Chapter 4

Amanda’s eyes were closed and she was trying to get her breathing back under control, the memory of Nick’s hands on her bum lingering in her skin. Knees weak, she found that she was taking most of her weight on her elbows, planted still on the desk surface.

Standing over her, watching her breath heaving, her small ass barely hidden under her short skirt, Nick took the printed piece of paper and placing it on her back started to slowly read it through again. Every thought, every emotion that she had opened to him. He took his time, his hand resting on the swell of her ass as he read.

Amanda noticed him take her diary entry and wondered at the time and attention it was receiving. She wondered too if he was looking at it, or simply comforting her with his touch.

He finished reading and smiled to himself, placing the printed sheet in front of her. “Read it out loud again, this time with feeling,” he said, his big hands now resting either side of her hips, encaging her, barely touching her, inches between his groin and her ass.

She took a big breath, like before starting a performance of some kind, preparing. Beginning at the top, slowly getting more into it, she let her true hidden feelings tumble out from between the lines, the words the same but the message becoming clearer. With each word her voice became stronger, her own doubt subsiding, her need evident. As she finished, Nick ran his fingers through her hair and smiled.

“Well done, little one, you can get up now.” With his hands on her arms, he helped her to stand up and turned her to face him, lifting her chin with his fingers. Brushing his thumb over the corner of her lips, he looked into her eyes. “There’s something special inside you.”

Amanda just gazed at him, her own eyes flitting between the two of his, searching. She didn’t know what she was looking for but she felt like she’d found it. It was his fingers on her face that was special, and the light touch made her insides do things. She dared not speak, but she couldn’t help react to him calling her special.

Nick kissed her forehead and his hand found hers, squeezing it gently. He smiled. “Let’s have our coffee in the courtyard before the day begins.” Leading her out he sat and watched as she did the same. “Are you looking forward to your first full day, Amanda?” The early morning light was just entering the courtyard, giving it an ethereal glow.

She laughed in a light giggle of nervousness. Carrying the coffees outside at least gave her some mundane actions to carry out and distract her from the turmoil within. His question deserved an answer though.

“Yes, and no, Sir. I’m looking forward to starting work. I’m scared of what else I’ve started.” She looked down, a little ashamed. She may have begun something that she couldn’t complete.

Nick leaned forward and placed his hand around hers on the coffee cup, stroking his thumb over her knuckles. “You are perfect, little one; look at me. Perfect.”

Again she looked into his eyes and knew that she could trust him, that she was safe. She smiled, his touch comforting as always, needed even. But a single tear escaped from her left eye and ran unchecked down her cheek.

Nick stood up and walked round to her, lifting her to her feet, pressing her head to his chest, resting his chin on the top of her head and just holding her, his big arms wrapped around her back, not squeezing, just holding, feeling her small body nestled against his, the dampness of her cheek against his shirt.

She started to cry, just softly, and hugged him as tight as she could, muttering, “Sorry, I’m so sorry, sorry Sir,” over and over. She squeezed him like she was going to crush him, though he was more like steel to her marshmallow. He held her there, squeezing her gently back before lifting her easily and kissing her cheek.

“Perhaps we should keep the shop shut today and focus on you,” he whispered.

“No, no, don’t do that, we need to be open for our customers,” she paused,” I’ll be ok.” She reclaimed a hand and wiped her face, smearing the mascara which she then noticed on her fingers. “I’m such a mess! I better repair my face!” She exclaimed and smiled up at him, knowing she must look hideous, if happy.

Nick‘s hands slid under her thighs and lifted her higher before placing her on the small table. Her legs either side of his as he stepped between them. Very slowly he wiped the mascara from her cheek and kissed where the mark had been. He looked into her eyes, looking for something that he found, happiness that reassured him. Nick smiled and kissed her lips softly, a gentle lingering kiss. “You’ll be ok,” he announced, grinning as he broke the kiss.

Amanda sighed in contentment, wondering if she was his girlfriend, his mistress, his employee, his bit on the side, an addition to his harem, or a friend. It didn’t matter. She hadn’t even checked if he was married or had a partner. “Yes, I’m ok.”

