obvious they were stitching him up.  

But I was getting annoyed with Max again; he was getting drunk and acting really possessive.  Also, he was still trying to give me more wine, even after Aaron’s warning.  I just declined nicely, and when I caught him trying to pour some in my glass when he thought I wasn’t looking, I just gave him ‘a look’ and poured it into the bush below the deck. 

When the guys got up and started cleaning up, Valerie took me inside and sat on the settee with me, stating she wanted to talk.  Within a minute, we realised we both spoke French.  Her mother had been French, and I told her of my mother’s love of that country, and that she had spoken French to me from an early age.

Valerie told me I was nothing like she expected, which made me realise that someone had told her I was coming, and yet I had seen no one on the yacht call on a phone.  She quizzed me about my relationship with Max.  I told her about him messing me around, and that I had decided I was going to finish with him.  Then how he had turned up and talked my father into letting me come on this trip.  She got a bit personal about my sex life, but I found her really easy to talk to, so admitted to her that apart from some fumbling with a guy at our youth group, Max was the only guy I had ever had.

When the guys had finished and came over to join us, I noted that Valerie took Ryker and Aaron aside, and had an intense conversation with them.  I wondered what was so important, but soon they all joined me and were all smiling and happy, so I guess they sorted what was bothering her.

Around 9:00, Aaron indicated that we should get back to the boat.  We had to help Max to his feet as he was very unsteady, and Tony and Aaron had to half carry him out to the van.  

It was not until we were driving off down to the beach that I realised Ryker was not with us.

I leaned over to Aaron and whispered in his ear, ‘Where is Ryker?”

“He’s staying with Valerie for a while, Tony will row him out to the boat later.”

I was gobsmacked, and instantly realised why they were so openly passionate with one another. “You mean he’s going to sleep with her?”

I spoke too loud, as Tony answered me from the front seat, “Don’t be surprised, we both love her, we always share the same bed when he visits.”

I must have opened my mouth wide in astonishment, as Aaron roared with laughter at my reaction and told me to shut my mouth or I would catch a fly.  

I was embarrassed and looked over at Max.  Well, that was one thing I didn’t need to worry about; there was no way he was in any condition to be pestering me tonight.  Then it ran through my mind, whether this would be a good time to let Aaron know I was available.  I blushed at my ribald thought, and what was I thinking.  I needed to get my act together; I was acting like some cheap hussy.  What would Aaron think of me?

Getting Max into the dinghy was not too bad, but getting him off at the other end was a herculean effort.  Aaron had obviously been through the exercise before, though, as while I held the dinghy against the side, he manhandled him onto the deck.  

He hung him over the side and stuck his fingers down his throat, looking to me and stating, “Don’t want him bringing all that up in his bunk.”

After Max had finished puking up everything he had had that night.  Aaron manhandled him down to his bunk and thrust him into it fully dressed.  Soon he was snoring loud enough to wake the dead and had me wondering how I would get to sleep with all that noise.

I felt really awkward around Aaron, thinking he could read my mind and know what I had thought before.  But he acted perfectly normal, just as he had all day.  He asked me if I wanted to talk or play cards or something, but I didn’t trust myself and said I was ready to go to bed.  So he showed me how to operate the shower and where to put my toothbrush, etc.  

Then I don’t know exactly how it happened or who started it, but I found myself kissing him.  After only a few minutes, both of us were helping one another strip off our clothes.  Our efforts to shower together in a cubicle that was hardly big enough for me, let alone his hulking size, had us laughing and giggling like school kids.

Then not even properly dry, he picked me up and carried me to his bed in the bow.  I was surprised to see that the bunks were made up into the double bed, and it sort of registered that this had been planned way earlier, certainly before we had gone ashore.

But before I could voice my sceptical suspicions, his lips found mine, and they were soft and wine flavoured, his tongue forced its way inside, and my tongue responded against his.  I had goosebumps all over.  We French kissed, and I felt him take control of me.

