You know the conflict when you’re starting to catch feelings for someone but you’re distracted by being torn between wanting to rip their clothes off to let them wreck your gait for the next week and worrying that doing so will destroy any potential for you both to build something real and sustainable?

I was recently discussing this struggle with an old friend who mentioned wanting to keep her strictly-platonic booty call in play during the first stages of a new relationship with a different guy to temper her overwhelming sexual urges so she could have the patience to really get to know this new guy before having meaningful sex with him.

Speaking from experience, I encouraged her to try this tactic so long as her burgeoning romance was still non-exclusive and the guy hosting her d*ck appointments was still okay being a side piece.

I’d say we should file this strategy under “Unpopular Opinions,” but the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve seen evidence that I’m not the originator of the practice by a long shot. It’s time to get rid of the taboo and talk about it frankly.

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Monogamy and our infinitely-varied, often-fluid individual sexual natures are complicated and nuanced to say the very least. I’m not here to debate the difference between polyamory and straight-up cheating (it’s about consent and communication, y’all), and obviously, I understand that for many people, sex is a sacred act that requires allegiance to one partner. It’s wonderful if the latter applies to your personal preferences, but this article isn’t for you.

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