With a smile and nod, he pressed his forehead to hers and kissed her again, a deeper kiss, his fingers in her hair holding her to him, feeling her giving herself over to him. She kissed back, wanting this, needing this, needing him, needing to be wanted, not caring if he had other girls. Her hands covered his and she closed her eyes.

Nick held her; their kiss, their first real kiss, that echoed their needs and wants, his lips leading the way, pressing and then exploring, his hand on the back of her head, the other caressing her cheek. Breaking the kiss he pressed his forehead to hers again and smiled. “Until lunch. Go get ready for our customers.”

“Yes, Sir!” She grinned, sliding out from under him and skipping to the toilets, where, reunited with her bag, she repaired the signs of her first ravaging by her boss. She grinned so happily at her reflection that it was hard to keep her light pink lippy straight, but she managed. Presentable once more, she returned to the shop.

Sitting at his desk waiting for her return, seeing her lips immaculate, her eyes shining with happiness he couldn’t help smiling from the bottom of his heart. “You look beautiful.”

“You just can’t admit that you hired an ugly hag for an assistant!” She loved every compliment and danced her way around the shop straightening books and tidying displays, singing quietly to herself, although the place was already immaculate.

Nick watched her for a few minutes just enjoying her before he unlocked the door and flicked the sign to Open, walking towards her quietly as she stacked books.

“Good girl,” he said as he caressed his hand over the swell of her ass, which she wiggled just in case he wasn’t aware of how much she liked it there. Then he walked through to the back while she went to the desk, manning the shop as he stepped out.

The morning progressed with a few customers coming and going and Nick and Amanda took it in turns to deal with their needs. When she served, he was always around just in case, but he noticed how she grew in confidence. When the shop was empty he couldn’t help but watch her, his assistant who was distracting him from doing all the work he had hired her to allow him to do.

Amanda pretty quickly got into the swing of attending to the customers, doing her best to make them feel welcome but not pestered, checking the availability of certain items on the computer as he had shown her, and enjoying some light banter, especially with the older men. It was all innocent but fun and hopefully would bring them back to spend money.

As she made another sale and waved the customer out Nick came up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. “Keep this up and I’ll be asking you to work much more than Saturdays.”

“Apart from my lecture schedule, I can probably change when I do other things if you decide you do want me?” She replied, looking up at him over her left shoulder, his hands comforting as always.

He smiled and then chuckled. “I think you know I want you, Mands,” his hands gently stroking over the top of her shoulders then up her throat as he planted a small kiss on the side of her neck. She tilted her head to the side, liking the sound of that statement, making space for him.

Kissing to the corner of her jaw and up her cheek, he added, “Nearly lunch.” He grinned and gave her a squeeze before walking off.

“Nearly,” she whispered and returned to her station at the desk.


Chapter 5

Nick returned to the front of the store just after 1 pm having been on the phone and saw Amanda at the desk in his big chair.

“Is everything okay?” She asked, hoping the call wasn’t a problem.

“Nope, all good,” he answered, “just some new stock to be delivered tomorrow. You could help me unpack it if you wanted some extra money.”

“Sure!” Then thinking more practically. “Er, when?”

“How about one night next week after the shop is closed?”

“Sure, as long as I know ahead of time, I can do any night.”

“Let’s discuss after lunch. Lock the door and flip the sign for me.”

Flipping the sign over to Closed, Amanda dropped the latch to lock up and started towards the back. As she brushed past Nick he smiled and stopped her, his hand on her arm. “You did well this morning,” he said, his eyes looking deep into hers.

She looked back up at him, remembering to breathe despite him being so close, touching her. “Thank you, Sir.”

He brushed her cheek and turned her so that her back was to the shelves, stopping inches from her. Running his thumb over her lips, his eyes willed hers to keep looking into his. Her lips parted, teeth gently closed, gaze fixed on him, almost whimpering, but not quite.

Nick dragged her bottom lip down and kissed the corner of her mouth, then the other corner, then full on her lips as his fingers traced down the collar of her blouse, their lips pressing together, melting as one. Eyes now closed she was in another world. Nothing existed but his hand on her, and the kiss.