He pushed me down onto the bed and his mouth found my breasts.  He sucked on my nipples, driving me mad with desire.  Then his fingers found my pussy, and opened its folds like a rose.  He started kissing down my body, lingered at my belly button, then down to the insides of my thighs. 

I reached down to try and stop him.  Oh, I had read about muff diving, so I was aware where this was heading.  But I have to admit to thinking I was dirty, as my juices were really flowing.  Also, I had never understood who would ever want to kiss a woman there.  

But he was too strong and his head was between my legs and his mouth enveloped my sex.  His tongue pushed its way inside me, and I was filled with the most amazing sensations that had my toes curled up so tight, I could have hung upside down from a clothesline with them.  I just opened my legs as wide as they would go, reached down, grabbed his blond mane and pulled him hard into me. 

I have no idea how long he ate me, but I had more than one orgasm.  And when I felt another building, I frantically tried to hold him there, as he pulled away.  But I was not frustrated for long.  He crawled up on top of me, took my hand and placed it around his hard rod.  

‘Placed around it’ is a bit of a misnomer, as his cock was huge; I could not get the ends of my fingers to touch.  I have tiny hands, but they had no problem circling the appendage of that drunk bastard in the aft bunk, and I had thought that he was big.

I lifted my head up to have a look at what I held.  “Oh hell! I will never take that, it’s too big.”

Aaron smiled at me, “I’ve heard those words before, but I’ve never had any problems, just take it slow.  I will let you set the pace.”

So I guided him up against my vagina and tried to ease it in.  He took it slow.  Applying a little pressure, then easing to give me time to adjust.  I looked down between us and was surprised to see it was halfway in already.  It didn’t even hurt, and I suddenly felt a rush of excitement surge through me.  I wanted him to do it to me, hard.  The thought of his large cock made me wet, which had me a bit worried about his reaction to the juices that were soaking him.  I adjusted myself slightly, feeling my vaginal walls envelop his angry cock; he didn’t seem worried about all the mess and groaned out loud as he pushed himself home.

Then I felt his hand envelop one of my breasts, his fingers feeling the nipple, then rolling it between his finger and thumb.  I heard myself moan and call out, “Fuck me, Fuck me.”

I reached around him and grabbed his arse; raising my hips up off the mattress, I tried to pull him into me hard.  He resisted, but I did feel him sink fully home.  I felt proud that I could handle all of him; it seemed such a big thing to me.

I fought to relax, knowing it would be easier if I could.  But I was so horny, and the sensations running through my body had me tensing up and making involuntary jerky movements.

I pulled my knees up into my chest, opening myself up further.  And this seemed to tip Aaron over the edge, as he started to really fuck me now.  

As I felt my climax building, I let go of any restraint and let out some pretty lewd requests about what he should do to me.  And as he bent his head and took my hard nipples into his mouth, I came.

I had never felt anything like it.  Yet, I felt another wave of pleasure wash over me as he called out my name and came himself.  I thought I was going to pass out, it was so intense.

We lay beside each other.  Even though the hatch above us was wide open, we were too hot to cuddle against one another.

Then after a little while, he dropped a bombshell on me.

“You didn’t know that Max is married, did you?”

I just never saw that coming. “No!  You’re kidding?” I spat out.

“What did he tell you about coming on this trip?”

“I don’t know, he spoke mostly to my father, and I don’t know what he told him before I got home.  But I remember him saying he had been asked on the trip and had asked if he could bring me,” I replied.

Aaron looked thoughtful, sighed, then spoke quietly.  

“I feel like a bit of an arsehole.  Max ran into Ryker and when he heard we were going away for the weekend, he begged to be allowed to come with us.  Ryker at first said no.  But Max said he had a super horny girl that would share herself with all of us.  Told us she just couldn’t get enough.  He just needed Ryker to call his wife and say it was a boys’ weekend, so he could get away.

“Ryker felt a little sorry for him, as he’s met his wife and she’s a bit of a bitch.  So he relented.  We were expecting some slag to turn up yesterday.  You were a complete surprise.  I knew instantly that the bugger had not let you in on what was expected.  And so tonight I voiced my concerns to Valerie, and asked her to question you about your relationship with him.

