The power of manifestation means you can have anything you put your mind to. But what if you’re focusing your mind on the wrong thing, or worse, the wrong person?

We’ve all been there. Hoping and wishing for a text from a special person, visualizing your future with your crush, or chanting affirmations to attract someone into your life. 

The Law Of Attraction, when used correctly, can transform your life for the better. However, if you have your heart, and your manifestations, set on someone in particular, you could be causing serious damage in your love life.

You might think you know exactly who “the one” is for you but it’s possible you’re just getting sidetracked. 

Keeping your heart and manifestations open means focusing on attracting love and romance in general rather than focusing on attracting love and romance with a specific person. 

It might come as a surprise to you that your ex or crush that you have imagined your future life with is NOT the person the universe will send your way.

Your manifestations could be driving your crush away.

To learn more about how to use — and misuse — manifestation in your love life, we spoke exclusively to Kristine Carlson, a psychic medium who has expertise in love readings, soul realignment, and — of course — manifestation. 

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