Pressing his thigh between her legs as the kiss grew deeper, his fingers reached the buttons on her blouse, slowly undoing them one by one. She couldn’t help herself, she pushed her hips forward, pressing into his leg, her hands gripping his muscular shoulders, kissing him, wanting his fingers to keep going.

Her blouse unbuttoned, his fingers pressed lightly to her taut tummy then circled to her sides, his thumbs slowly caressing up either side of her navel, his tongue lightly parting her lips, seeking more of her as he felt her pressing against him. She breathed him in, her tummy fluttering under his teasing caress, gently humping his trapped thigh.

Nick’s hands slid further up her body, grazing over the fabric of her bra and higher to her shoulders, peeling the blouse back and off her shoulders. She moved her arms so he could slide the blouse off if he wanted, unsure how far she should go.

He smiled and broke the kiss, looking into her eyes as he pulled the top off to her elbows, trapping her arms behind her, kissing her cheek and down her jaw, his hands sliding down to her ass, pulling her against his thigh.

Amanda turned her body, twisting away from his kisses, and tried to slide out from under him. “I’m sorry, I can’t, it’s just… sorry, I’m so sorry,” she gasped.

With his hands on her shoulders, Nick held her in place looking into her eyes, “Look at me, Amanda.”

She couldn’t, she was too embarrassed, too ashamed, what must he think of her? Tears filled her eyes, blinding her. Nick held her to himself, her tears seeping into his shirt, kissing her hair, holding her, his strong arms around her.

She sobbed, her own arms uselessly tangled behind her. She was wretched, the worst of all girls, the easy tease who wouldn’t deliver, the slut who wouldn’t put out. She knew she deserved to be thrown out, fired, got rid of. She was so ashamed.

Nick simply held her, letting it all come out, his hand curled around the back of her head. Kissing her temple, “Oh Amanda, you are so wrong, so very wrong. You are perfect.”

She realized with horror that her hidden thoughts must have escaped, and his kindness and understanding made her feel even worse. She felt so undeserving of his forgiveness, and cried even harder, great heaving sobs so that she could hardly draw breath. Nick squeezed her tight, letting her empty her heart of all of those emotions, ready to be filled with something new, something pure. He pressed his cheek to hers, sharing her tears as they streamed down her face.

“I’m so sorry, Nick, I want to, but I can’t, I’m so sorry, so sorry, oh Nick!” She buried her face in his chest.

He held her, stroking her hair, “It’s ok, it’s ok. You’re safe here, remember?”

Amanda pushed away and stepped back, just a pace from him. She tried to rip her hands out of her sleeves, to undress for him, but she couldn’t even manage that.

Nick pulled her blouse back on over her shoulders and slowly buttoned it back up.

She had almost stopped crying, but his sweet gallant gesture set her off again, and she threw herself against him like she could bury her whole being inside the circle of his arms. She never knew she had so many tears.

Lifting her easily he carried her through to the courtyard and sat her on the table, holding her close, her head to his chest, his hands slowly rubbing her back.

Calming a little, she still couldn’t look at him. “You must hate me. I’ll get my things and go. You should be able to find a good replacement. No one would be as bad as me.”

He combed his fingers slowly through her hair, brushing it back from her face, tilting her chin up, whispering in her ear, “I don’t hate you, I could never hate you.”

“But I’m… I’m a… I’m, but…?” she finally looked up at him, confused, knowing how appallingly she had behaved.

He slowly wiped the tears from her face. “You’re safe.”

Gazing into his kind eyes, thinking she must have heard wrong, she said, “I’m sorry, I got carried away, and then panicked, and, and I don’t know anything anymore?” She was looking for safety and security in his eyes.

Looking down into hers, smiling softly at her, waiting for her to see what she needed to see, his hands held her face gently.

She placed her own hands flat on his chest, and gently kissed his lips. “I want to curl up on your lap,” she said dreamily, not a demand or request, just a statement of how she was feeling.

Nick softly kissed her back and held her close, fingers trailing through her hair.

“Will you still be here if I go to the Ladies for a minute?”