“Valerie had a real go at Ryker and I, about what we had intended, saying it was not on, even if you had turned out to be a slag.  And she made us promise her that we would look after you.  So I’m now feeling bloody guilty about my not being to control myself.”

Everything became crystal clear to me.  All Max’s unreliability, things I remembered on our half dozen dates, Valerie asking questions about my sex life and her having that strong-worded conversation with the guys earlier.  But I had to clear up one thing.

“Aaron, what just happened was as much my doing as it was yours.  This has been the best day of my life.  I’ve learned to sail, caught a huge fish, eaten the most wonderful dinner, and for the first time in my life, had sex that was as good as anything I have read in my friend’s stupid romance novels.  So don’t ruin my day by telling me you’re sorry and it won’t happen again.”

Aaron rolled over and looked at me, “You’re quite incredible, you know.  I think you are very special.  If you’re keen to let me make love to you again, then I’ll happily break all the promises I made to Valerie!”

We talked some more; he made me laugh when he offered to go and dump Max over the side for me.

Eventually, I either passed out or just fell asleep.  I had never felt so good in my life.  I didn’t want to move. I was exhausted but in the best way possible. 

When I opened my eyes, I was met with Aaron lying on his side, looking longingly at me.

“Finally you wake up, sleepyhead,” he whispered.  “Max is up and about, but I gave him an earful and he’s sulking up on deck.”

I wondered how I was going to face Max?  I wanted revenge, then it came to me exactly what the best revenge would be. I pushed Aaron over onto his back and crawled on top of him.  He pointed at the wide-open hatch above us and mouthed that Max would hear us.

“Good, that’s exactly what I want.” 

I pushed my hand between us and was very pleased to find Aaron hard and ready.  I sat up, straddled him, then lowered myself carefully onto him.  

I expected it to hurt after the hammering he had given me the night before.  There was a little tenderness, but he slipped in quite easily; I was so wet and ready.  This was as much about want and need as it was getting back at Max.  However, Max was definitely a factor, and I yelled out, “Fuck me, I want you to fuck me!”

Talking dirty like that was so alien to everything I had ever been taught, but hell, it turned me on.  That was the last thought I had of Max; it was now all about Aaron and me.  With most of his cock embedded in me on the first flick of my hips, I gave another thrust and was rewarded with my clit pressing hard against his pubic mound.  The sensation was fantastic; I ground my crotch hard against him and felt a new surge of emotion rage through my body as Aaron responded.

He arched his back, lifting me up from the bunk, allowing me to reposition my legs.  Comfortable now, I set out to fuck him.  For the first time in my life, I was taking control of my needs.  I felt like I was now a woman; gone was the immature teen who felt she had to conform to whatever people told her was right.

Aaron grabbed my hips and pulled me hard against him, matching his thrusts with mine.  And when our movements were in sync, he shifted his hands up to my breasts and massaged and tweaked my nipples.  All too quickly, we were both about cum.

“Yeeesss, Ooohhh Goddd, I’m cummming!” I yelled, aware again that Max was near, and would be listening.

Aaron responded with some choice, dirty exclamations of his own.  Calling me his little fuck whore and other lewd names.  This little girl, who yesterday would have been shocked, found she was turned on like fuck by his language.

I collapsed on top of him, then as my heart slowed down somewhere near normal, I realised we were both bathed in sweat.  

“I want to dive into the sea.”

“What, now!  Nude!” said Aaron, looking at me, an expression of amazement crossing his face.

“Yes!  Now!”  And I leapt up, skipped across the lounge, up the steps and out onto the transom.  I hesitated a second to snap a ‘good morning’ to Max, who was sitting by the tiller.  Then dived gracefully into the sea.

The shock of the ice-cold water took any last vestiges of weariness from my body.  Then I was swamped by Aaron landing beside me.  He had jumped high, tucked his knees up under his chin and landed a bomb that sent a spout of water high in the air.