Brushing her cheeks with his thumbs, he replied, “Of course, I’m going nowhere.”

“Sitting on a chair?”

He smiled. “I’ll sit on a chair; my lap is yours to sit on.”

She extricated herself and headed inside to the toilets, glancing back once over her shoulder. He watched her go, before sitting on the chair in the courtyard, wondering if she was okay, wondering so many things.

After washing and repairing her face and making herself presentable, Amanda studied herself in the mirror. Satisfied, she walked back out to the courtyard.


Not even shoes. Hands by her sides. She walked straight over to him and curled onto his lap, her feet under her and knees on his left leg. She was holding her breath.

Nick’s eyes were wide from the moment she walked out, taking her in, every inch of her, as she curled onto his lap, her warm body falling neatly into place. He smiled and looked at her.

“Oh Amanda, you’re perfect!”

She almost purred in happiness and lowered her head to snuggle in as small as she could, warmed by the heater, and instantly drifted into an exhausted sleep.

As she lay there in his lap Nick gently stroked her hair with his fingers.


Chapter 6

Amanda’s soft purring breaths were slow and steady as she slept comfortably in Nick’s arms, giving him a chance to replay the time since he had first met her.

Sometime later she could feel a draught on her skin despite the warmth from the heater, and gradually became aware of sounds, then light. Her eyes opened briefly, then closed, then opened again. She squirmed a little to snuggle closer into Nick.

Feeling her beginning to rouse he held her tighter, letting her know she was still safe, her body so small on his lap, his arm draped over her protectively.

“It’s not so warm with no clothes on,” she muttered, but she found herself grinning happily, even though not sure what she was so happy about.

Nick stroked the back of her neck and down her spine, seeing goosebumps. “We can go inside whenever you want.”

“I’d better get dressed. I can’t serve our afternoon customers like this!” She twisted around enough to look up into her employer’s face.

He chuckled and traced her cheekbone. “The store is shut little one, it’s 5 pm.”

“Oh no! But our customers? Or did you leave me here? Or, you didn’t re-open after lunch?” Her eyes studied his, her head filled with questions. Did she sleep through him moving? Was she naked out here with customers in there? Had she ruined his afternoon by closing the shop?

He couldn’t help laughing at all her questions then caught himself. “It’s ok, I was out here with you, we’ve been here all afternoon, you were very tired. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.”

Amanda pouted, “But you should have woken me? We can’t just close every time I take my clothes off?” Then she thought how silly that statement sounded.

Nick smiled and laughed, “Now that sounds like a great policy!”

“I didn’t mean… oh!” She didn’t know how to express her thoughts.

As she lay on her back on his lap, his eyes hadn’t left hers but his thumb and fingertips were very slowly edging down over her throat. His touch as always completely disarmed her and scattered her intentions, and unbidden the image crept in of Alan seeing them like that, watching Nick’s mastery. The fingertips dragged slowly over her delicate pale skin, Nick’s eyes floating from hers, over her lips and down, watching as his fingers traced over the gentle swell of her beautiful breasts.

She was breathing through her mouth, her right hand raised to his chest, left on her thigh, watching his eyes travel with his fingers. His thumb grazed over her left areola, just brushing her nipple. His eyes returned to hers. She bit her lip, feeling her nipple stiffen at the contact, looking deep into his gaze.

He lightly pinched her nipple, tugging it ever so slightly, his eyes staring down into hers. Mouth open she gasped, returning his stare. Releasing her nipple he circled it with his thumb and gently raised her head to lean down and kiss her softly. She breathed out, tension partly released, and kissed back, the softness warming her insides.

Breaking the kiss he continued to look down at her as his hand slowly trailed lower, over her tummy, around her navel. She was still watching his face, hoping to read pleasure and satisfaction in his expression, hoping she passed his scrutiny, his fingers tingling her skin, tummy going squirmy, thighs pressed together.

Nick looked into her eyes. “Open your legs for me.” His fingertips now tracing over her hip.

She obeyed without question or hesitation, delighted with his order, again almost wishing Alan could witness his mastery of her, tilting her hips up a little, breath a bit ragged. His fingers brushed through her soft hair, holding them there as he felt her hips move, letting her press against them.

She started to rock gently against his hand on her bush, the hand moving ever so slowly, fingertips leading, now cupping her mound, feeling her wetness with the very tips of his fingers and smiling at her.

“Will I do?” Her need for approval so obvious.

He dipped his finger inside her and brought it to his lips, sucking on her, tasting her for the first time. “Yes, kitten, you are perfect, so sweet, so pure.”

Amanda smiled in innocent delight; Nick liked her!

He smiled back at her as he pushed his finger deep inside her once more. She breathed out feeling the finger push in and tilted her hips more to make it easier, knowing he’d find no barrier, hoping he didn’t mind. Nick slowly pushed deeper and deeper inside, curling up against her front wall.

“Oh! OH!” Arching her back, she tilted her head backward, again imagining Alan watching, approving, commenting even.

Holding his finger inside her, looking down into her eyes, his other hand cupped her head, holding her. She found his gaze again, biting her lip, panting through clenched teeth.

Nick kept looking into her eyes, “You are going to cum for me, Amanda.”

“Yes Sir!” she managed to blurt out, the tightness growing inside her, gripping his invading finger, milking it, her face contorting.

Slowly starting to slide his finger in and out of her tight pussy, pressing against her hot soft walls, Nick looked down her body to watch as she rode like a wave on his lap, her hips rolling against his hand. She knew she was now fucking his finger, and her left hand gripped his wrist to hold it in place, even pushing him in deeper, her mouth opening and closing, the grimace deepening, the tightness in ripples.

“Oh fuck, oh FUCK!” She started to convulse.

Nick’s fingers were hers to fuck, his palm grinding against her clit, watching her, mesmerized, completely absorbed in her, whispering, “Yes, Manda, yes.”

It happened. Her little orgasm washed through her, and she held his hand motionless as the contractions gripped. Watching her, committing every second to memory, he felt her pussy tighten on his finger as she whimpered on his lap.

Calming down now, in recovery, but holding his hand against her, finger still inside, she smiled up at him. “That was nice!”

“We’ve only just begun,” he smiled.

“Oh goody! Do I get this every day, or is it just an occasional perk?” She asked, still holding his hand in and on her.

“Every day and so much more.”

Dragging his finger free she moved it to her mouth. He watched her, his cock so incredibly hard at the sight of her, feeling her soft lips on his finger. Slowly she licked that finger, tasting herself, watching him, both her hands holding his strong wrist.

Nick‘s eyes were hooded with lust at the action of her small hands and eager mouth. She started to fellate his finger, treating it like a delicious hard erect penis, still watching him, liking what she saw in his face. Feeling her tongue press against his finger, her eyes obediently on him, his cock twitched under her. Bobbing her head up and down, she was unmistakably sucking off his finger, eyes boring into his.

Nick smiled, watching her. “Let’s go inside.”

Kissing the tip of his finger she let go of his arm and rolled off his lap. Facing him, Amanda stretched up high, getting the stiffness out of her limbs, enjoying being totally naked. As she stretched Nick lifted her up and held her cradled in his arms, hers wrapped around his neck, smiling, happy.

Carrying her through into the warmth of the store, dark with no lights on, he lowered her to her feet and kissed her, softly, deeply, against the bookshelves, his hands dropping to her ass cupping her cheeks.

“You do know I like you touching me, any time, anywhere? It does nice things to me.”

He chuckled. “Mmm, good.”

“Yep, very good indeed.” She paused. “Can I tidy up the shop undressed?”

Nick smiled. “Good idea,” he said, and gave her ass a little spank, walking back to his chair, sitting watching her, rearranging his cock down his thigh.

She pottered around the shop doing the little end-of-day chores, loving being nude and knowing that he was watching. His eyes didn’t leave Amanda; her little body bouncing through the shop. Once done, she reported to the desk.

“All finished!”

Nick smiled, “Not quite.”

“Can I do it like that every day?” she asked, wondering what she had forgotten.

He beckoned her closer, “Yes, every day. Now, on your knees.”