He took a hold of me, and I was happy for the warmth.  But quickly my body adjusted to the water, and I revelled in my new-found freedom.  The water felt viscous, almost like oil enveloping me.  I thrashed my arms back and forward, beating the water into a foam.  The freedom… it felt marvellous.

We tread water around the stern of the boat for a few minutes, then Aaron guided me over to the transom and pulled the dive ladder down.  He had to boost me up, though, with a hand under my bum.  A bloody big hand that almost encased my whole arse.

As I hauled myself back on board, a wolf-whistle sounded close behind.  I spun around to see Ryker and Tony, rowing towards us in Tony’s dinghy.  They were only fifteen meters from the yacht.  Crimson red, I scurried below and pulled on my new bikini, then pulled a sun-frock over the top of it.

When I came back on deck, Tony and Ryker were obviously having a real go at Max.  I stepped in, “I want a word with him before you throw him overboard,” and nodded at Max to follow me up to the bow.

“You should have told me you were married,” I opened with.

You wouldn’t have gone out with me if I had told you,” he replied.

“Dam right, I wouldn’t have.  But what makes you think that is OK?  I was pretty much a virgin and you took something special from me, that I now despise you for.”

“Sorry, I didn’t think, I’m not happy at home and you were the best thing that had happened to me in years,” he replied, hanging his head.

“That’s bullshit!  If you had thought anything of me at all, you would have sorted out your marriage, then started a relationship with me.  Instead, you just weaselled your way around me to get a quick shag whenever you could get away from home.”

I took a breath; Max was looking pretty uncomfortable.

“Then I find out you have brought me along on this trip, promising the others quick gang bangs in every corner of the yacht.”

Max hung his head and mumbled something I could not make out.  Nor did I really want to hear anything from him; it was just going to be crap anyway.

Then I really rubbed it in, “I might actually be OK with the gang bangs, but you will not be any part of them.  I don’t want to see you again, ever.”

I turned and walked back towards the stern.  I could see by the amazing looks on the guys’ faces they had heard every word.  I blushed with embarrassment, mortified by what they must have heard.  My angry jibe about having gang bangs, something I would never do, brought tears to my eyes.

Aaron took my arm to lead me below, as I had started to cry.  That really pissed me off; I did not want to appear like a weak little girl in front of these guys.  So I snapped at Ryker as I passed him, “These are not upset tears, I’m just so fucking pissed at that arsehole, I can’t help them.”

Ryker gave me a look of understanding and followed Aaron and me into the cabin.  He grabbed Max’s carry-all, then climbed back on deck.  Aaron took me in his arms and calmed me down.  And I was surprised to find I was really horny.  I wanted to be held tight and comforted.  Next thing, I found myself grinding my hips against Aaron’s thigh, and felt myself getting wet again.  Aaron’s face contorted with a look of sheer lust, and he spun me around, bent me over the dining table, whipped my bikini bottom around my ankles, and took me from behind.

We both realised at the same time, we needed to get off the table, or he was going to hammer it through the bottom of the boat.

It was frantic and fast.  His need seemed even greater than mine.  And it soon ended in a tumultuous orgasm.

Lying together on the floor, I voiced my concern about the others catching us like this, and made to get up.  

Aaron said to relax, and to take my time. “Ryker will see we are left alone.”  

I got up anyway.  It was way out of my comfort zone, what had just happened and lying on the floor with my bikini bottoms still hanging from my ankles.  Then I told Aaron I didn’t want to face Max, “He’s going to ruin the weekend for us.”

“Don’t worry, he’s already gone,” replied Aaron.

I sat up, “What do you mean, he’s gone?” suddenly scared they had drowned him or something.

“Valerie organised a flight for him on this afternoon’s flight with Great Barrier Air.  I expect Tony has already rowed him ashore.  Didn’t you see Ryker getting his stuff before?”

Before I could discuss anything more, the yacht heeled over and we heard the slap of waves against the hull as the yacht picked up speed.  I looked at Aaron questioningly.

“We’re off to the Mercs.”  Which, I was to learn during the morning, was the Mercury Islands, and later to find out was one of the most beautiful places to sail in New Zealand.



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