Amanda quickly knelt down, hands behind her back, excited just from being given an order. Nick looked down at her, at her eager face, the smile on her lips, and nodded. “Good girl.” Then he very slowly and deliberately unbuckled his belt. She licked her lips without even realizing, and rejoiced inside at earning a Good girl.

Unbuttoning his trousers he lifted his hips and pushed them and his boxers down, his erection hard and springing free. Taking it in his hand he slowly stroked it, looking into her eyes as he stroked his cock.

“Oh, it’s BEAUTIFUL! Let me do that?” She looked up at him, her hands now holding his muscled thighs.

Nick released his cock. “Good girl.” He placed her hands on it, thick and hard, veins pulsing.

She wriggled in delight at earning yet another Good girl and loved how he positioned her hands on his big, fat, hard penis. Leaning forward she planted a soft kiss on the tip as she had done with his finger.

Groaning at her soft lips on his cock he growled, “Oh Amanda!”

Keeping eye contact she parted her lips and took in just the big end, tongue flicking around it, her hands slowly pumping up and down the hard stalk. His hands gripped the chair as he stared down at her.

“Yes, just like that!”

Pushing forward she took about a finger’s length into her mouth, then pulled back so just the head was in, still working the stalk, opening her mouth to show him his big end resting on her tongue.

He caressed her cheek. “Good girl, see if you can fit it all in?”

She nodded, still looking him in the eye. Amanda started by taking him off her tongue and stroking him over her eyelids, her nose, her cheeks, her lips, her chin, then back in her mouth and she pressed forward until he was at her throat, where she paused, staring into his face.

Closing her eyes she concentrated, never having done this but having read about it like every good girl. She swallowed and pushed and tried to relax, and it popped past and down her throat, pressing forward until her nose was flattened against his belly, eyes opened and again looking up to his.

Nick‘s fingers caressed her hair, stroking her cheek, pure joy at seeing his cock buried down her throat, his eyes wide as he moaned, “Oh Manda, you angel.” Holding her there, letting her swallow around his cock, her eyes looking up at him were rushing him towards orgasm. He nodded and released her. “Make me cum.”

Just hearing those words sent a mini ripple through her belly and she squeezed her legs together so that she didn’t leak. Pulling back, she opened her mouth, breathing with his big cock on her soft flat tongue, and she pumped his stalk moving her tongue against the underside, desperate for him to explode.

Nick’s thigh muscles were pulsing as he strained to hold himself still, his hands gripping his legs, watching her, the eager eyes, the greedy mouth, the small hand stroking relentlessly at the perfect pace up and down his shaft. He gasped as he felt his cock become too sensitive and groaned as he started to cum, load after load of thick cum erupting into her pretty mouth, his hips uncontrollably pushing up, fighting with himself not to just fuck her mouth there and then. He moaned, “Yes, yes, yes!”

Amanda let his hot eruption disgorge onto her tongue, covering it and filling her mouth, overflowing down her chin to drip onto her bare breasts, so much delicious hot cum she could hardly believe it, and adjusted his aim to let some seep directly from his huge cock onto her cheeks, her forehead, her teeth and back onto her overflowing tongue. She stared into his eyes, consumed with lust.

Nick watched her in disbelief, her need, her lust, her sexuality. He gasped, “No more, no more,” as his cock became too sensitive to be touched. Sitting there looking at her in wonder, smiling at her. “Perfect, just perfect.”

Amanda swallowed what she could and licked up the spillage from her hands and his shaft, utterly filled with need, his semen making its way to her stomach. She gently squeezed the last drops without touching the big sensitive end, catching them in her open mouth. “That was delicious!” she said, softly stroking his big shaft.

Smiling down at her he asked, “What are you doing this evening?”

“I’m supposed to be reading and making notes, but I could do that tomorrow?” Her eager fingers not letting go of his penis.

“This evening you will come to my house and I will cook dinner. You will wear a dress and no underwear. Arrive at 7 pm.” His cock twitching occasionally in her hands.

“Yes, Sir, 7 pm, a dress, no underwear.”


To be continued in Part 3

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